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Race Evaluation

Nobscot BYOM: Green


1. Easy up the trail
2. Headed back to the trail, wiping out over a log while a woman watched me, clearly thinking "what the heck is this girl doing". We love running onto trails from off trail and seeing people's reactions xD
3. I was a little hesitant at the beginning as I made it around on the hill, but after that it was fine. shoved to the second trail, hitting pretty much exactly at the junction and then cut off the trail as it turned, hitting the control pretty much dead on
4. R +00:10Pushed to the trail and then ended up hugging the hillside a little to much so I was too far left, but I figured it out as soon as I saw the stone wall south of 4
5. +00:05This was fine until the hill where I started walking because I was not feeling good enough to run up it. Had a little hesitation (rightfully) in the circle but figured it out relatively quickly
6. This was pretty good - ran to the trail and cut off just before the junction. hit the control easily from there
7. Ran up the stream/re-entrant and could see the control from a pretty good distance away
8. D +00:10This didn't go so well. I walked up the reentrant but should've stayed a little bit more right, was a little confused when I hit the trail but figured it out before I did too much damage. Ran along the trail until the junction, then got to the stream and could see the stone wall from there
9. P +00:03Stayed higher up so I would hit the trail at the end of the stonewall, could see the big boulder shortly after leaving the trail. Lost a few seconds thinking that the control was on the big boulder when it was the smaller boulder slightly below
10. R +01:30Ha. Took me a moment to decide on a route, went with right. Took the wrong trail off of the main trail but that wasn't hard to correct. Then rushed my way through the next few junctions and didn't take the turn I wanted to. Flustered by that I didn't check my compass well leaving the trail so I ended up hitting the trail northeast of ten, then took a bit to figure it out.
11. P +00:30Good until I took the wrong trail up the hill, figured it out quickly and then hiked my way up the side of the hill. Hesitant on the approach but I was fine.
12. P fine up the trail and to the cliff then down a little bit to the rock. Again, a little hesitant in the approach but didn't really lose time.
F. Ran down the steep slope, the people on the trail below e looked at me like I was crazy (there seems to be a theme here...). Ran to hit the indistinct trail and then took the trails from there.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:28

Split Analysis

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