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Race Evaluation

WCOC - Sessions Woods: Red


1. +00:20pulled up a bit short, on some small boulders just east, then continued on. Not confident in map right here.
2. +00:10slightly L of control, but quick correction
4. southern trail, cutting off shortly after crossing old wall
5. +00:20wound up looking too low on this, seemed like the lower boulder cluster rocks were more prominent than the individually mapped boulders in circle
7. +00:10trail to spur on L then down the hill, spiked the reentrant, flag tucked up in the narrower upper part
9. trails, but seemed like some additional unmapped trails in the warren - but hit it cleanly anyhow. Tagged behind the knee by a bee leaving the control.
10. +00:20hesitated after crossing trail as I didn't see the boulder hiding in the ferns - expected a much larger boulder
12. +00:15up and over the hill, got a little L and had to come back around
13. +00:25should have gone straight back up and over, but went E to trail, crossed marsh and then up - clean, but wasted effort
14. Joe caught me up leaving 13, I left the control to the R around cliff to trail should have gone L, Joe gaining a 10m lead on me when he got out to trail. Thought about taking trail all the way, but woods looked good, so dived in following Joe. Stayed high enough to avoid marshier ground below and rejoined the trail near the bare rock - Joe gone at this point. Down trail leaving trail by cliff, hit it cleanly
15. +00:20having to hold map at arms length due to contacts, I mistook this for a knoll with bare rock rather than a marshy depression. So when I crested the hill and did not see any knolls, I slowed virtually to a stop scanning the terrain moving slowly
16. down trail briefly then into the woods and along bottom of cliff series - young kid in an Arctic OC top caught me here. Too much catching going on here...
17. +01:15Trail run chasing AOC dude, he took the wrong fork, I got ahead, he passed me again (fast dude BTW), out to road and across stream staying on the white side of the green. Successful about halfway down but then encountered mucho laurel that had obviously thickened up since the map was last updated in this area. Had to pick my way down to flag with reduced visibility
19. AOC went S, I went through the evergreens S of pond, AOC went screaming northward below the hill as I crossed his path behind him and proceed to spike the control and depart...
21. +01:30straight, R of cliff, down spur or so I thought, did not see knoll in terrain from that angle, skirted it to N and found myself up on broader hilltop (in laurel, of course) corrected and came back through laurel slowly to find it easily from this angle
22. due N to road, N on path, then up indistinct path which was quite distinct once on it, but the beginning was not evident, but I knew I needed to go up that reentrant so no time lost. Hill was a slog, walked most of it...

Total Time Lost - 00:05:05

Split Analysis

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