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Training Log Archive: mrmoosehead

In the 7 days ending Jan 31:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking7 6:58:43 22.27(18:48) 35.84(11:41) 1424
  Yoga7 3:17:30
  Terrain Running3 1:13:45 6.26(11:47) 10.07(7:19) 430
  MTB1 1:04:18 6.72(6.3/h) 10.81(10.1/h) 296
  Road Cycling1 45:53 12.64(16.5/h) 20.34(26.6/h) 229
  Total19 13:20:09 47.88 77.06 2379
  [1-5]16 11:56:03

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Sunday Jan 31 #

9 AM

Walking (With Ellie) 1:16:02 [1] 5.43 km (14:00 / km) +251m 11:22 / km
ahr:100 max:133 (injured)

C2H5K day 5 - chilly lazy sunday morning potter
Lots of stopping for photos/views.
Saw the deer.
Cold, frozen ground, which was hard going at times.
2 PM

Terrain Running 28:26 [2] 4.15 km (6:51 / km) +165m 5:43 / km
ahr:134 max:165 (injured) shoes: Mudclaw 300 (Tango)

Slow progress, in many ways
Walked the first steep bits, but ran pretty much all the rest. Slowly.
Right lower leg still feels wooden. It's like something is missing/numb. I think it's the soleus just not firing.
But, better than last time. So progress, albeit slow.
5 PM

Yoga (Yoga with Adrienne ) 25:21 [0]
ahr:71 max:113

Yoga with Adrienne 27/30
Heal. A gentle session of breathing and stretching.
Added PT on the end.

Saturday Jan 30 #

12 PM

Walking (With Ellie) 1:13:50 [1] 5.6 km (13:11 / km) +245m 10:49 / km
ahr:100 max:148 (injured)

C2H5k day 4. Hebers Ghyll
Queens Drive, Hebers Ghyll woods, up the edge to Swastika Stone, back via the ford and Silver Wells. Bitter cold wind.
5 PM

Yoga (Yoga with Adrienne ) 24:07 [0]
ahr:70 max:93

Yoga with Adrienne 26/30
Short but hard session, in some ways. Rockstar pose was where my hr would've peaked i think.
PT on the end

Friday Jan 29 #

8 AM

Walking (With Ellie) 53:01 [1] 4.57 km (11:36 / km) +162m 9:51 / km
ahr:87 max:124 (injured)
C2H5k Day 3 - wet feet
Went a little further, but had to cross some very wet ground and streams so Ellie got wet feet. :D
12 PM

Road Cycling 45:53 [4] 20.34 km (26.6 kph) +229m
ahr:137 max:156 (injured) shoes: Deathstar

Just pushed my self there and back, because.
Still very wet out.
Front brake squeal somewhat cured by new Clarkes pads to replace Shimano resin pads. But I also realigned the front caliper which might have helped. Will play with the back to see what changes on there with more scientific approach.
5 PM

Yoga (Yoga with Adrienne ) 28:25 [1]
ahr:74 max:137

Yoga with Adrienne 25/30

Thursday Jan 28 #

8 AM

Walking (With Ellie) 44:06 [1] 3.82 km (11:33 / km) +151m 9:38 / km
ahr:92 max:118 (injured)

C2H5k Day 2 - soggy
Very wet morning for a walk to Black Beck and back with Ellie
12 PM

Terrain Running 22:21 [2] 3.01 km (7:26 / km) +139m 6:02 / km
ahr:123 max:150 (injured) shoes: Mudclaw 300 (Tango)

Small improvements
Very soggy out. Back of knee / top of calf still a bit unhappy after MTB yesterday, and the workload that I am putting it through. But not alarm bells. It's just a bit tired.

Steady progress.
5 PM

Yoga (Yoga with Adrienne ) 28:44 [1]
ahr:74 max:113

Yoga with Adrienne 24/30
Started easy, but some hard stuff. E.g. three legged dog to stacked hip and twist to the sky. Youch.

Wednesday Jan 27 #

8 AM

Walking (With Ellie) 41:39 [1] 3.64 km (11:27 / km) +142m 9:34 / km
ahr:102 max:139 (injured)

Couch to (hilly) 5k start with Ellie
A lovely dismal damp grey morning on the moor.
I need to build strength slowly, Ellie wants to get fitter. So we're going to do a walk/run kind of program. Although ours will involve 100m or so of climb each time :)
12 PM

MTB 1:04:18 [3] 10.81 km (10.1 kph) +296m
ahr:133 max:154 (injured) shoes: Scott Spark 35 (Trigger's

Mountain Biking!
It's been a long time.
Stuck to easier routes - slabs and Keighley gate
Good to get out.
Did tweak the back of the knee on one bit (MTB sometimes needs a sudden strong push) but seems ok.
5 PM

Yoga (Yoga with Adrienne ) 34:38 [0]
ahr:69 max:93

Yoga with Adrienne 23/30
Half and half session. Good

Tuesday Jan 26 #

12 PM

Walking 41:24 [1] 3.85 km (10:45 / km) +167m 8:50 / km
ahr:105 max:127 (injured)

Walky McWalkface
Another brisk walk on the Hebers Ghyll loop
Lots of ice around still
5 PM

Yoga (Yoga with Adrienne ) 28:33 [1]
ahr:67 max:100

Yoga with Adrienne 22/30
She said easy - there was so hard stuff in this. Usual bit of PT on the end.

Monday Jan 25 #

6 AM

Walking (Night) 1:28:41 [1] 8.93 km (9:56 / km) +306m 8:29 / km
ahr:111 max:137 (injured) shoes: Inov-8 ArcticTalon

Head time
The beauty of walking alone, on a cold dark moor, with the crisp ice and snow underfoot.
The only sounds are the wind, and the occasional grouse. Maybe a small animal scurrying through the heather. And the crunch of the frozen ground under your feet.
I could just staying up there, forever, and never come down again, suspended in that moment.
12 PM

Terrain Running (Walk/Run) 22:58 [2] 2.91 km (7:54 / km) +126m 6:29 / km
ahr:126 max:146 (injured) shoes: Inov-8 ArcticTalon

Trit Trot
Walk/run. Taking it reeeallly slowly and easy. Started to tighten up by the end, but a little better than the first attempt last week.
5 PM

Yoga (Yoga with Adrienne ) 27:42 [1]
ahr:82 max:155

Yoga with Adrienne 21/30
Good paced session, much more flow. Relatively short though, so added some core PT on the end

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