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Training Log Archive: Lori

In the 7 days ending Dec 3, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:42:23 6.39(16:01) 10.29(9:57)48c
  Running1 33:38 4.1(8:12) 6.6(5:06)
  Stretching1 5:00
  Total2 2:21:01 10.49 16.8948c

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Saturday Dec 3, 2011 #

Orienteering 40:08 [3] *** 3.1 mi (12:57 / mi)
18c shoes: Mizuno Ascend

Long Sprint at Cemetary Hill with Presto. This was something of a disaster. I took a long time to get my head wrapped around the scale, which lead to some serious overrunning in the first couple of controls. I also learned the true meaning of dark green. I got halfway across a reasonably small section of dark green and then was unable to go forward or backward. It was kind of demoralizing to take several minutes to detatch myself from the grasp of the plant. I sort of felt like I was in some scene from the Little Shop of Horrors. Luckily the plant was not carniverous, and we emerged only slightly scathed. I also managed to get stuck in some absurdly deep mud only feet away from one of the controls, which I looked at longingly while I tried to get my feet with shoes still attached out of the mud. Anyway, we survived, and it was fun to be outside running around!

Orienteering 28:07 [3] *** 2.2 km (12:47 / km)
13c shoes: Mizuno Ascend

Short sprint at Cemetary Hill with Presto (or at least mostly with Presto). This sprint would have been sort of ok for me except Presto started mutinying right off the bat and almost didn't come with me at all. He finally came flying after me and then just stood at the top of a hill while I tried unsuccessfully to coax him down. I was just about to climb back up to the top of the absurdly steep hill to bring him down with me when Ian must have heard me unsuccessfully pleading with Presto and kindly brought him partway down the hill for me. This was the worst of the situations, but Presto was in general not being particularly cooperative. I should have realized that he wouldn't do something like this without a reason, but at the time I just assumed he disliked the combination of icy mud puddles and man/dog eating plants.

Orienteering 34:08 [3] *** 3.1 km (11:01 / km)
17c shoes: Mizuno Ascend

Final sprint at Cemetary Hill with Presto. I started just at the end of the chase start. Presto was happily running along with me on the trail on the way to number 1, but then just stood on the trail while I punched number 1 and started off to number 2, so I ended up having to go back and put him on a leash and more or less drag him around the course, which definitely slowed things down. Not the cleanest of races, but absolutely better than the long sprint. It was a really fun day! Thanks to Phil for organizing!


Turns out Presto was not just being annoying. He must have scratched his eye during the long sprint, and then was hesitant to go out again in the woods while his eye was hurting. Unfortunately he was acting completely normal other than not wanting to run with me, so I assumed that he just didn't like the cold icy-wetness and death plants and things, but he must have just felt like he needed to keep his eye open in order to be able to see what was going on.

Anyway, he has not really opened his eye since we got home. It's kind of weepy and he's got his third eyelid closed over it, so I can't even tell if there's some kind of foreign object in there.

Poor little guy!

Stretching 5:00 [3]

Thursday Dec 1, 2011 #

Running 33:38 [3] 4.1 mi (8:12 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 6

Due to several longer-than-expected talks today (including one given by Steven Chu - pretty cool! I've never been to a seminar with so many secret service before!), my experiments got pushed back significantly, so I ended up going on a run while waiting for incubations to finish. Presto was really happy to get out and about, although it was getting a bit cold for him, so he was a little disgruntled whenever we got stopped at stop lights. My foot was viciously attacked by a trashcan on Tuesday, and it is still a bit sore, but seemed ok while I was running, which was nice. It was an awesome change to be running outside instead of counting colonies!

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