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Race Evaluation

West Point A meet: Green X


1. Up trail to stone wall fragment, then across spur between bare rock areas and across second spur and in.
2. Had a tough time descending, then ok across spur and reentrant, ending up a bit low.
3. +06:00Lots of route possibilities, and picked the worst! Planned W thourhg saddle and down to marsh, along trail through semi-open, but ended up drifting NW around northern hilltop and down to the marsh, then climbing quite a bit on the faint trail . Then I missed the control. Looked at the right cliff, but it seemed too high and too far away from the marsh, and the flag was tucked way in, so I went and hung around the cliffs nearer the marsh for a while.
4. +03:00Kept getting confused and heading for 6, then correcting and then doing it again! Instead of trail around to the left (sweet!), Thrashed in a zigzag route through woods. Ken Walker (and others) were there ahead of me.)
5. Straight
6. Straight
7. +04:00Behind Ken (and others) up reentrant along line, but drifted left (when I thought, incorrectly, that they were drifting right). I was way short of trail and somehow had convinced myself I had already passed it. After some searching, found myself on trail and corrected.
8. +00:45NW to trail bend, to trail then left to junction, then NW on trail to bend and roughly on compass, but got distracted by flag on earlier stone wall.
9. +00:30Straight. Thought I was looking for shallow reentrant, also in circle, but then looked left and saw flag on cliff.
10. Ken W was heading downhill from 9 as I approached it and I followed him down before looking at the map. Particularly frustrating, because I had already looked at this leg earlier and planned to go around to the left (much easier). Down nasty streambed to trail and around to steep climb at end.
11. Skirting barberry to the left. Once across the trail, checking off stone wall fragments, and on pace count
12. +02:15More frustration. Ran to the big loader in the parking lot and couldn't figure it out from there. After a bit, Ken showed up. How did he get behind me?

Total Time Lost - 00:16:30

Split Analysis

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