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Race Evaluation

QOC: The "Beverage of Your Choice" Chase


1. I was one of the first fast drinkers (Beer) and out quick. I think Ted, Dave, Jon and Valerie were faster. I didn't fall for Ted's ploy to run in the wrong direction. Heading off after Dave and then Jon, we ran the side of the hill. I found the footing awkward with hidden branches under the grassy undergrowth.
2. +00:15I didn't read ahead on the first leg so upon seeing the next I thought #2 was to the left and #3 was to the right. My printing of the fork had the right fork of #2 lined-up with an index contour making it seem a bit like #3. I hesitated and thought to go over the saddle to the left #2. In the meantime, Jon ran off down the trail, then Eddie, then Dan Quinn. Finally I decided to do the same. Rounding the bend and attacking from the trail/reentrant junction, I thought the control to be just a little higher than it should have been.
3. Leaving #2, I chased Eddie and Dan and was surprised to see Jon T. running back toward #2. Hitting the trail and attacking from the bend I saw it a far way off.
4. Over the saddle, I was surprised to see Dan and Eddie hopping left out of the first reentrant and into the next. Closer examination of the map does indeed show two reentrants but I thought the left one should have been more prominent.
5. +00:10I had my map folded so that I could see both #5's of the fork but I couldn't see #6 or further. I was feeling presure being behind already so I stayed on the trail and didn't cross the creek. After rounding the bend I could see Eddie and Dan rejoining the trail. I ran to where they did so but was past the control a little bit.
6. +00:05Down to the trail, I looked for the island in the creek as a clue. I started misreading the map thinking I had to go to the second island but I could clearly see the control on my right before I got that far.
7. +00:05Straight down the trail, I could hear Ted splashing across the creek coming off the fork. I ran a step or two past the control and had to come back.
8. I ran to the trail and at the junction took the upper fork. I had to cautiously run past some equestrians and then started sidehill running. This started to take a lot of energy and in the heat I started feeling sapped. Ted had taken the low route using the trail more than I to get ahead as he angled in. I think I saw it first but he was in ahead of me.
9. +00:15This leg Ted took the high route and I took the lower more direct one. Both of us were too high. Seeing the field ahead we both turned back down with Ted getting there first.
10. As we climbed straight toward the map exchange and beer control, Dan Quinn came barreling down the reentrant beginning his second loop.
11. ... a few breaths before a chug.
12. Ted was out fast and took the road. It seemed to make sense given the brush and sidehill running that I had already found slow and strength sapping. Leaving the road from the parking lot, we hit trails to the creek and ran along at a good pace. It seemed a long way to the clearing. I made up ground on Ted as he paused to check the map. The control was visible fairly far off.
13. I contoured around a bit, and reamained the same distance from Ted.
14. Trying to go straight I was a bit left.
15. Ted shouted out something to denote this being a forked control. We both chose the right fork as it was shorter and with less climb getting to #5. We left the first trail from a bend then ran up the reentrant. As the reentrant broadened, I got a little right of Ted. I didn't notice crossing the second trail. I started to head too far right but Ted's presence on my left brought me back. I spotted the control before Ted and surged ahead a bit to get there first.
16. +00:35Going straight I hit the left trail and came down to the junction. Turning left, I made a parallel error by suddenly thinking I was at the bend more on line. At the next bend, I attacked crossing the reentrant only to see the building. Perplexed, I turned back down the reentrant on the trail and was very tentative before rounding the bend to the control. Ted was still behind me.
17. +00:35Going straight I crossed the road and went right into the woods. I had thought to go to the field corner for a solid attack point but thought I'd be able to hit it. I hugged the hillside too much not wanting to drop soon enough. Finally going down, I got to the point where the stream started in a gully before turning around and climbing. I could see Ted well ahead going on to the beer control/map exchange before I punched.
18. I was slow climbing but went fairly straight trying to gain on Ted.
19. A better chug than the first, I was surprised to see both Eddie and Jon already finished.
20. Straight I felt hot and the drinking started to take effect.
21. +00:03I was reading ahead to the fork and started to focus on the right #3 of this 3rd loop. I cut left just in time remembering that I needed to go to #2 first.
22. I went to the right-most fork reasoning that it leemed like less climb and put me on a trail.
23. Straight along the trail.
24. I plodded along the trail and across the field. I could see Ted far ahead climbing toward the finish.
25. Straight through the tall grass.
26. A better chug after a breath.
F. Just little dash.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:03

Split Analysis

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