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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue - Day 2


1. Hah! Everybody always worries about competitors spending Saturday night "figuring out" Sunday's course from the map and control descriptions. I heard that Wyatt was doing that, so I did too. I knew where #1 was going to be, so I positioned myself off to the right at the start, and headed up the road before cutting in. Worked out pretty well!
2. Did not follow plan
Did not like map
Bad compass work
Disturbed by others
Didn't last, though. Some kid was out there asking me if I knew where the trail was, and I wound up taking some unmapped trail and eventually wound up at the trail junction 2/3 of the way to #8. It went okay from there, though I had a little trouble making sense of the map inside the circle.
3. Bad compass work
Fine most of the way, then I drifted too far right and came into control from the south. Caught a glimpse of James Scarborough's back as he was leaving (he had caught up 3 minutes already).
4. +00:20Popped out from the marsh in exactly the right place, but couldn't see the rootstock because of my viewing angle, and ran up the reentrant a little way before turning back.
5. +01:00Real low visibility inside the circle -- saw the road and had to head downhill.
6. Took the road and headed in after the dark green -- straight might have been faster.
7. Bad compass work
Left of the line, had to slow down near the end to make sure of where I was. Went by #2 intentionally and checked the code to be sure. Still missed the control to the left by about 70 meters.
8. Balter caught up, and I basically just tagged along.
9. Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Bad compass work
We caught Mark Voit, and he and Balter took the trail. I went straight, which I think is better, but I executed it poorly and drifted left, hitting the trail where it crosses the marsh NW of the control. Took me a bit to figure out where I was and head back in.
10. Hesitated
12. Straight.
13. Straight. Mook caught up as I was leaving.
14. Arrived a step ahead of Mook.
15. Mook appeared to head right, I went left to stay clear of the uncrossables. No sign of him when I arrived.
16. Took field to NW corner. Mook caught up halfway through the field.
17. Mook was pulling away, but halfway there he started limping and I passed him.
18. Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Drifted left, compounded the problem by misreading features, and hit the stream 200 m south of control. Did a reasonable job of recovering from there. Eric Bone caught up at the control.
19. +03:00Straight out to trail, could just barely see Eric when he hit the junction. Made it to the circle okay, but couldn't see the marsh, and wound up circling around before coming back to basically the same place.
20. Nice leg, had fun reading the contours, and caught myself at the green to turn toward the control. Carl Childs caught up (9 minutes, I think).
21. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:20

Split Analysis

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