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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Oct 4, 2020:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail Run2 13:07:47 38.5(20:28) 61.96(12:43) 3272
  Run3 2:02:23 15.08(8:07) 24.27(5:03) 266
  Rollerski1 1:16:32 13.32(5:45) 21.44(3:34) 87
  Total6 16:26:42 66.9(14:45) 107.67(9:10) 3626

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Sunday Oct 4, 2020 #

6 AM

Trail Run 11:39:39 [1] 29.1 mi (24:03 / mi) +2967m 18:16 / mi
ahr:123 max:216

New Person wanted to run a Pemi Loop. I've already done a Pemi Loop, and I just signed up for a 100 mile, but I was promised it would be slower, and seemed like a not terrible taper for the 100 I just signed up for.

So we set out before sunrise, with my headlamp providing most of the light, and ran 10s out for the first few miles, with one trip-and-fall (not me!). Then I stopped my watch and forgot to start it, once again proving I am way too ADD to ever stop my watch. The color is actually just past peak here, which is very early (probably dry?) and we began the walk up the long climb up Bondcliff.

Didn't see many people until Bondcliff, then we saw camping on the trail, smoking a blunt on the trail (there are "no smoking or fires" signs) and I was already over-goofered. But that was the worst behavior of the day (with the exception of a couple sitting in the middle of the trail on Franconia Ridge making everyone else go around, the only people I spoke to in a stern voice; I thought they were injured maybe, but no, just being dinks). Then scurrying along to South Twin, definitely wetter than a few weeks ago, especially the bog bridges.

Down to Galehead, and then new territory for New Person, and she learned that yes, this portion is a junk show. It was also wetter, and she is not as confident in her footfall, especially since she only really started trail running a little more than a year ago. Which I kept having to remind myself of. A long stop for water at Garfield (running fine) and I was doing a great job of hydration: I peed more than half a dozen times, and also ate plenty of food. The 7 oz, 1050 cal bag of cheez-its was a big help.

Long climb up Skook, and her legs were getting tired "this is the hardest thing I've ever done" before the scamper down Lafayette. Climbs were laborious now, but luckily not too long. We made it over Flume but not particularly fast, and had time to make it before dark, if barely. On the steep part of the Osseo Trail, though, we didn't move quickly; she had hip flexor issues and was having trouble with the steps. So it seemed like it might be a long way down.

Except once the steps ended, a second wind was found. All of the sudden she started jogging. Then running. I could barely keep up. She's often far too deferential in not passing people on the trail (I maybe go too far in the other direction) but now was yelling at people to get out of her way. She was on a mission. Still slowed for the little ups, but 8 minute pace on the downs, flying. And once we hit the flat ground, more running. Quite a turn of events!

Which also meant we were out well before dark, in time to sit in the conga line on the Kanc, which the day before apparently took 4 hours to drive across (good lord!) and took us 30 minutes to get to Lincoln, where we ate food.

Saturday Oct 3, 2020 #

2 PM

Run 33:59 [1] 4.21 mi (8:04 / mi) +84m 7:36 / mi
ahr:175 max:191

Quick tour of South Brookline. Might be a reasonable rollerski loop around Moss Hill, too. Lovely day.

Friday Oct 2, 2020 #


Anyone want to pace me in the last 50m of a 100m?

Thursday Oct 1, 2020 #


Monthly "goal" time again. I think I fell just (or a lot) short on several of these, but being more mobile meant a bit less time for running, and spending time with a new person too. Not complaining. A work deadline kept me from taking any time, too. Not a great month making my specific goals, but I did get about the volume I wanted. It's hard without any specific event to train for.

- 50 hours logged. 47. Well, 28 seconds shy. The lowest month of the last four. In past logging, I'd only ever had 4 months with this volume. Now it's every month. And no injuries! New goal: 500h this year. On pace for that even with the slower start to the year pre-covid.
- 200 miles of running. 174. So, nope.
- 60 minutes around the lake. Didn't do it again.
- 12km D+. 11300. But I'm past 80k for the year, so 100k and a new PR is definitely happening barring injury.
- Three proper bounding sessions. Nope
- 2250 push up and sit ups. Fell off of this.
+ A long trail run with mountains. A Presi Traverse and a Wildcat-Carter-Moriah traverse, so yeah.
- Ride bikes. Didn't.
- 250 pull ups. Fell way off of this.
- 100 miles of rollerskiing. Only made 69
+ DIYgoat. !!!

So this month I am probably going to also be very mobile in my living situation, which won't be great for training volume, but then I have more time and will probably take a couple of days off here and there, which will be.

Update! This evening a friend texted that there were 5 slots in the Midstate 100 miler. Registration deadline: midnight. TAKE MY MONIES! In a week. I think I have the volume for that. We'll see. Saner than a solo 100m in the Maine woods.

Fewer goals, so I can't as easily forget them.

* 50 hours logged. Or at least 47.
* 200 miles running. Other new goal is 2000 annual miles. I'm at 1554, so less than 150/month, but I'd like to get that mostly done this month so I can carpe ski season. Should be easy with the 100 now baked in.
* 12km D+, but not really focused on it given that will put me over 90k.
* 2000 push ups, and not falling off.
* 100 miles of rollerskiing
9 AM

Trail Run 1:28:08 [1] 9.4 mi (9:23 / mi) +306m 8:31 / mi
ahr:173 max:197

Down to Blue Hills for some trails. It was windy yesterday, apparently, given how many trees were down across the trail. Not a lot of people out. Nice day, and pretty dry.

Wednesday Sep 30, 2020 #

5 PM

Run 27:55 [1] 3.3 mi (8:28 / mi) +27m 8:15 / mi
ahr:150 max:195

Short run between meetings. Nice day once the rain stopped.

Tuesday Sep 29, 2020 #

9 AM

Run 1:00:29 [1] 7.57 mi (7:59 / mi) +156m 7:31 / mi
ahr:160 max:195

Went to bring up compost, ran around lake, took down compost container.

Monday Sep 28, 2020 #


I'm going to miss most of my monthly goals this month.

On the other hand, I've never had consecutive 44 hour training months until this year. September will be my 4th in a row.
4 PM

Rollerski 1:16:32 [1] 13.32 mi (5:45 / mi) +87m 5:38 / mi
ahr:140 max:215

Chesterville roll.

5 mi no poles
5 mi dp
5k skate back to the car

then to a meeting, but jumped in the lake (twice!) which is still very refreshing (cold) but definitely felt great. May be the last time of the season, alas.

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