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Race Evaluation

BAOC Dimond Park: Urban Goat


1. +00:10Went south to avoid hills, but made a stupid choice to veer back up diagonally instead of running straight. A couple of people were just ahead of me.
7. +00:10Missed the narrow path, and had to come diagonally back on the road.
10. I skipped what I thought was the least accessible control and picked a pretty good route. Saw Vladimir running North as I crossed the street. Had a glass of water and half a cliff bar at the end-of-score-o control.
11. Saw Mattias running South on the other side of the road.
12. +00:15Back the same way I had come to 10.
13. Missed the little path and had to run around on the road.
14. Stayed high. Saw Mattias up ahead when crossing above the running track. Caught him going up the hill on the other side, but had to stop and check my map just before the control and he caught back up.
15. +00:20High route.
16. Map was a bit iffy just after the control - lost some senconds while trying to find a diagonal trail into the yellow. Ended up running around a building instead. Also, the diagonal trail just before the control comes in further south than mapped, which confused me.
17. Down the stairs and up again (instead of taking longer road around.)
18. No route choice.
F. Ran down the road and through the white. It's potentially shorter than following the road, but probably not by much.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:55

Split Analysis

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