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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 1 days ending Aug 9, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:57:19 7.34(15:59) 11.81(9:56) 459
  Total1 1:57:19 7.34(15:59) 11.81(9:56) 459

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Sunday Aug 9, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Gunapin Ridge (West)) 1:57:19 [4] 11.81 km (9:56 / km) +459m 8:19 / km
ahr:151 max:178 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Fresh from the shock of almost cleaning out a roo at high speed and my car smelling like well tested brakes - I embarked on H1

Was feeling lethargic from the start and certainly not in the zone - generally just knackered - works killing me coupled with training... yaya new week is rest week... shame work will continue.

Drifted right on first leg but quickly corrected - lost a bit of time here but not a significant amount.

Leg two I knew I hadnt come far enough but still convinced myself to look at the rocks to the south - silly and a waste of time!

3) Clean and first time I started to feel in the game

4) Drift left intentionally and came around onto the point nicely.

5) Over shot slightly - I knew where it was and still ran past it because I couldnt see the flag... must work on ability to see through rocks.

6) Drifted downhill slightly and around flush onto the control was good.

7) Picked up all the right features and hit the control flush.

One of the juniors came over to me, poor girl was lost and wasnt near where she wanted to be - I gave her a clear location and she bounded off.. leaving me thinking - oh bugger, which way was I heading lol

8) Refound myself on the fence line and went at 8 from there - almost halfway there Andrew Martin came up along side me. and the battle was on. He went a bit low onto 8 and I was higher but he sitll got onto it before me and bounded away.

9) Around the western tip of the rocks and corrected back towards the control - after crossing the road and beginning to climb the hill I saw AM off to the left of 9 but he quickly realised and got to the point before me.

10) He headed off eastern side of the hill and I just went straight over - again he just beat me onto 10 but the gap was getting closer.

11) He stayed low again and I powered back over the hill - I drew level with him we had having short comments at most points - but this was the first time he said he had lost contact slightly I said where we where and continued on. Looking for what would typically be called a SFG on hill park dale but was really two GB size boulders with a control inbetween. AM thought we ahd gone too far but I was pretty confident it was further - I went west and saw the small granite and turned to go towards control - and there it was. Finally back infront of him.

12) took off and then realised bugga 180deg error - got back passed the control but AM still hadn't come down to it dashed towards 12 - some hesitation but found it after not too long - but after finding it I realised - oh crap I am standing on the flag and here come 3 people... and once again AM and I where level.

13) Pretty much clean and on 13 ssame time as AM

14) The same.

15) Long leg to 15 I thought I was on bearing and AM was off - and then I realised I was wrong when I hit the boulder near the river at halfway - I corrected but AM was way infront - I managed to pull him in on the climb as he went a long way around, but he got the control well before me.

16) Determined to close the gap I tried to keep tight on bearing and it was after the spur the the gap was practically eliminated. AM dashed infront of me at a parraell though at one stage and I thought.. wtf as I saw him disappear up the hill... had he already got 16 surely not! 1 more step forward and I saw 16 and he definitely hadnt got it I went down and grabbed 16 and started up towards 17 when AM came steaming past.

17) All was back to level on 17,

18) A long leg to 18 I drifted west slightly before deciding I would go for the massive granite slab. AM no where to be seen - I thought he had gone during my walking but as I hit the granite there he was again hitting it at a slightly different angle. We both then proceeded to drift west of 18. I dashed off the the tripple boulders south west of it and AM followed - he realised I was wrong and back tracked... I felt in familiar ground and realised exactly where I was and belined to the control. Again into the lead.

19) Started to 19 and quipped to AM as he passed - youll have to work to catch me now (yeah that whole 50m lead was huge :P )Another junior threw me off looking lost and AM was hot on me heels, snap decision to find the fence. We hit the fence at same time and over water course, AM went straight I cut in. 19 at same time.

20) AM went slight east and I was flush - I hit the boulder and he came in right next to me.

21) to 21 pretty much together.

22) He got a better exit but slightly wrogn bearing he had drifted more towards 23 but I did drop 1 too many contours and as a result he had corrected and got to 22 just before me.

23) Fast down to 23 and he had the lead.

24/Whooops Finish) I could have sworn there was a 24th control - was expecting a big finish. My head wasnt in the map and where I was going - Realised pretty quickly it was the finish leg and expected track and farmland. Saw a control (without finish flag) on a track so changed course straight at it - silly what was I thinking - this gave AM clear running - I put in a huge effort on the road but I had given too much of a lead. Silly.

Worked very hard on the road and actually was struggling to catch breath at the finish. Seems I put my HR to 178 might have even gone higher but certainly didnt feel good about it - going to say that was pretty close to HRmax. even though I feel I should be able to get well into the 180s!

all in all a good run - I don't often go sub 2 hrs and I was only 6 mins behind AM certainly the closest I have ever got to being competitive. Particularly at long distance.

Once home I bottomed out something fierce took some feeding before I levelled out - might have pushed a tad harder than I thought or just didnt have sufficient fuel in the tank.

And now for work SIGH

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