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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-day Day 1: Blue


2. +01:20Screwed up. Ended up right and passed the correct reentrant. A lot more rock in the area than expected.
3. +02:00Major Screw up. Lets just say that I ended up running to control 6. I was suprised when I got there and it wasn't control 3. This wasn't a matter of me running to the wrong control but just screwing up so royally and seeing control and running to it. Oh well.
4. +00:30Dropped to low and had to climb back up. Joined up with Nadim who was running red.
9. Ran down spur rather than reentrant and couldn't see the cliff. Nadim turned left, I went to the control. Bye bye Nadim.
10. BAD map. Running us across umapped area. I went way right to avoid this area.
11. Straight up the hill. Walking almost the whole way.
12. turned uphil by boulder by stream but didn't go uphill enough.
13. What reentrant. Control was in the rocks. I was at the top of the "reentrant" and didn't see it then wandered over and had to come back to it when I saw it from below. There wasn't a reentrant that I could see where the control was. Mihai Passed me here. Mark Voight just ahead.
14. Mark and Mihai ran away from me.
16. +00:30Was going perfectly until I saw another control. I went over and checked it. Ran on towards our control but got confused and ran back to the other control thinking I had miscopied the control description.
17. +02:00I was looking for a spur. VERY BAD control description. Should have used the top of cliff instead.
19. Ran back to 16.
20. cut along side of the hill to saddle. Clean run down the hill and to control once past the saddle area.
22. Ugh, uphill
F. No hurry. Oxygen is more important.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:20

Split Analysis

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