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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander X:


1. Following crowd. Sam passed shortly and I kept her and JJ in sight. Lost them as we approached hill.
4. Spotted Nancy before the control. Arrived with Victoria, then JJ and many others.
5. Went Straight with Patrick Shannon. JOe seemed to be leading a group tot e right. Arrived before everyone else. Hillary and Joe showed up as I left behind Pat.
6. Pat at control as I arrived.
10. Stayed with Joe. He insisted we stick with the red dot trail for the great view. It was spectaculiar up on top. Joe slowly pulled away.
11. Left control behind Ross and Joe. Caught Joe as he ate his spilled chips off the ground....
13. Too far up hill to the north. Got tricked by other stream bed which I could not see on the map.
17. Victoria and Pavlina caught me just before we ducked between the swamps, but just as I exited I raised my head and a branch nailed by skull. Saw blood on my hand, but got up quickly so I could follow them in......
18. Contemplated route choices with Steve O. Went south route but missed indistinct trail junction and wandered along hill before spotting a swamp and regaining the trail. Easy to navigate in from trail jct and swamp to the SE
22. Stayed on line, but in the green my legs cramped again and I was forced to stop. Finally gave up and lay down, hoping the liquid and food would kick in. Seemed like a long time before I heard some crunching in the woods and got up to see a fellow in red and a cadet go by. Since I was up, I went along and felt a bit better. Cramps seemed to be gone.
23. Straight in, saw Sam Levitin coming in.
24. Went straight over hill, feeling good, jogging a bit, but was pretty tired and sat a t the picnic table contemplating what to eat fromthe finish food area. Sam came in and mentioned COKE. Perfect!. Went over, talked to Hill and Sam, downed a COKE in 30seconds, a big burp, and I was off feeling better. Was heading for #26, before Sam yelled a correction......
25. Stayed along water and cut through a yellow hole under the powerline, still feeling good, a bit of jogging, but got too far right into lower swamp. Quickly compensated.
26. Went right and low around hill.
27. Caught sight of cadet and red fellow. Punched just behind them.
28. Straight down hill to avoid green, turned hard left, but stopped short. Cadet ahead, followed him in.
F. Jogged down hill , feeling OK, but hamstring tightened and cramped in the last 100 meters. Walked in. Drank 4 cups water, 2 bowls of pasta and stew, 1 bowl of pasta and chili, 1 cheeseburger, 1 orange.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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