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Training Log Archive: M.Serguiev

In the 7 days ending Oct 11, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking/Backpacking1 2:45:00 4.6(35:52) 7.4(22:17) 2800
  Orienteering2 2:33:47 3.23 5.2
  Running4 2:10:40 6.59 10.6 400
  Yoga2 50:00
  Stationary Bike1 45:17
  Other1 40:00
  Arm Chair1 35:00
  Core2 30:00
  Hip Strengthening1 25:00
  Weights1 15:00
  Total7 11:29:44 14.42 23.2 3200
  [1-5]7 10:54:44
averages - sleep:12.8

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Sunday Oct 11, 2015 #

Orienteering race 1:24:07 [3] 5.2 km (16:11 / km)

Race- At the start of the race I felt extremely focused in and ready to go! 1-4 were excellent, 5 I foolishly made a parallel error, 6 was spot on, and then, while heading off towards 7, I began feeling off, (slowing me down quite a bit), but I was pig headed and determined to finish the race, so I ignored my body and pushed to complete the course. Once finishing, the adrenaline wore off and reality caught up to me...

I would like to thank everyone who helped take care of me, (Lex, Ellen, West Point Cadets, EMTs,*Others who popped in and out*, etc). It was a scary experience to go through and without all of the support and compassion, I could have been in a much worse state of mind, and not have recovered nearly as well as I have.

So again, thank you to everyone who helped me get the proper aid that I needed. (As well as allowing me to use your jackets!)


Saturday Oct 10, 2015 #

Orienteering race 1:09:40 [3]

Day 1- Started off super, but on the way to 5 I had to rest due to a PA, and eventually head back to the finish.

Running warm up/down 30:00 [3]

Cold day, long drive, needed a good wake-up-warm-up.

Friday Oct 9, 2015 #

Weights 15:00 [4]

5 Rotations:
Bulgarian Split Squats 30lbsx6
Shoulder Press 15lbsx15
Isolation Curl 10lbsx20
Arnold Press 15lbsx5
Seated Dumbbell Extension 20lbsx15
Weighted Squat 70lbsx10 (This was stupid, this was very very stupid, Even though I'm able to preform the exercise well, doesn't mean that I should...I will stick with body weight squats from now on. Hips ache a lot now...)

Core 15:00 [3]

5 Reps:
Lying Hip Extensions x15 ( *This kind*
Crunches x50
Push Ups x10
TV Watchers 1min
Wall Sits 1min
Side Crunches x15

Yoga 20:00 [2]

Again with the upside-downy-back-bendy stuff, along with incorporating a foam roller into the mix.

Thursday Oct 8, 2015 #

Running 31:23 [2] 5.3 km (5:55 / km) +200m 4:59 / km

Hips were being stupid af...

Maybe I should start going to PT again....

Other (Kayaking) 40:00 [3]

Decided I should give the hips a rest and went around Big Hosmer.

Side note: Three loons popped up within 10ft of me while I was paddling! I managed to snap a few pictures of them before going back to shore =)

Wednesday Oct 7, 2015 #

Hip Strengthening 25:00 [4]

Annnnnnnnd back to the fun stuff!

With the band:
Side Steps x30
Kick Backs x20(Band was doubled)
Sitting-On-Chair-Band-Leg-Opening-Thing x15

Without the band: x3
Supermans x15
Bridge 2min
Bridge with Leg Lifts x30
Bulgarian Split Lunges x30
Sqqquuuaaaaaaaaaatttttsssss x100(x2)

Core 15:00 [4]

Reps x4

Dips x10
PushUps x30
Girl PushUps x90
Side Crunches x30
Crunches x90
Planks 2min

Yoga 30:00 [3]

Today I focused on Back-Bendy-Upside-Downy techniques.

(I can now do a three point head stand and raise/lower my legs 30 times with no break!!! WooHoo the hips are getting better!!!)

Stationary Bike 45:17 [3]

Loosening up the calves and hips.

Damn my stupidity for not stretching/icing after the hike!

Gosh I hate lactic acid....

**MOMS OF ATTACKPOINT, hypothetically speaking, how do you get marsala cooking wine out of orienteering tights? While marinating tonight's chicken before my bike ride, the pan got knocked over and the sauce spilled all over me, and now I'm left with a giant red stain... Any wives-tales would be very much appreciated!!

Tuesday Oct 6, 2015 #

Running 24:17 [4] 5.3 km (4:35 / km) +200m 3:51 / km

Very Crummy Day,
Extremely Crummy Weather,
I Needed To Run.

*Haiku By Mel*

Arm Chair 35:00 [0]

Conference Call with Erin, discussed a couple simplified route choices together, then kept reading the map after the call ended.

RIP Ankles from 1-2.

Monday Oct 5, 2015 #

Hiking/Backpacking 2:45:00 [3] 4.6 mi (35:52 / mi) +2800m 12:24 / mi

Not record time, but still a good pace =)

Hiked up Mt. Mansfield with my childhood best friend. It was really refreshing to have mutual free time so that we could catch up.
"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different..."

Today we realized that we're so close to beating teen pregnancy! 258 days, 7 hours, and 42 minutes before we reach our goal!

(Its such a big deal to us considering that majority of our other friends from our high school friend group are already married with 1-2 kids)

Running warm up/down 45:00 [2]

Not naming any names, but SOMEONE(or dog), had ran in the woods, covering themselves in brambles, so SOMEONE ELSE(me) had to give that someone a bath, even though they really really really dislike baths and looked betrayed/sad the entire time, making me feel badly for them.

So I took the Babe on a cool down run at the outdoor center, and now we're on good terms!

(A cute guy even commented on how fluffy he looked and asked to pet him! #HellYeahYouCan #YouCanEvenGetMyNumberToo!)

((Gave Cozmo and extra biscuit once we got back to the car... What a good boy!))

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