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Training Log Archive: olsoran

In the 7 days ending Feb 6:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC Skiing2 3:38:24 15.89(13:44) 25.58(8:32) 504
  Turbo2 2:05:00
  S&C2 1:15:00
  Terrain2 1:13:31 5.78(12:43) 9.3(7:54) 94
  Trail2 1:13:19 5.87(12:30) 9.44(7:46) 175
  Treadmill1 32:00 3.17(10:06) 5.1(6:16)
  Unspecified1 30:00
  Trail / Road Run1 30:00 2.8(10:44) 4.5(6:40)
  Total9 10:57:14 33.51 53.92 773

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Saturday Feb 6 #

Terrain 42:00 [3] 5.0 km (8:24 / km)
shoes: Mudclaws bluebackred

Stupid amount of snow. Conscious decision not to ski because of temperature and wetness today. Superb snow for a tough but lovely picturesque run up and down Craigmore.
Overtaken by SW on the early stretch by the fields and she took off for a full loop whilst I went over the top. Back home down through the fields. Just lovely. Continuing to push the calf but whilst there are no “hard feelings” the next day I’ll keep doing it. Slightly sore from mid run onwards today.


Over an hour of snow shifting just to keep on top of it all, and to ease the weight on the main porch roof.

Unspecified 30:00 [2]

Table tennis
12 PM

Trail 42:12 [3] 5.01 km (8:25 / km) +132m 7:26 / km
ahr:156 max:181

Friday Feb 5 #

Treadmill 32:00 [3] 5.1 km (6:16 / km)
shoes: Pegasus 35

Didn't want to to risk the slush with a dodgy calf so availed myself of the generous offer from S and DW to use their treadmill in the garage. Went well. Good wee chat to L too :-)

Turbo 1:00:00 [3]

TR Ebbett
Still intermittent calibration issue.

Thursday Feb 4 #

XC Skiing 1:15:00 [3] 8.0 km (9:23 / km) +142m 8:37 / km

Nice new snow overnight so change of plan. No need to go anywhere else.
Round the main Potties loop. A bit warm though so changed to red wax almost straight away. Good after that. Some places it was excellent...occasionally a little wet and heavy.
Fun though. Needs to lose a few degrees again though.

Wednesday Feb 3 #

Terrain 31:31 [3] 4.3 km (7:20 / km) +94m 6:36 / km
shoes: Mudclaws bluebackred

Lovely fresh snow up the back. Slow and steady but felt good. Calf ache but nothing more. Care on the ups.


Walk round Drum Castle grounds with DS. Out for 1.50

S&C 1:00:00 [3]

Tuesday Feb 2 #


Physio virtually. More of the same basically..with the emphasis on increasing exercise loading to manage the gap between the simpler forms of the exercises and the high impact nature of running.

I’ve always tended to think that more often than not the use of a physio is more for reassurance or reaffirmation of what you’ve already worked out for yourself. With a modicum of sense and research skills self diagnosis can work pretty well. That’s not to say physios aren’t very useful and can be very reassuring for just that purpose...i.e. telling you you really are doing the right thing....and of course for, perhaps essential, diagnosis of more complex stuff.

Turbo 1:05:00 [3]

TR Carson
Still playing a wee bit and somewhat going through the motions but it’s turning the legs over...and very tolerable in a funny way...although the Valhalla Murders kind of helps.
No problem keeping warm in a freezing garage but I’d rather be in Wanaka with c and k just now.


Continuing calf loading exercises and a fair bit of rolling too.

Monday Feb 1 #

Trail / Road Run 30:00 [3] 4.5 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Mudclaws bluebackred

Gently round the Home Farm loop. Calf a little sore after. Will book a physio appt...probably / possibly should have done a while ago.
Nice fresh snow smattering and lovely lighting.

S&C 15:00 [3]


Nice to see that Tom the snowman on top of Tom's Cairn cairn lives on....good to be able to check with binos from home. He's lasted from Friday...not bad. If passing please check he's OK. :-)
11 AM

Trail 31:07 [3] 4.43 km (7:02 / km) +42m 6:42 / km
ahr:151 max:166

Sunday Jan 31 #

XC Skiing 2:23:24 [3] 17.58 km (8:09 / km) +362m 7:24 / km

Needed this.
Thoroughly frustrated to have a calf, let's call it a, big niggle with all this fabulous snow about. Hence needs must.
Out from the distillery at Balmoral with T...upon recommendation of D and SW.

Once past the locked gate the snow on the land rover track was excellent. Tracks of a vehicle were just the perfect width. Took the track down to Bovaglie - even more picturesque than usual - then back to the main track. T returned at that point whilst I headed out another 3.5k onto the shoulder of Meall Gorm. Tenpted to nip down to Loch Muick but wouldn't have been popular. Back from there. Rather ignored RB and partner walking the other way. Didnt recognise them :-).

Excellent and no calf issues. One large herd of deer beyond Bovaglie and just two or three couples or small family groups.

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