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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: Day 3: Blue


1. Map should be here... Started the shared leg with Tapio. He beat me to the control. I am indeed slower than everyone on this year's Jukola team.
3. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Saw a bag on the V-pits first, then the V-pits, then ran to my control.
5. Was shaky and misread things, but saw first the bag and then, someone punching the bag.
6. I think it was Rick Breseman... he ran away from me, but probably did not have the same control.
7. Navigated alone. At the control, saw bmoore and Spike.
8. Followed Brian, then Spike came along as Brian went off to the side. It was a pleasure Spik-ing the control.
9. On this leg, Brian and Spike went much faster than I could. I had trouble even keeping up with Eileen Breseman. But, as I followed the red line to the knoll, reading out all the details—even the green ×'s—Brian suddenly reappeared.
10. No chance to keep up... I lost sight of bmoore shortly before the monster climb. I took the climb very easy, and went to the right of the line, through the rocks.
11. At #10 I saw Peter Golde... now, finally, someone I could pass. Then I saw the fence junction (passed 1.5 contours below it), then the Red control on a U-pit. From it, followed theDabbler who was moving at my pace but had a different control. At out #11, there was some water but no cups. I don't want to pass mono on to anyone.
12. Bad map reading
Coming up the reentrant to #12, I timed bmoore leaving it, going to #13. Then, I misread the map and hit the U's just north.
13. I timed myself passing through the reentrant at approximately 4.5 minutes behind Brian, already.
14. There was water at this one, and cups.
15. As I got there, lots of gunfire... I would yell after each shot. For a while, the shooting would stop, then resume.
16. Walked this one.
17. Bad compass work
Ran down, but in a wrong direction (NE).Once I got to the fringe of the forest, the situation was easy to figure out.
18. No problems.
19. Got to the correct knoll and saw the bag from it further along. The shooting hit the apogee.
20. So I got the hell out of there, fast. Well... as fast as I could.
21. Trying hard to not walk. Sharon Crawford was looking for something around our #21, and believe me, she wasn't moving any slower than I was.
23. Vadim stopped way short of the control. I told him to move along...
24. ... and he promptly went off in direction on this one, but corrected.
25. As we were going up the hill, Greg B pulled up. I let Greg and Vadim go.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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