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Hip/Pelvis, Hip Pain

2016-04-15 – ?

Grade: 2

Sharp, localised around GT. Brought on by running uphill, not so bad on the flat down. Next day less sore but easily reproduced by "shoving right hip out to the side with a straight leg".

A month in, still bad. Physio tentatively thinks Bursa, although maybe a tendon. Decided to play safe and lay off too much "adducted hip" stretching after a couple of weeks of hammering that with no progress. Also avoiding sitting legs crossed.

Seem to be able to run ok on the treadmill and cycle without aggravating it. Normal runs, however slow, only last a mile or so before aggravating.

Hip generally sore, but not painful to palpate. R TFL also feels tight

Arrrrrgggggh. So fed up with it.