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Training Log Archive: ebone

In the 7 days ending Nov 6, 2004:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Road / Track4 3:40:41 27.61(8:00) 44.44(4:58) 420
  Paddling / Rowing1 1:50:00 9.3(11:50) 14.97(7:21)
  Cycling1 1:44:55 20.2(5:12) 32.51(3:14) 860
  Running - Trail / Grass1 36:43 3.06(12:00) 4.93(7:27) 150
  Orienteering1 31:16 2.73(11:26) 4.4(7:06) 250
  Calisthenics / Dance1 15:00
  Total7 8:38:35 62.91 101.24 1680
averages - sleep:7.6

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Saturday Nov 6, 2004 #

Running - Road / Track (some trail) 13:00 [2] 1.79 mi (7:16 / mi) +70m 6:29 / mi
ahr:152 max:160

Brisk warm up for U.S. Short Course Champs at Morgan Territory.

Orienteering (race) 31:16 [3] 4.4 km (7:06 / km) +250m 5:32 / km
ahr:164 max:176

Ran U.S. Short Course Champs at Morgan Territory. I had a good run, with just a minute or two of lost time. My main criticism of my run is that I could have done a better job of looking at my exit routes on the ground, so I lost a bit of time moving out of many controls, climbing over rocks and branches. My legs felt pretty fatigued fairly early in the course, and I had to keep pushing to keep a good pace. It certainly wasn't a great day for me in terms of running speed, but that makes sense, given my recent lack of high intensity training.

Running - Road / Track (some trail) 5:00 [1] 0.5 mi (10:00 / mi) +10m 9:25 / mi

Bits of jogging after my race.

Friday Nov 5, 2004 #

Running - Trail / Grass (some terrain) 36:43 [1] 3.06 mi (12:00 / mi) +150m 10:25 / mi

Ran around MacLaren Park with Terry. It was hilly (not surprising in San Francisco) but had nice terrain, including some contour and rock features and a good network of various size trails.

My right hamstring is somewhat tight and sore today, which is hard to figure out, since I haven't done much with it lately.

Thursday Nov 4, 2004 #

Paddling / Rowing (kayaking) 1:50:00 [2] 9.3 mi (11:50 / mi)
ahr:124 max:142 slept:8.5

Paddled two different Cobra sit-on-top kayaks (one sleek and unstable and one beamy) around Pillar Point Harbor. The waves were so big outside the breakwater that the Half Moon Bay Kayaks folks didn't want me going out there, so I paddled around inside the ample harbor area, which still had plenty of wind and some waves. I felt pretty good, although the paddle had a thin shaft that bruised the fingers on my left hand.

Wednesday Nov 3, 2004 #

Running - Road / Track (paved / gravel) 59:20 [1] 6.4 mi (9:16 / mi) +15m 9:12 / mi
ahr:120 max:132 slept:9.7

Jogged a couple loops at Baylands with Vlad. My quads felt fatigued from the last couple days' workouts, but my hip felt fine during the run (although I have felt that it is tender during routine activities throughout the day) and my achilles tendons were fine as well.

Tuesday Nov 2, 2004 #

Cycling (mtb road/some trail) 1:35:00 [2] 18.8 mi (5:03 / mi) +850m 4:26 / mi
ahr:136 max:154

Rode via Higgins Purisima Road from Half Moon Bay to Purisima Creek Redwoods trailhead, through the Borden Hatch Mill and Grabtown Gulch trails, and back. The brief ride down Grabtown Gulch was low intensity, and I've logged it separately. I was riding a Trek hardtail, and the model name started with a '4'--"495", or something like that. The bike had platform pedals without toe clips, but I still managed to make fairly good speed. The geometry seemed pretty similar to that of my Trek Fuel 90. Maybe the lack of rear suspension makes a significant efficiency difference.
5.75 miles and about 250m climb to trailhead in 28:30
3.7 miles and about 575m climb to top of Borden Hatch Mill trail in 35:30
9.35 miles and almost no climb from the bottom of the Grabtown Gulch trail to the Bike Works in 31:00

Cycling (mtb wide trail) 9:55 [1] 1.4 mi (7:05 / mi) +10m 6:56 / mi

Downhill ride on Grabtown Gulch Trail. I went slowly and carefully, because I was riding a rental bike (without toe clips) that I wasn't used to, and the trail was nominally under construction, so I wanted to be ready to stop abruptly on the steep slope, which had many patches of anti-erosion straw covering the vicinity of the water bars/dips.

Monday Nov 1, 2004 #

Running - Road / Track (road / some trail) 2:03:21 [2] 16.7 mi (7:23 / mi) +250m 7:03 / mi
ahr:143 max:157 slept:4.5

Ran from Terry's to the South end of the Sawyer Camp Trail, back to the North end, then part way out the North extension and back. I mostly felt pretty good, but my right hip joint started hurting about half way through, and it was significantly inflamed at the end of the run. The 7 minute miles that I ran in the first part of the run felt easy but fast, and it felt like it would have taken a significant effort to hold a faster pace for more than a couple of minutes. My heart rate started low, climed to the 140's, stayed between 142 and 152 for most of the run, and climbed to 157 momentarily toward the end of the run, when I was pushing up a gentle slope.

Sunday Oct 31, 2004 #

Running - Road / Track (elliptical / stairs) 20:00 [2] 2.22 mi (9:01 / mi) +75m 8:09 / mi

15 minutes of elliptical machine in the gym, then 5 minutes of stair running. My quads are still fatigued from my stair workout two days ago. My achilles tendons feel pretty good, but there are still some hints of pain/discomfort.

Calisthenics / Dance (disco) 15:00 [1]

Some dancing at the ship's Halloween Party.

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