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Training Log Archive: barb

In the 7 days ending Feb 24, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking5 22:55:00
  Walking in the woods1 2:45:00
  Orienteering2 2:07:06
  Total7 27:47:06
averages - weight:142lbs

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Friday Feb 24, 2006 #

Walking in the woods 2:45:00 [1]

Put out the SI controls for WY courses on Sunday. Got a little extra walking in to figure out where the map was along the power line. Sandy, flat but readable contours.

As I arrived, so did two tough-looking women in a pickup towing a trailer with those 4wd dune buggy things on it, one apiece. One of them talked to me, and said that at the local bar last night they were told that bad things happen to people (women?) in the woods. She asked if I was concerned (no). She showed me she was packing a pistol for protection. When I returned hours later from setting out the controls, I saw them again. She said she saw a man in a black truck head the same way I did along the power line. They got worried about me and went looking for me in their buggies. But didn't find me. She offered me a hot dog (they had a fire going). I would have liked to have stayed and found out more about them, and had a hot dog, but I was late for the Sprint.

Orienteering race 29:06 [3]

Feeling pretty fat and slow.

Thursday Feb 23, 2006 #

Hiking 50:00 [1]

Mohocowhatchamacallit, by the hospital, Tucson

Wednesday Feb 22, 2006 #

Hiking 3:50:00 [2]

Up Sutherland Trail in the Catalinas. Got sidetracked. Few people.

Hiking 3:05:00 [1]

Hiking down Sutherland Tr.

Went out later w/Peg.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2006 #

Hiking (uphill) 2:35:00 [3]

Tucson mountains. Hugh Norris trail, up to Wasson Mountain. Right knee and right Achilles hill make themselves known but not debilitating.

Beautiful trail, a bit posh. (Granite risers installed for the first mile.) Gorgeous desert garden the whole way.

At the beginning of the trail a sign warned that Africanized bees were in the area, and to stay away from them. So much for all my effort to avoid them by not doing Tanque Verde yesterday. I made a mental note to run like hell back toward the trailhead if I saw any bees.

Came upon a roadrunner at mile 4. Roadrunner didn't run, but did stay on the path and kind of led me on. At first I was real still and quiet. After a while I got bored and walked right up to the critter, and stopped a couple feet away. When he didn't move, I started a conversation. He turned his back to the sun and fluffed his feathers. Eventually I nudged past.

At the top of the mountain I started in on my lunch and book. There were a couple flies, fine, but then there was a bee so I panicked and got the heck out of there. I figured it must be the Superdome escapee.

Read about the 2004 discovery/creation of elements 113 and 115. And about Einstein being into magnetism.

Hiking (downhill) 2:05:00 [1]

I read an article speculating about whether life could be based on something other than C/H/O and swim in something other than H2O.

After the hike, went out with Matt who is featured on the front page of today's Arizona Daily Wildcat for discovering that a toxin gene laterally transferred between brown recluse spiders and some nasty bacteria. We decided to skip an evolution lecture on campus and instead head for the neighborhood restaurant/bar where three different people commented independently to Matt about the article. It's funny that the picture of Matt has a title above it, "The Missing Link." Matt made monkey sounds over his beer.

Monday Feb 20, 2006 #

Hiking (uphill) 4:15:00 [3] **
ahr:135 weight:142lbs

Pima Canyon trail.

I told Peg last night that I was planning on doing the Tanque Verde Trail (nice mostly ridge walk on the east side of Tucson). She mentioned that Africanized bees had been seen there. Upon further questioning, she described in detail a case where a lady died on her front lawn attacked by these bees (in Tucson but not on the Trail). At an even more impressionable age, I saw that kill bee movie from the 70s (?) where they have to drive to the Superdome (?) and turn on the air conditioner to kill off the swarm. Except for the one bee left sunning itself high up on a seat near the roof where it was warmer. So I decided not to do the Tanque Verde trail. I ended up doing Pima, which was awesome. I like a trail that begins (and therefore ends) gently, to warm up and loosen up at the end. And cutting into the Catalinas from the west is great when you're starting at 6:18 am: you have shade nearly all the way up. The view from Pima Saddle is to die for.

Two inventions. The first is AI technology to stand on for a real person - I know, not really new - but the idea at first was to market it as a way to keep talking to a loved one after they've "passed." But then the idea evolved into having political/macro-social-engineering uses. The second invention was a backpacking cupcake restraining system. Where you poke tines into the cupcake, and have a cover on it, so the frosting doesn't get all mashed. Inspiration was daydreaming about rogaining with Isabel - to keep her going I'd have to feed her nearly constantly because she has little body fat - then I was thinking about what she likes to eat and could only think of cupcakes. Well, and Honey Nut Cheerios.

The day was colored by Annie Proulx because I picked up a book of her short stories at Logan. Colored = feelings of of despair and sadness and a stuckness on depraved acts. I expect I should be extracting some larger philosophical point about - I don't know - uncertainty in life, predestination, survival of the fittest, but maybe that comes later.

Found the depressions in the rock used/made by Indian women to grind mesquite (?), as per guidebook. Guidebook also described grass used to cut noses off Indian women accused of cheating on their husbands. Made me feel kind of Annie-Proulx. I mean, really, people should be able to do their thing in peace, and also, I hate it the double standard thing...

Hiking (downhill) 3:30:00 [2]

Pima Canyon trail

Read about force being mythical, vs mass & acceleration quite tangible.

Sunday Feb 19, 2006 #

Orienteering 1:38:00 [2] ***

Did the green course at Greaterville, AZ. Started at civil twilight and headed toward the sunrise. Lovely country. Spent the next 6 hours directing the meet. TOC has got to have the tastiest meet directing job ever. They set everything up for you: permits, maps, courses, controls. You just fly in, pick stuff up at the storage locker, and sashay over to the event site.

The map is sweet. And they are making sixish contiguous maps. Now, they don't think they want to do an A meet because (a) it won't make money and (b) it will exhaust everyone in the small club. But they have these super tasty maps. So perhaps someone could come in, like US Team or a non-Tucson meet crew (like many of Tucson's meet directors) and pull off the A meet.

Saturday Feb 18, 2006 #

Hiking 2:45:00 [3]

Heart all floppy again here, while resting and I think hiking. Finger Rock Trail.

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