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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Prospect Hill - BYOM: Green


1. +00:12Not used to veg, thought I was in white, slightly R of knoll.
2. Straight, pushed around by veg a bit
3. Stayed in white corridor, quite nice.
4. +00:15Climbed to road in white, going low likely faster
5. Slighyly R of line to just below trail junction in reentering then straight
6. Climbed to road, then white woods to forked trail, down road then straight staying below hill.
7. South to trail, trails most of way.
8. +00:10Straight but got slightly low in circle
9. Wall corner, then corrected L, felt slow in here
10. Combo of trails, cutting many corners.
11. Straight, but felt slow climbing...
12. +00:10Stayed L of embankment area, then across. Slowed up to check map as it seemed the rocky knoll just outside circled seemed more cliff like than many mapped cliffs I had seen. But then moved on..
F. Straight

Total Time Lost - 00:00:47

Split Analysis

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