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Race Evaluation

DVOA French Creek East: Blue


1. sloppy, sloppy, sloppy
2. ditto. Missed right, hit big trail again. Couldn't figure out which trail it was.
3. Right again. Trail to ditch, up ditch to second terrace, then on bearing.
4. Straight, across two stoneflows. Pace ffrom trail. Stopped on pace, then turned left and luckily it was that way.
5. straightish, then lost contact so went to stream and followed around the bends.
6. trail to indistinct to end, then from terrace ran a 120 pace bearing on sidehill and spiked my terrace. Then downhill to terrace with boulder and another 75m pace on bearing. (I tried to repeat this exactly during pickup and blew it)
7. right of green boulders, attack from top of stoneflow, past boulder.
8. countoured around left and took trail all the way around. Attack from bend and terrace hopped.
9. trail left again. Down trail into reentrant, then weaved through the stoneflows due N.
10. Diagonal up to trail junction, then trail all the way around left (its a running gag). Attack from bend, to stony, to terrace to terrace.
11. Dropped early, ran below rocks aross ditches. Hesitated at trail.
12. trail
13. Countour out to power line, then climbed too much on the other side. Was in the higher rocks and had to come back down.
14. Straight downhill through rocks then on a line.
15. stayed in woods handrail on field to trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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