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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Aug 28, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking 1 2:27:17 18.76(7.6/h) 30.19(12.3/h) 463
  Total1 2:27:17 18.76(7:51) 30.19(4:53) 463

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Sunday Aug 28, 2016 #

9 AM

Mountain Biking race (Munday Brook) 2:27:17 [3] 30.19 km (12.3 kph) +463m
shoes: Giro Privateer

So got out to the site and felt a bit colder than exited - knee was abit achey and I wasnt feeling super confident about my calf... great way to start a race eh!

Got to start lien to discover I forgot my HRM at home - dammit - probably should have thrown in the towel then.

Was behind Dalto - so wanted to try catch him up

#1 nice and easy

#2 saw him on the exit and was within a striking type distance.

#3 Managed to find the deepest rut of the river crossing got drenched - which that was at end of race and bike got dirtier from this point onwards but it looked clean after this crossing. Was cold from the water. Saw Dalto on descent from 3 as I went up - again maintained pace on him

#4 I opted to go east rather than descend and climb for ages. got pretty clsoe to catching Dalts but then had hesitation going around the bend cost me a small bit of time. Also last time I saw him. Also surprisingly saw Dave and I would hazard a guess on cumulative time I was beating him at this point.

#5 pretty much just a long grind - hill looked worse on paper than it was in real life - but still felt reasonably slow.

#6 slow but easy - enjoyed going down the far side of this control.

#7 got over taken by some whipper snapper who disappeared into the distance as we traversed the quarry.

#8 Shame on no route choice and just another long grind. Got reasonably muddy on the crossing. I was really thinking that I wasnt enjoying today at this point - just long grinds and not much route choice.

#9 west through the gully and climb - happy with this choice I was debating going east.

#10 If I hadnt been enjoying today - this one really took the cake. perfect up to the spagetti garden even got onto the correct north south and then somehow got into the crap stuff - and despite trying to get the the western path I went worse and worse into it. I managed to start down the trial in its NE corner closest to the number 10 but the left hand turn threw me and I thought I was on the loop track on the west on the N/S road. Hand I gone down there would have been ok.. but rather I looped back then went on the track to the SE that ends up going nowhere and almost off the map. now thoroughly confused and without a compass I decided to go back. I didnt do this well and eventually I got to the N/S track... only problem is in my mind I thought it was the NW track parallel to the main road. started along it and saw some people. so kept going thinking I will see the properties to my left soon... loan behind a control appeared on my right. I was thinking WTF is this 11 ? I really had no idea wtf was going on. I went over to it and it was #10. holy shit I found it by accident... head exploded how am I here... this makes no sense wtf is going on. confidence was shattered at this point. lost a LOAD of time here.

#11 I left the site turning right thinking I was on the southern track... I then passed a track running south... WTF that shouldnt be there. I stopped and thought about it for a bit then realised what was going on went back and took that track - in time to see a smoke trail behind ricky as he burnt past me. Some trail bikers scared the shit out of me zipping around the corner right infront of me but I wasnt close enough for harm... but they wouldnt have seen me if I was 20m further forward and could have ended badly... fucking trail bike riders.

Came up on number 11 faster than I thought and saw ricky exiting so knew it was right corner.

#12 By the time I was back to the main road ricky was on the far side. the boys fast what can I say. or more to the point I had lost the will to live/ride by now. Plodded on for an easy control

#13 Took the eastern route - again reasonably straight forward.

#14 - WHY WHY WHY put a control on a green track I mean seriously they should be removed from mtbo they are just crap. really just takes any remaining enjoyment out of the sport. got it all the same who fucking knows if I was on the track or not!

#15 main road to junction then in - nice and easy.

#16 did contemplate going west but didnt... looking at map now that was definitely the correct choice!

#17 long boring uphill grind followed by main road and a short stint into the control.

#18 decided to take main road was 50/50 on staying on the trail but figured the finish would be obvious and it was a short hill up to the trail again. Got great speed on the main road - best of the day by a long way - only to be lost by the small entrance to a major track and the flag obscured by trees - so almost road threw the out of bounds but realized and then saw dave waving like - its around the corner moron... yup right you are sir! haha.

The climb was longer and crapper than I had hoped for so lost a bit there then looking for the green track (insert rant again here) lead me to go up what I thought was a green track - clearly it wasnt it and I ended up walking through because of too many obstructions on this non track track... hit the green track running nw and went down it further as felt I needed too - managed to spotto the control.

Fin - overshot the junction a bit and let two people pass me which meant I couldnt fly full speed down the hill which was kinda annoying but given how much time I had lost already really didnt make much difference!

Feeling a bit sore now - calf held up well but its feeling it now a bit. Disappointed in the race - I lost probably 10-20 on number 10 alone. and fell it could have been a sub 2 hr race if I had really pushed it and been clean.

I also think greens should be always marked with tape at the entries so you know thats the trail - I am sure overgrown else where you still see the trail but here its all the same. #rant over.

Saturday Aug 27, 2016 #


Some slight twinging in calf today outta the blue not painful but need to stay mindful

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