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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Red Day 2


1. +01:15Steve Gregg and Tapio started 4 and 2 minutes ahead of me respectively. Tapio had finished 2 minutes faster than I had the day before. I was feeling ready to run and thought the course might be both easier physically and technically. I was wrong. I had a bad bearing right out of the start, going north instead of east like everyone else did. I corrected quickly, hit a trail and then the road at the bend. I came up along the rock climbing a spur one earlier than the one I wanted. I went on and got distracted by a control on a boulder uphill from the correct spur, then came down to the right spot.
2. Did not plan ahead
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Unused to map
I looked at the leg ahead and sort of connected the dots. The many many boulder dots. I never saw the obvious route up the sandy reentrant to the left. I got the right distance and started looping. At one point I saw Tapio also searching. It was a small comfort to know that better navigators than me were having trouble too. Eventually I went on past the correct area and hunted a bit east. I attacked off what I thought to be the end of the reentrant near the control twice, went to the road and saw a parking area on one side and earth bank on the other and attacked again. I attacked from below too. None of these were solid attacks. I finally attacked from the road and kept on until I reached a second reentrant near a big bare rocky outcrop. I soon found control #3 and went straight to #2 from there.
3. I remembered the way back to #3 and ran a good pace.
4. Still shell shocked, I opted to take the road and attack from the bend. I was still hesitant and tired doing this.
5. +01:30After a 30 second water break and a gel, I went straight. I got just one reentrant south of the control but turned south and found another control before going north again.
6. I ran fairly straight, keeping a good watch on bearing and going more slowly. I ready the contours well and nearing the less detailed plateau where the control was, I was able to read the knoll in. I paused at a knoll and saw Dmitry's son just north of me as I ran the last bit southeast to the control. I spotted it about 100m away.
7. I ran straight and spiked it. I didn't see the control before I picked a spot to drop down and turned out to be right on it.
8. Bad distance judgement
I was glad to be reaching the halfway point and top of the course in elevation. Being overweight, I felt I'd do better going downhill. As I left, one of the F21+ women (don't know her name) came in behind. I ran down the reentrant then climbed up at a bend. Over the formline knoll, I was sort of surprised at how far I'd come in what seemd like such a short time. I cut right a bit but not enough. I dropped down on a smaller spur with parallel shape just east of the one with the control. After hunting there, I went to the correct spur but hunted much lower than necessary. I climbed up and saw the F21+ woman who had left #7 when I had. I hunted too close to the reentrant NW of the control and the woman found it and gave it away. She sort of apologized for doing so.
9. Bad route choice
Did not check features en route
Unused to map
The F21+ woman had run ahead seemingly going straight. I made a poor decision to go NW a bit to avoid climbs and anticipated hitting the trail which was on the line. I got too far north. I kept track of the ridges adequately but not exactly where I was crossing them. In the field past the control, I lost confidence about which ridge I was on and kept going until I hit the road. I went south on it a bit and attacked from the same place that I had when going for #4. I read the rocks pretty well into the control.
10. I decided to play it safe and followed the rentrant/wash down to the trail. I left the trail at the bend. Initially I'd thought I was going to encounter a hill on the straight path and would need to stay east of it. I realized soon enough that I read up for down. Staying in the reentrant and probably passing #3 w/o seeing it, I rounded the big bend and angled up. I ended up spiking the control, seeing the ribbon on the tree before spotting the somewhat hidden control.
11. As I left going down the reentrant, I saw Hillary Seger ahead. I caught-up and passed after climbing out of the reentrant at a bend. I was a bit right of the control and stopped. I spotted the spur it was on about the same time that Hillary did. I think I got there just ahead.
12. Hillary and I went a bit south of straight, exchanging leads some. I stopped before the trail, spotted the rocky area ahead and got there first.
13. I let myself get suckered into looking at the control on the rocks half-way there. I reasoned it would be better to be safe at this point. Hillary got ahead but I'm not sure who punched first.
14. +01:30I felt it a bit cruel to have to climb for this control. Really feeling being out-of-shape, the altitude and the extra distance of the errors, I crawled. Hillary was running better but stopped as I shuffled along going straightish. We exchanged leads but at the road, I was ahead. I thought it best to leave from a bend a bit north on the road and then cut in. I expected to hit the U-shaped trail but was a bit high. I cut right and higher on the trail, even going right at the next fork. I ended up on a knoll with a yellow control 150m NE of the control. Hillary was below and closer but I ran direct and quickly while she was assessing the area. At the bare rock, I stopped, Hillary went a bit right and descended ahead of me. After looking around below and seeing orienteers just to my left, I took a big drop where I was and saw the control to my left, ahead of Hillary.
15. I ran straight, hit the trail, then paused at the control on the right. Dropping further, I hit the control, a bit tired.
F. I tried to keep a good pace on the sandy wash, following the streamers off the map. I almost missed two turns but really just didn't have a good sprint left in me. Being out of shape, making the huge mistakes by not planning and several others gave me this poor result but I was happy to have had the chance to run.

Total Time Lost - 00:38:15

Split Analysis

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