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R Lower Leg, Other

2008-10-17 – 2009-01-23

Grade: 3

Compartment Syndrome - Tibialis Anterior

Anterior compartment syndromes arise when a muscle becomes too big for the sheath that surrounds it causing pain. The big muscle on the outside of the shin is called the tibialis anterior and is surrounded by a sheath. This is called the anterior compartment of the lower leg.

Symptoms include:
Pain which increases during exercise which eventually makes running impossible.
Pain goes after a short rest but comes back again during exercise.
Difficulty in lifting the toes and foot up.
Pain when pulling the toes and foot downwards.

19/11/2008: Yesterday I visited the sportsdoctor. I explained him that I started training again the last 2 weeks and that I still felt some pain, but not that worse compared with a month ago.
The pressure-measuring test: the pressure in the muscle is normally lower than 15mmHg. He first tested the pressure on 2 different places in my tibialis anterior. The results: 20 and 21 mmHg (too high!). He also measured the pressure in my left leg, here it was 13mmHg (normal).
Then I had to run on the threadmill for 15minutes and afterwards he checked the pressure again. The results in my right (injured) leg: 41 and 51mmHg (much too high).
So the diagnosis is for sure a compartiment syndrom in my tibialis anterior.
The solution: a medical surgery. They will cut in the membrane around the muscle, so the pressure will disappear.
But because the pain wasn't that worse compared with a month ago, the doctor decided to wait with the surgery. I can continue with training, but when I feel more pain, a surgery will be necessary.

rest + new running shoes