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R Upper Leg, Other

2016-01-31 – 2016-02-06

Grade: 3

Self diagnosed as grade 1 tears to at least 2 quadriceps muscles - Vastus Medialis and lateralis - maybe rectus femoris too. No visible haematoma but slight swelling. Grade 3 on the discomfort scale on the right. Walking with a limp, bending right leg to go downstairs painful.

Stupidly tried to stretch out the discomfort on Sunday which probably made it worse. Since then a more sensible menu of ice, rest, ibuprofen and elevation when possible.

Hopefully give it 3 days like that and then start building up again Thurs.

Noticed it about 4 miles into Tigger Tor. Could have been combo of cold weather and hammering the downhills. Not sure if lunges are a good warm up - I think the way I've been doing them causes the leg thats lowered behind to contract the quads when they're quite stretched. Have noticed a pins and needles type sensation in right quad for at least a year when performing lunges or in tfl stretch.

Quad still feels a bit weird a month on but basically ok.