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Training Log Archive: Carbons Offset

In the 7 days ending Apr 4:

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Sunday Apr 4 #


Had some better luck turning to some different positions for sleeping but didn’t manage to stay there comfortably for long.

Session 1 good. Still only feeling a little activation in glute exercises. Flexion continues to progress well.

Spin 15 min. Getting around decently.

Session 2. Good.

Spin 15 min. A little tight in the flesh below the kneecap but otherwise good. Might be up for adding resistance.

Session 3. Good flexion.

Saturday Apr 3 #


Tried turning from my back to my left side last night. When I raised my left leg and tried to turn it in the air, I got a sharp tearing pain along the joint line on the medial side. It continued to hurt for a while. Fortunately the pain was gone in the morning.

Session 1
Good flexion. Getting to around 90 degrees or so fairly easily and then stretching beyond that. Continuing to progress. Forgot to do adductions.
Still catching when I walk.

Spin. 15 min. Back and forth for just a couple of minutes, then got all the way around with foot slightly forward on the pedal.

Trying going up stairs again with left leg and it’s going okay. Sometimes using the handrail to share the load.

Session 2
Good flexion progress. Probably getting 100 degrees or more.

Spin. 15 min. Pretty quickly progressed to being able to do full rotations.

Friday Apr 2 #


Session 1
Good flexion. Decent quad contraction. Standing calf stretch was good. Did the two glute exercises.

Allowed to try getting on the bike. Based on what they said I thought I would be able to do a full rotation. Could only get to about 10 o’clock position and then back to 2 o’clock but not over the top. Took off the shoe for less stack height. Tried pedalling backward. Still couldn’t get around. Resorted to back and forths for now until one went around backward when I wasn’t paying attention. Did cautious full rotations for the remainder of the 15 minute allowance. It definitely worked the limit of the range.
Ice after.

Session 2. Good. Good standing calf stretch.

Spin. It was tougher to get all the way around than I the previous session. Did some back and forth, then slid the foot forward on the pedal and that required a little less bend in the knee so that I could do full circles.

Session 3
Just wall slides flexion and passive extension.

Thursday Apr 1 #


Session 1
Maybe a little progress again on flexion?

Physio with Ben
Flexion measured at 98 degrees.
Showed him how my knee is catching when I try to walk normally. He tried to release tight muscles in my calf. When I would try walking again, I would relax into it better and walk more naturally, then it would catch even a little stronger.

He also gave me two glute exercises to add to my routine, can do in either order:

Lay on stomach, bend knee but keep relaxed, contract glute to raise leg slightly and hold. Hold for 2 sec, 3x10

On hands and knees, extend leg but don’t arch back and don’t twist. 10 sec hold, 3 sets of 3-4 reps.

Try to walk normal and move upper body, swing arms opposite.

Roll calf on lacrosse ball.

Can try walking up stairs with either leg but don’t try down yet because it is like a one-legged squat which doesn’t come until later.

3-week follow up visit with Dr. Heard:

The catching when I walk is not the meniscus. Thinks it is scarring. Hopes it will go away as I work through it. If not, can do a day scope procedure but doesn’t want to unless we need to so wait and see how much we can improve this.
Okay to push through discomfort on flexion but not to the point of tears. We simply want progression, doesn’t need to be fast. We are only concerned if progress stops.
Keep aiming for flatter on extension so that back of knee presses against surface. Put foot on books etc.
Don’t need to elevate knee much anymore. Cooling is still beneficial. Can also still do at night but only part of night.
Can start on stationary bike, 15 minutes twice daily.
Can ride outdoors at 6 weeks. Hills on highway 1A are not a problem. Can be clipped in, even the road bike pedals (just unclip the right first). Allograft is strong enough. I think I’ll do eggbeater pedals instead because they release easily and have lots of float.
See the Dr again at 3 months.

Session 2
Same plus the two glute exercises and then rolled calf on hockey ball.

Tomorrow we ride! Sort of :) maybe :) we will see how it goes and if I can get all the way around the rotation.

Wednesday Mar 31 #


Not much drainage from massage yesterday, I don’t think.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 2
Again flexion was good. We will see tomorrow what my range measurement is.

Note: when walking in a relaxed manner, something feels like it catches in the knee and feels a little gross. Will ask the doctor and surgeon about this during my visits tomorrow. Hopefully nothing of concern.

Tuesday Mar 30 #


Session 1
Good flexion, 90 degrees without too much difficulty.

Session 2
Flexion continues to have nice little progressions

Manual drainage massage with Julie to see if it would move any of the swelling. She noted that the swelling wasn’t too bad and honestly declared that it didn’t seem to change after. Still glad I tried it in case, and we will see if anything changes in the next day or two.

Session 3
Same. Standing calf stretch felt a little more effective.

Monday Mar 29 #


Session 1

Physio visit
After more massage/mobilization of kneecap, was able to get 95 degrees flexion on wall slides.
No change in physio exercises, keep doing what I am doing. Things are progressing well and don’t need to worry about the 110 degree three-week target because I also had some meniscus repair. In addition to some swelling, the knee capsule has been through a bit so it needs a little time.
If I hadn’t had meniscal repair, they might start me with rotations on the bike now that I can achieve 95 degrees but we will hold off a little because we don’t want to push it.

Session 2
About 90 degrees on wall slides. Tried doing a regular standing calf stretch but it felt like it maybe wasn’t working because I couldn’t fully straighten my knee.

Session 3
Good knee flexion. Got to 90 degrees without pushing too hard.
Standing calf stretch still feels a little weird but maybe getting closer to getting something out of it.

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