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Training Log Archive: Carbons Offset

In the 7 days ending Mar 21:

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averages - weight:65.2kg

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Sunday Mar 21 #


Session 1
Good extension, decent VMO firing.

Session 2. Good.

Session 3. Skipped the leg raises; didn’t feel like the extensions and contractions were good enough.
Trying walking a little with a lot less crutch assistance or occasionally none.

Saturday Mar 20 #


Session 1
Good flexion and extensions. Still limited to about the same endpoint on the flexion (50 degrees?)
Had some decent VMO activation during the contractions and followed with a bunch of leg raises until I could tell I was using the hip too much.

Session 2
Similar flexion and extension. Not as many leg raises.

Session 3
A bit more flexion and maybe best extension yet, which led to best quad contractions which led to lots of leg raises that felt the most correct yet.

Friday Mar 19 #


Session 1
Flexion felt stiff. Extension and contraction were good, did about 20 leg raises until they didn’t feel as good.

Session 2
Got a little more flexion than this morning. Didn’t do leg raises.

Session 3
Flexion is limited. Extension was pretty good. Did a bunch of leg raises.

Thursday Mar 18 #


Session 1
Decent flexion and extension. Fairly straight. A bit of okay VMO activation during contractions so did 12 leg raises. Stopped when they didn’t feel as proper.

Same for session 2 and 3 but without leg raises. Slight pain around medial edge of kneecap after session 3 and flexion was a little stiffer

Wednesday Mar 17 #


Removed bandage (so bloody. Who knew a knee bleeds so much) and had a shower.

Session 1
Decent flexion and extension. It appears it is inside the knee that is limiting my flexion, not the tensor bandage. It feels like there is a limit or blockage that you might be able to break through by pushing but I’m sure that is not the case and not their desire. I will see if the range just comes gradually with time rather than pushing the limits. The knee is also still quite swollen, so maybe that needs to reduce first and then the motion will be easier.
Contractions had just a little VMO activation with EMS.
Leg is feeling okay extending flat on the bed (which isn’t truly zero degree flat because the mattress lets you get away with a little flexion remaining in the knee) after the exercises so I did a few leg raises. Only a few, I’ll be patient and increase these as I become more certain that my knee is ready to do them properly.

Session 2
Decent flexion and extension again. Some tightness in the front of the knee below the knee cap at the end of the flexion. This might be the steri strips or stitches in the area. Otherwise the motion and speed up to this endpoint feels good and I don’t think I need to push it further.
Contractions felt a bit more positive and knee was close to straight, so did about 5 leg raises that felt okay and then quit when they didn’t feel as positive.

Session 3
Same but no leg raises after a little less VMO activation during contractions.

Tuesday Mar 16 #


Session 1
A little progress on flexion (they felt a little easier and went a little further), a little regression on extension.
Contractions with EMS felt like they didn’t get much VMO activation.
No leg raises.

Session 2
Same as above
Hadn’t had any pain meds since 1 Tramadol, 1 xs Tylenol, 1 xs advil 20 hours ago. No significant pain. Wearing the cooling sleeve full time, so that is likely helping. Now just popped 1 Tylenol xs and 1 Advil xs (but might not even need it and may try going without that tomorrow)

Session 3
Same as above but got some VMO activation in contractions with EMS.

Managed 6 hours on just the Tylenol and Advil with no pain. Then simply took one more of each before going to sleep in case I would need something for the night.

Monday Mar 15 #


Switched this morning from one oxycodone to one Tramadol plus max Tylenol and Advil.

Session 1: flexion and extension went well. No issue with extension this time.
Did some quad contractions with EMS but not the full set, not pushing it. Also decided not to try the straight leg raises.

Session 2: flexion felt pretty good, stopped at 18 when they felt a little less comfortable. It will interesting to compare the range when the bandages come off in a couple more days.
Extension was good, no issue, got close to flat with almost no discomfort.
Contractions with EMS. Reduced the EMS to repeats of 5 seconds on instead of 10 seconds.
Skipped the straight leg raises.

Session 3: good flexion and extension. contractions with EMS didn’t seem to get as much VMO activation as some previous sessions. Skipping leg raises on left.

Did 11 hours on one Tramadol plus Tylenol and Advil. Pain was fine.

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