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Race Evaluation

BAOC Dimond Park: Urban Goat


1. RouteGadget should be here in due time... Followed ci00me9 who blasted out of the start.
2. Controls 2 through 9 were in a window format, get any 8 out of 9, any order.
3. No problems with traffic on the window course.
9. Bad route choice
I guess my window route was a bit suboptimal, since I emerged from the window about 30 seconds after Thorsten.
10. Mattias was just behind me after the window course... I was pulling away from him on Park Blvd. quite easily. At the control, Rex had drinks poured in cups!
12. Thorsten still ahead, but I was narrowing the gap.
13. Caught up with Thorsten as he missed a well-hidden stairway.
14. Lost about 15 seconds crossing Oakland Ave.; Thorsten snuck just ahead of a chain of about 6 vehicles, I had to wait. Caught up with Thorsten at the control as he was unsure of what to right down on the score sheet.
15. Took a different route from Thorsten, back the same way I came in; no problem crossing Oakland Ave. this time. Saw the mindsweeper and ci00me9 going up to Control 4. I had a good 2 minutes on them. Thorsten and I got to #15 at exactly the same time.
16. I shortcut through the park and fell a bit behind Thorsten, which I guess was OK since he was moving a bit faster but also was slowing down to read the map when he had to.
17. Bad route choice
I though the route choice on this one was my only chance to emerge clear ahead of Thorsten, who already had a problem finding a stairwell. So, as he went the more direct route with more climb and two stairwells, I went around on streets, with more gradual climb and less of it, but longer. My bet didn't work out—Thorsten got to Control 17 about 20 seconds ahead of me.
18. Chasing Thorsten, but to no avail. Had some traffic right after the bridge, not much of a problem. They let me through.
F. Bad route choice
Read map too late
Mikkel had a better route on this one, cutting through a patch of forest that was a corner of a settlement. I didn't catch Thorsten despite the Polar saying I was making low 3's/km.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:10

Split Analysis

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