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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue - Day 2


2. The control was not where I expected it to be. It was up a bit higher than I expected. As I was coming in to the area, I went quite slowly. When I didn't see the marker immediately, I was worried it might be IN the depression. Then I caught sight of the top of the control stand.
4. I caught Wyatt at the marshy stuff near the control. I knew he'd gone out ahead of me but wasn't sure how far. I was glad to have some company because I knew it would help me keep a steady pace -- running alone would increase the chance I'd get lazy and go even slower than normal.
5. I saw the chance to use the road and took it. Wyatt was a bit behind me but didn't go all the way to the road. I got away from him (he told me later that he'd heard me bashing through the woods as I left 5).
6. I didn't see the road as an option -- and I don't think I'd have taken it if I'd seen it.
7. I stayed fairly close to the line. I should have gone a bit to the north for better running. Eric Buckley said that he took a compass bearing and noticed that his shadow pointed straight to the control, so he followed his shadow. I never notice that sort of thing.
10. A big boom. My mind wandered and I drifted a bit to the east. I came to in an area that was a bit marshy. I saw a hill to my right with a flag on it. I ran up and checked and it was not right. I realized I was almost certainly east of my marker. Instead of taking time to relocate, I headed west toward the trail. Before the run, I'd decided that if I boomed a control, I would quickly bail out to a distinct feature rather than trying to relocate from where I was. I thought I could afford to lose a little time by bailing out and didn't need to take a chance that might lead to a huge boom. So, when I saw that I was not at the right knoll, I bailed out right away. When I saw the trail about 50 meters ahead of me, I realized where I was, and headed north to the marker.
12. To the road and attacked the control form the southwest. As I was coming in to 12 I saw someone (Bill C?) on their way to 13.
13. I ran along the old rock wall and probably ran a bit harder than I should have. My legs were quite tired when I reached 13.
14. Tired legs -- I went slowly to 14. I noticed my mind was wandering.
15. I went to the northwest to go around the uncrossable marsh.
16. I was going to use the clearings, but for some reason changed my mind and went straight.
17. Ho foot/ankle hurt on running down the hill.
18. Fell down on the way to 18 and smashed my leg, ribs and elbow (making it difficult to sleep on Sunday night). As I was leaving 17, I saw Bill C. running (quite fast) toward 17.
19. Trail. My legs were tired. When I got near the trail, I walked a bit, then walked a bit on the trail. James and Bill were on the trail. I decided to start running.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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