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Training Log Archive: wstewart88

In the 7 days ending Mar 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Moderate2 2:32:43 22.79(6:42) 36.67(4:10) 177
  Easy + Strideouts2 2:08:57 15.17(8:30) 24.41(5:17) 262
  Specific Endurance1 1:58:05 14.36(8:13) 23.11(5:07) 657
  S+C3 1:45:00
  Mile Hills1 1:20:54 9.66(8:23) 15.54(5:12) 380
  Hill Sprints1 1:07:53 8.08(8:24) 13.01(5:13) 134
  Total10 10:53:32 70.05 112.74 1610
averages - sleep:7.5

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Saturday Mar 20 #

12 PM

Moderate 1:32:38 [2] 22.1 km (4:11 / km) +107m 4:06 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Endorphin Speed

Again, a better night sleep last night but woke up feeling pretty shit. Splitting headache all morning and after breakfast and a coffee I actually fell asleep on the sofa in my gear before the run. Woke up around lunch and headed out. Great weather again but really strong winds today.

Off to a bit of a sluggish start and wasn’t feeling great for the first 30mins. It was into the wind but also just feeling a bit flat. Turned after 35mins due to a congested canal. The remainder of the run I felt a lot better and was moving more comfortably. Easy to say with a tailwind right?! Last 15mins into the wind was a hard finish but a decent run all in all. No niggles or issues today which was good. Noticed a little hamstring fatigue towards the end of the run which was a bit unusual but perhaps due to the sprints last night as well.

Shake and some lunch after the run watching the rugby but still got a thumping headache.
5 PM

S+C 30:00 [1]

Angels (5kg)
1. 15
2. 15

Devils (3kg)
1. 12
2. 12

Cobras (kneeling)
1. 20
2. 15

RR (7kg)
1. 20
2. 20

1. 13
2. 13

Bench Press (7kgs)
1. 18
2. 18

Front Raises (7kgs)
1. 10
2. 10

Friday Mar 19 #

6 PM

Hill Sprints 1:07:53 [1] 13.01 km (5:13 / km) +134m 4:58 / km
slept:7.5 shoes: Ultra Boost 21

A better night sleep but still needing a bit of a recharge. Fucking tough week at work so glad it’s Friday. Another really nice day today but a real shame to need a headtorch. Just too late away from work.

Legs felt good today and body definitely a lot better than yesterday. Ran easy and was testing the new Adi Ultra Boosts for work and was ticking along quite nicely. Plenty of cushioning but a claustrophobic toe box means that they will go into a retired pile pretty much immediately. Bit of a pity.

Hill sprints at the same spot again and felt good. Driving strongly up the hill and concentrating on posture and power. Good session and all set for the weekend.

Thursday Mar 18 #

4 PM

Easy + Strideouts 1:04:42 [1] 12.01 km (5:23 / km) +186m 5:00 / km
slept:5.5 shoes: Wildhorse

Yet more disrupted sleep last night and it was taking its toll this morning. A bit like the walking dead when getting up and taking the wife to work at half 6. Walking around this morning I definitely felt yesterday’s session in the legs. No niggles or issues - just good fatigue from hard work. Another busy one today and glad this week is almost done. An absolute belter of a day and temperatures of 17 degrees. Should have been a glorious run...

Felt really flat for the run and didn’t have much in the legs. Just took it easy but it felt like a grind for the most part. Also ballsed up how long I still had to do so ended up doing laps of the park.

Strideouts were okay. Opted to do them on the grass and the length of the pitches. Got the legs turning fine but lacking any real power through the strides.

Wednesday Mar 17 #

8 AM

S+C 35:00 [1]

The unwell dog returns and so resumes the eye drops and medication on a 3hr cycle. Tiring stuff but was in bed for 8.30 last night so got a good stint of sleep. Knackered this morning but up in time for the gun show.

Angels (5kg)
1. 15
2. 14

Devils (3kg)
1. 10
2. 10

Cobra push-ups (still kneeling)
1. 20
2. 16

RR (7kg)
1. 20

1. 12
2. 10

Bench Press (7kgs)
1. 15
2. 15

Front Raise (7kgs)
1. 10
2. 10
5 PM

Mile Hills 1:20:54 [3] 15.54 km (5:12 / km) +380m 4:38 / km
shoes: EVO Speedgoat

To be entirely honest, after finishing work today all I was really in the mood for was a nap! Trucked on through and a really nice evening but a lethargic warm up to get the legs moving. Really wasn’t sure how the session would pan out. Legs didn’t feel tired really so either disrupted sleep and/or lack of calories throughout what was a fairly nonstop day. Had planned out the route in advance so knew it would be a mile long with ~110m climb.

Got started on the first rep and gradually got into a good rhythm. Rep works quite well I think as it starts steepish road, flattens a bit then becomes a trail and increases in steepness. Felt good midway through the first rep and then with around 300m to go it started to hurt and was breathing hard. Took a breather at the end of the rep and needed to walk a bit to recover as was breathing out my arse.

Rep 2 went well and felt like I was moving a bit quicker on the gradual trails but still held it together when it got steeper. Less tired after the rep as well so jogged back down without needing to take a breather.

Rep 3 started well but did feel I faded a little in the last 400m. Heavy legs were setting in and posture started to slump a little despite trying to concentrate on running tall. Got my breath back at the top and then jogged home with jelly legs.

Enjoyed that in a sadistic kind of way in the end.

Tuesday Mar 16 #

1 PM

Moderate 1:00:05 [2] 14.57 km (4:07 / km) +70m 4:02 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Endorphin Speed

Good night sleep and an early start ahead of a busy day at work. Belter of a day and highs of 14 degrees. Legs felt good today and again, no issues which is good. Run was a bit of a sweat fest and the usual scenes in Scotland with folk out with their tops off and bbqs!

Got out at lunch and settled into a good pace and was clipping along nicely. Didn’t necessarily feel as dialled into the moderate pace as I have previously and was pushing/easing off throughout the run. I suspect this is just with having a week of easy running and it will come back. Felt pretty good throughout though. Got back to my desk in just enough time to have a shake, change T-shirt and join a call. Only just done now. Grim

Monday Mar 15 #

6 PM

Easy + Strideouts 1:04:15 [1] 12.4 km (5:11 / km) +76m 5:02 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Zoom Fly 3

Good night sleep last night and woke up before my alarm to take the dog out for a walk. Other one is still in the vet (I know you were wondering). Coffee and breakfast before work. Calf raises felt a little tired this morning. Legs felt good otherwise and no niggles. Day was ticking along fine until 3pm and then just felt wiped. Ended up having a 35min nap to recharge. Also had a coffee around 4 which I don’t normally do.

Ran at 6ish after work and caught the last of the daylight. Rain had started though and a chill in the air. Legs felt a bit flat for the first 4k but after that they loosened off and was moving well. Nice and easy and good to clear the head. Strideouts felt good tonight. Didn’t feel as I was moving as sharp as some of the efforts but I felt ‘posturally good’ and getting some good muscle recruitment. Not sure that makes sense but a decent run anyway.

Sunday Mar 14 #

10 AM

Specific Endurance 1:58:05 [2] 23.11 km (5:07 / km) +657m 4:28 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

A bit of a stressful end to yesterday with the dog taken to the emergency vets and kept overnight then it made for a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Really good nights rest to recharge and feeling a lot more human this morning. Coffee and breakfast before heading out at around 9.30. A bit overcast today and strong winds but pretty mild. Legs felt pretty good getting out of bed.

Plan today was to stick to the low level, runnable trails in the Pentlands and estimated that the route would bring me in around 600m. Wet and sloppy underfoot for the first 2km before getting into the first climb. Bit of a headwind going up it and it’s always a hill I need to concede to hiking at some parts when it gets steeper. Kept it comfortable going up and was moving pretty well. Down the other side was good - noticed my right glute was a bit twitchy today on the descents. Not painful but a weird sensation. Snaked round the lower paths and dropped down to the reservoir before looping back around. Climbed back up the steep section and then was up the second bigger climb (the same one I had used for uphill tempos). This climb felt great today. Not sure why but felt like I was just ticking over and making good progress but not overexerting myself. I had used this climb a lot last year ahead of the Matterhorn and never felt anywhere close to as good as it did today. Very pleasing.

Dropped down the first hill back to the bottom. Again that spasm in my right ass cheek, and got the the wee hut a bit too early. Left for a few out and backs on the way back to come in closer to the target duration. Pleased with how that went today. Felt pretty representative of a runnable trail race although all the climbing was done in first hour and 40. As I type this in the car the rain is pissing down so just in time.
5 PM

S+C 40:00 [1]

Ball Pass
1. 20
2. 18

Front Plank Routine
2x sets, 12 of each movement

Reverse Plank (iso)
1. 55s
2. 62s

Split Squats (7kg)
1. L15 R15
2. L15 R15

RDL (7kg)
1. L12 R12
2. L12 R12

Side plank + knees
1. L30 R30
2. L30 R30

Hamstring Curls
1. 10/4/4
2. 10/4/4

Step Ups (7kg)
1. L12 R12
2. L12 R12

Single leg glute bridge (4kg)
1. L10 R10
2. L10 R10

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