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Race Evaluation

West Point A meet: Green X


1. Up along stone wall, below bare rock to cliffs looking for middle. Dropped into middle cliff - no bag. Heard people behind. Some cadets looking at a bag! 5' behind me on the N cliff.
2. Dropped a little to go around rocky ground cliffs. Contoured around noting cliffs and in.
3. Remembered event in '03 with similar leg in reverse - I went over the top while all the old hands remembered an ancient event and an old woods road running below the big cliffs to the east. So headed down and picked up shelf and then woods "road" around cliffs and then W straight into feature which was very apparent coming from that direction.
4. +00:30Down to trail, cut corner, along trail to bend E and crossed reentrant/stream around green. Up to top of E hill but no bag. Turned around and saw Jim Malumphy punching.
7. +01:00Headed L from control to pickup trail, but cut R rather than extra climb over top. Headed up through some cliffs with Bob Huebner to my R and on. Noticed compass at 90 deg off and nothing looked right. Where am I? Figured was about 150m SE (near 3?) and turned and hit control
8. NW to road, then road all way to bend and followed Dean to bag
9. Up aiming for trail to attack of bend. Hit indistinct trail at what looked like a bend and went to bag only to cross a second road, the real one, Hit bend and in.
10. Watched Rob Tryson head R down hill. That route looked nasty. Over top was 10 lines not needed. (Dean headed up trail.) Going down to unmapped road at bottom (memories from '03) meant 5 lines at end. Down it was. Try to keep track of position in vague area, ticking off walls. After slope turned SW started heading up across walls heading to ridge line just behind Dean who had gone around L side. Over knolls on trail and in. Probably faster to climb a bit and go around L side.
11. +00:45Over to L a bit to avoid barberry to road, around walls and down. Looking for SW end of wall (? for some reason) no bag. Then see Dean come in on contour from road and punch at NE end (as opposed to SE side?)
12. +00:30Followed Dean to road across to next road. No bag, no field, head R and see field and then bag.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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