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Training Log Archive: ccsteve

In the 7 days ending Apr 22, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 5:27:15 8.45(38:43) 13.6(24:04) 49011 /29c37%
  Morning Run4 1:01:13 6.45(9:30) 10.37(5:54) 110
  Walking1 50:00 2.0(25:00) 3.22(15:32)
  Stretching1 20:00
  Total7 7:38:28 16.9 27.19 60011 /29c37%

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Sunday Apr 22, 2007 #

Orienteering race 2:16:50 [5] ***** 7.0 km (19:33 / km) +220m 16:54 / km
spiked:8/14c shoes: New Balance 890

With a good dinner and nights rest, I was ready to try day two of this. A little sore, and that made me realize I wasn't going to be running as much.

Once again I overshot out of the gate, but just a little this time.

Two was near an area from yesterday, and I liked the path (a little right, but up a broad valley that made the location of the control very evident). Three was just a very long ways away - I noted almost every little bit of terrain as I went by. I believe I may have even been "double thumbing" the map;-)

Went too far on four, but was able to come back and see the feature the control was in. Did great on the first 2/3 of 5... Misread map and path on it.

More map reading and less speed the rest of the way back (though I did use and run on the muddy road).

Much better than the previous day - not the slowest, and quite a few competitors bailed out.

Saturday Apr 21, 2007 #

Event: HVO A-Meet

Morning Run warm up/down 12:00 [2] 1.2 km (10:00 / km) +50m 8:17 / km
shoes: New Balance 890

Unplanned warmup. Standing around at the start and I looked over and saw the clear / check punches - gads - had left the rented fob in my pack... Able to get down and back with several minutes before the start, but this was a foreshadow for the day...

Orienteering race 3:10:25 [5] ***** 6.6 km (28:51 / km) +270m 23:57 / km
spiked:3/15c shoes: New Balance 890

Where to begin on this event...

First distance and climb - I'm certain I went way over the numbers (given for race), but don't have a good way to track my path or really the inclination. I counted 7 specific climbs 10+ meters that I shouldn't have made for one reason or another...

Humbling experience from the start. Given the instructions to avoid heading off on a direction, I looked and thought I'd head along the edge of the first rise and cut up to get #1. Being excited and ready, I blew by the spot to do that by 100+ meters and spent several minutes figuring that out. (and the other controls right there didn't help;-)

Settled in and had decent paths and splits to 2 - 4.

For 5 I made the decision to cross the mountain on the trail, but lost my position on the way down. It's not the worst split but should have been ten minutes less. (Think I got fully 100 meters away from the drop before heading back)

For 6 I tried contouring around to avoid the top of the hill, but ended up all the way down the hill on the other side close to the stream...-(

Felt good, but tired about 7, and had a "great" plan for 8 that went awry. Looking to avoid climb again, I thought I'd take the path and then stream / path up to the smaller swamp on the right - then follow the backside of the hill to get in. Unfortunately, I veered right to far closing after the swamp and ended up down at the end of the surebridge swamp and had to cut back north. Probably spent more energy walking along the enge of those...

Believe this is where one of my contacts popped out, and while my sunglasses caught it, I subsequently flubbed it on my dry grubby hands and dropped it. It had to go back in though... (and thankfully was good for the rest of the time)

Trip to nine felt ok, but tired. Kept contact, but couldn't find the control - several crevasses in there, and I'd swear I was 30' from where that ended up being...

Ten by comparison was a piece of cake, and 11 started well..

Tired as I was by now I saw the trail but saw all the contour lines down and up... I thought I could contour around the hill and avoid it - and do ok. Painful lesson on that;-) On a less complex course, I might have been able to get away with that...

I believe I ended up halfway between 12 and 13 off to the East. I spent a very long time wandering and trying to re-orient myself (58 minutes for the leg in total) At one time I almost got it right - heading South to reach the green, but that was the green 100m East of 11, and wasn't right... ugh;-)

I had some energy left for 12 and 13 as I hadn't been dashing around much, but more wandering in a stupor, and they went ok.

Trip to 14 seemed to be going well until I heard cheering and saw the roof of the finish area - realized I went down the wrong rocky valley... Course that made it easier to get back...

Legs tired from the work, feet sore from the terrain, it's an experience I will not soon forget;-) I'm happy about having done it, would have liked to have done better.

One word summary - ouch;-)

Friday Apr 20, 2007 #

Walking 50:00 [1] 2.0 mi (25:00 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 890

Arrived at the ETA camp for Surebridge quite early. Able to walk around the pond next to the camp - mostly off trail. Got a feel for the terrain and vegetation.

Thursday Apr 19, 2007 #

Morning Run 16:18 [3] 1.9 mi (8:35 / mi) +20m 8:18 / mi
shoes: New Balance 890

Wednesday Apr 18, 2007 #

Morning Run 15:52 [3] 1.9 mi (8:21 / mi) +20m 8:05 / mi
shoes: New Balance 890

Tuesday Apr 17, 2007 #

Morning Run 17:03 [1] 1.9 mi (8:58 / mi) +20m 8:41 / mi
shoes: New Balance 890

Light run on the road to work out the shoes and my after-race legs... (and still pretty slushy today) Interesting to watch the levels of the stream that crosses my path in a couple places.

Monday Apr 16, 2007 #

Stretching 20:00 [1]

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