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Training Log Archive: bartholemeu

In the 7 days ending Oct 5, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Walking3 5:03:54 8.73(34:48) 14.05(21:38) 40791.2
  Running4 4:01:00 33.02(7:18) 53.15(4:32) 193126.3
  Cycling3 1:24:59 20.88(14.7/h) 33.6(23.7/h) 35322.5
  Orienteering1 45:00 6.21(7:14) 10.0(4:30) 9337.1
  Swimming1 33:06 0.93(35:31) 1.5(22:04)9.9
  Total10 11:47:59 69.78(10:09) 112.29(6:18) 1047287.0
  [1-5]10 11:47:56

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Thursday Oct 5, 2017 #


glutes very tight today and achilles a bit achey. definately time for a change in training.
5 PM

Cycling (Turbo) 30:05 intensity: (11:51 @1) + (11:04 @2) + (5:36 @3) + (1:34 @4) 14.09 km (28.1 kph) +113m
ahr:134 max:164 shoes: Cervelo P3

Aero turbo. Disappointing power but was pretty stuffed before I started. 10m,5m SST was all I could manage

Wednesday Oct 4, 2017 #


IM 70.3 6week plan
each week...
1 run (race or similar)
1-2 core & legs (planks, squats, hammies, pushups, chinups)
2-3 swims with brick runs (1 strength/pace, 1 length/tech)
2-3 TT turbos (1hr FTP, 1hr intervals/cadence)
0-1 TT road ride (2hr for bikehandling, position, and logistics)
bike-commute on the TT for bike handling

I think its acheivable... on work days i can swim lunch or turbo mornings, on oscar days i can put him in swim creche or turbo during his nap/when anne gets home. Bike FTP is the key session in terms of the final result.
1 PM

Running 8:18 [3] 1.86 km (4:27 / km) +14m 4:17 / km
shoes: GT2000 WhiteOrange

Swimming 33:06 [3] 1.5 km (22:04 / km)

wu then 2x500s focussing on strokes per lap. body roll & catchup

Running 7:05 [3] 1.6 km (4:25 / km) +6m 4:20 / km
shoes: GT2000 WhiteOrange

5 PM

Running 20:53 intensity: (3 @0) + (1:14 @1) + (4:04 @2) + (14:27 @3) + (1:05 @4) 4.26 km (4:54 / km) +49m 4:38 / km
ahr:146 max:160 shoes: GT2000 WhiteOrange

Orienteering race 45:00 intensity: (2 @2) + (42 @3) + (14:50 @4) + (29:26 @5) 10.0 km (4:30 / km) +93m 4:18 / km
ahr:171 max:185 shoes: GT2000 WhiteOrange

Summer Series Annandale.

Pretty shitty about this one. i knew from the start my legs were pretty heavy but was pretty happy with the amount of energy i maintained although quite slow.
On my way to the last control i discovered that the bridge was closed, which cost me about 2 and a half minutes. Apparently it was marked as one of the 3 map changes on the map, but not listed in the 2 bullet points identifying the map changes. I guess thats my fault...
Oh well. back with 600 a couple of seconds over 45, would have been a minute or so down on the winners anyway, which is expected.

Think i prob had the best route?
9 PM

Running 18:54 [3] 2.99 km (6:19 / km) +56m 5:46 / km

Tuesday Oct 3, 2017 #


Post-marathon debrief

I've had 3 days to think about it and have the following outcomes.

- My strategy was to go at an ambitious pace, no matter what, and if i blowup, i blowup... so i shouldn't be disappointed that i blew-up.
- I knew my prep wasn't ideal, already feeling flat at Sydney half, on the verge of injured/overtrained, and ill earlier in the week (i didn't eat at all 3 days before the race, when i would normally be carb-loading)
- I did not do enough leg-strength work over the last 3 months, which i already know is my personal weakness. This was my downfall.

I should be taking confidence in the fact that i put myself in the position to come 2nd in a marathon, rather than feeling down about not making it.

Looking forward to 6 weeks doing some real bike-training and in the pool and try and again put myself in a position for a good result at IMWS 70.3

7 AM

Cycling 27:02 [3] 9.47 km (21.0 kph) +125m
shoes: Specialized TriCross

commute, L knee a little achey
4 PM

Cycling 27:52 [3] 10.03 km (21.6 kph) +115m

Monday Oct 2, 2017 #

9 AM

Walking 2:28:25 [3] 6.0 km (24:44 / km) +200m 21:12 / km

Springwood circuit hike with Oscar in carrier, anne, mum and dad.
Legs and lungs fine, L knee a little twingey.

Sunday Oct 1, 2017 #

12 PM

Walking 1:25:29 [3] 4.05 km (21:06 / km) +87m 19:03 / km

Warrimoo firetrail hike with Oscar in the carrier
4 PM

Walking 1:10:00 [3] 4.0 km (17:30 / km) +120m 15:13 / km

Lawson hike with Oscar in the carrier. Legs feeling pretty good actually

Saturday Sep 30, 2017 #

6 AM

Running race (Marathon) 3:05:50 intensity: (37 @2) + (24:32 @3) + (2:22:56 @4) + (17:45 @5) 42.43 km (4:23 / km) +68m 4:21 / km
ahr:164 max:178 shoes: Boston Adidas boost

Western Sydney Marathon 2017
Ran the first lap quite quickly but relaxed with 2 other guys and Brendan zoomed off into the distance and passed the start/finish at the end of the 1st lap in 2nd place avg 3:50s. from there, I let the other 2 go, deciding they were a little more keen than me and settles into a slightly slower 4mk pace. The next 2 laps were without incident.
Coming over half-way around 1:23:00, i knew i was ahead of schedule and prepared myself for what is normally the weakest part of any race i do - halfway to 3/4. I could feel myself slowing and knew positive splits were on the cards, but felt i could hold on to a good time.
The wind was REALLY picking up by this stage and the back straight was a real battle, tucking in behind half-mara runners for any kind of shelter.
in the 5th lap i was feeling pretty smashed, but passed a guy moving real slow and was back up into 3rd, and into the last lap, surprising spotted Brendan at one of the turnarounds! He must be having a terrible day as i was slowing considerably!
I was catching him quickly, but about 6k from the finish felt a little twinge, then a pretty strong hamstring cramp. Had to stop to stretch, and lost 3rd place. Even walking was triggering more cramp so smashed a gel and 2 cups of powerade... this got me through a couple of kms at 5m/k until another strong cramp stopped me to stretch again (losing 4th place/3rd male). Another gel and another couple of cups and i could "run" again (at 5:30s) when leaning right back on my heels.
The headwind was ridiculous for the last 2k and was really lagging, but just jogging it in having given up on a good time or result.

On the plus side, it was nice to be able to stop in the finishing chute for once and give Anne and Oscar a cuddle before waddling across the line around 3:05 in 5th and pretty disappointed.

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