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Race Evaluation

WCOC BBQ, Sprints, Meeting at DeWeese Farm: Sprint 1 - Short


1. Got to bend and hesitated, then saw boulder cluster and remembered what I was looking for. Not good start.
2. Headed for trail. Got to a rough longish opening and misread it as the trail. Ran along till realized was still in woods and even with field. L to trail but thought was further along and headed back as Clint roared past. Figured location and went back and in.
5. Up alongtop of cliffs contouring but couldn't read open area. Headed down as Rick went up. At flat area headed back towards 4 to relocate. Headed slowly back still having trouble with open area. Stopped figuring that based on contour bend should be there. About as I was going to bail, saw string hanging from branch and then control hidden by hemlock branch. UGH.
6. Up to trail as Susie went by. Followed her along skidtrail to L but headed down sooner but still to far and hit stream. Corrected back N and could see bag.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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