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Race Evaluation

Western Canadian Orienteering Championships 2005: WCOC Day 2 Course 8


1. Yuck... horrible time out there today. Wasn't all that focused when I started and wasn't reading the smaller 1:15,000 scale printing well. Might have gone through more thick stuff than necessary to get down to the creek, and went NE of the control in the field at first.
2. Ended up going a little south in the field and came down to the creek at the bend SW of the control. A little slow in getting down the bank and crossing the creek without getting wet. Carried on to the trail, and was too daft to figure out where exactly I was. Hesitated for a bit, started running south, then corrected.
3. Probably not the fastest route choice of taking the trails the attacking from the NW. Intended to stay on the small trail that lead NE across the field, but I lost it and ended up at the larger east-west trail. Got a little confused at the intersection of the two main trails, because the trails on the ground didn't seem to match the trails on the map. Started heading down the wrong trail, going north, but quickly corrected.
4. Along the re-entrant in the clearing, and planned to use the two clumps of spruce trees to guide me into the control. But I was misreading the map, and the green I was interpreting as dark green for spruce trees was really mid-green. There was hardly a difference between the two colours on the map. Should have realized that the patches of green were unusually large for spruce trees, or that there weren't any significant concentrations of spruce trees in the terrain, but I didn't. "Made things fit" and ended up looking for the control 70 m west of where it actually was, I think. Didn't see it there and wandered around a little and back out the clearing. Was pretty sure that I was heading in the correct direction as I attacked it again, but was probably a little off to the south. Thought that I might be too far north and wandered further south. Eventually wandered back and found the control.
5. Going slow... tried to stay motivated and get back on track, not to imply that I ever was "on track", but a long leg through featureless woods, for the most part, didn't help with that.
6. Still going slow... NE to the trail, and planned to run along it and approach the control from the NW. Left the trail a little late and ended up heading across the field to near the trail junction 350 m west of the control. Knew things didn't look right as I started across the field, but disregarded that and convinced myself that I was heading the right way. Took the trails around and went in from the south, passing by #7 in the process.
7. Already been there.
8. South through the green to the trail junction. Was going pretty slow through the green, and taking trails around would have been faster.
9. Starting to feel quite tired, going even slower.
10. Thought that I had drifted a bit east of the straight line, and was surprised to stumble across #4 along the way. Rather annoyed that I had found #4 so easily when I wasn't looking for it. Checked out a few other hilltops near #10 before getting there.
13. WSW along the edge of the field, down the trail and cut through a bit of woods to the ridge.
14. West to the trail, and along it to the control.
F. Gratuitous sprint.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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