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Race Evaluation

Northeast Sprint Championships: Sprint 3


1. On trail around to the left to wall, then hopped wall and E to control
2. Pretty straight, saw # 3 to my left on the way. Over the R side of hill and down to marsh. Going up hill before control realized how tired my legs are!
3. Straight, bending a little around hill
4. +00:30Straight to wall corner, between the walls, and - what am I looking for? Looked around a bit before realizing that little thing was a cliff.
5. Straight. Saw first hill on ridge off to my right, ran (very slowly, as it was uphill!) to dot knoll, then stopped to look at clues to figure out what I was looking for.
6. Headed off and saw #8, but it seemed to far away. Stopped to read map more carefully, and then punched, as I was standing right next to control.
8. +00:15Misread map and thought I was looking for a rocky reentrant. Climbed slowly, then over the top to realize I'd already seen this control before. Duh!
9. Sraight, approached from slightly to the right.
10. Down to trail, then hopped up to next trail to come straight in.
11. +00:30Got a little stupid leaving control and went around on trail, stopping at junction to go on compass. Straight would have been fine.
12. S, cutting corner to pick up trail. Headed straight in after passing wall.
13. Straight, picking up large trail before uncrossable marsh, then cutting corner just below marsh, across road to trail across small marsh and first wall, then along EW wall to corner and in.
14. Straight, keeping an eye on wall to my right. There were trails in there, but I didn't follow them.
F. Straight S.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:15

Split Analysis

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