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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Oct 8, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering (bush)3 4:02:16 15.78(15:21) 25.39(9:33) 76535 /49c71%
  Mountain bike5 2:43:43 43.17 69.48
  Random carp1 1:40:00
  Orienteering (urban)4 1:15:18 9.02(8:21) 14.52(5:11) 9277 /89c86%
  Road bike1 58:48 18.16(18.5/h) 29.23(29.8/h)
  Total14 10:40:05 86.13 138.62 857112 /138c81%

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Wednesday Oct 8, 2014 #

9 AM

Orienteering (urban) race (STSW) 17:05 [5] *** 3.71 km (4:36 / km) +11m 4:32 / km
spiked:29/29c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D yellow/green


Another clean run today around a fun area. First half through the sploosh sploosh sploosh parks west of the highway then through the back of som of the businesses there. Got stuck at the road crossing for a while, 53 seconds between CPs according to splits but all deducted.

10-11 there was a long option around the tracks and the road or a much shorter option through the light green. I figured I'd see what the green looked like before deciding. Didn't look any worse than regular bush so I went through when many others went around - made up ~40 seconds on Sten there so a good option.

Had my head together through the school but got a bit muddled to #12, hoping I'd come around the correct building after going around the end of the fence from #11 had put me off line and I had so all good. Took the small gap between fences from 16-17 when I knew ShotRat had taken the longer option around, then all good once more through the school for the second and third time although read the line from 22-26 but thankfully saw the number and that I had to do the loop to the south first.

Good through the BMX tracks to finish. Legs were definitely feeling it today so will be good with a rest day tomorrow (with lots of raking to do).

Another really fun day out and another third place behind Bruce (again) and Henrik Danish Fellow (again). I've now overhauled Sten in the rankings but not sure who else so am at least in the top five.
12 PM

Random carp (Gardening) 1:40:00 [2]
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D yellow/green

After finally getting the sprint event approved (tack on another shire fee of $125 in addition to the TMP amendment fee of $60; I'll be surprised if we make any money from the sprint), we headed over to Bunnings to buy a rake.

Dragged Tash around and bored her to death while I raked some of the tracks to make them and the junctions more distinct. After all the effort to get the events up and running, the last thing I want is competitors complaining that they couldn't find tracks! Dropped some prominent sticks/logs at junctions to indicate entrances on some of the less distinct tracks.
4 PM

Orienteering (urban) race (STSW) 20:32 [3] **** 3.2 km (6:25 / km) +7m 6:21 / km
spiked:13/17c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D yellow/green

Amaze'n Margaret River

This map was just so much fun! Messed up the first control in the green depression when I jumped into the pit then when following it, accidentally left it again. Thankfully there was a guy who was looking at the ground 10m away who said "It's 118", which was what I was looking for (and didn't happen to be one of the five or six incorrectly numbered CPs on the description sheet).

Probably took the longer route to 3, then found GB (1 min) coming back into 4 from the opposite direction after I'd punched it and he said it was the wrong number. I hadn't checked but had another look and realised it wasn't the number on the descriptions (the ones on the map were correct) but figured it couldn't possibly be wrong so kept going.

Made a big error on the way to 6 when I ran straight past the gate I meant to go through and almost ended up at the highway before U turning. GB beat me into 6. Tricky little section outside the maze where you couldn't skip between tracks so had to be focused 100%.

Finally got into the maze and spent a while trying to figure out how to get to the centre. Thankfully had passed 12 on the way to 11 (by taking the southern entrance) so was easy to get back to it, then had to take what seemed a convoluted route to 13 but was optimal as it turned out before heading out of the maze and back in to 14, through it again to 15 and then out. I reckon I took all the optimal routes through the maze but not overly fast, as expected, and had to stop a couple of times to figure out a route but never blew it once on the way.

Happy to sit at the top of the leaderboard for a while before Ashley Nankervis blew me away by two minutes, then Henrik the Dane and Bruce killed it, so 4th overall this afternoon. Unfortunately I think Ashley pipped me by just six seconds in the overall so overshooting the gate with the small lapse in concentration cost me. Oh well, I hoped for a top 5 finish to the series (although that was with Fletch running but hadn't realised Henrik was) so a win.

Thanks to SWOT and everyone involved. Now time for the real races to begin!

Tuesday Oct 7, 2014 #


Had an earlier than necessary start this morning in case of traffic delays and got to the O shed only to realise I'd left my O shed keys in my car, which was now conveniently at Tash's dad's place in Wembley Downs. Oh well, Tash has a set somewhere so we went back to her place. Despite being attached to a hefty block of wood it failed to surface so off to her dad's place to pick up my set. Of course her dad was at work and even though there were four women in the house, they were all asleep at 7:15am and weren't answering the doorbell so Tash called her aunt from across the road. Just as she arrived, Tash's stepmother answered the door looking very irritated and we eventually got going, 45 minutes after originally intended. Just made it to the start in Bunbury with a few minutes to spare. I fell asleep on the way down so I can neither confirm nor deny whether speed limits were adhered to ;-)
9 AM

Orienteering (urban) race (STSW) 19:12 [3] *** 3.81 km (5:02 / km) +34m 4:49 / km
spiked:13/19c shoes: Teva X-1 Control

Bunbury Three Campus

After the late arrival and not having a chance to change my shoes, I found it really hard to focus on the map today and made many errors and poor route choice decisions, not least of which was the way into and out of the long leg to #9. Changed my mind on a few, ran into a high fence on the way to #14 (mapped as a crossable fence; it was at about head height!) and got overhauled by Jarrah Day (2 mins) at #16. Really disappointing run and made me wonder whether traveling to Sydney for NOL sprints next year was worthwhile. Think I just had a few things on my mind this morning. Plus I was wearing the GPS, which I have fully proven now puts me off.

Still good fun though and a great area, good courses with people running everywhere and good map. Thanks SWOT and Simmo!

Ended up 8th (male) for the day, three seconds behind Oliver, which is just unheard of.
4 PM

Orienteering (urban) race (STSW) 18:29 [5] *** 3.8 km (4:52 / km) +40m 4:37 / km
spiked:22/24c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D yellow/green

Bunbury Cathedral GS

Headed over to BCGS after lunch and a sleep at The Maidens.

Really had to get focused this afternoon. I was second starter, coincidentally behind Oliver, who was not happy to be going first. Made a lot of difference I think without heaps of other people belting around the course and after the morning's run, I saw the looong first leg, saw the longer road option around to the right and took it so I could focus on just smashing the leg and pick routes for the next couple on the way. Ended up comparable to others who'd gone through the middle (equal to Oliver and three seconds down on Sten) so wasn't too bad a route.

Caught Oliver on the long leg between 5-6 and spent the rest of the race trying to stay in front, which made me push HARD. Made a couple of minor slip ups, hesitated on the short leg 8-9 when I picked one way around the building, then tried to go back the other and changed direction. From 11 I started following the track alongside the building but after five steps realised it led to a dead end so U turned, back past Oliver who I think I confused by heading off in the wrong direction.

Clean run after that, was happy to get out of the buildings and into the bush where the choices were simple and could focus on running hard although almost overshot the building hiding #16 when I was picking the route for the next leg.

Held off Oliver for the remainder and into the finish but was totally spent by the end - so worth it though. Must have been too focused at the start in catching him and forgot to start the GPS.

Made me more confident for interstate sprints after putting in a good effort.

3rd this afternoon, behind Bruce Arthur and Rindon Norweigan Fellow but knocked off Sten, Jarrah Day and Ashley Nankervis so happy with that (also Oliver by 1:02). I need more Olivers to chase/be chased by in future.

Monday Oct 6, 2014 #

7 AM

Mountain bike (commute) 7:30 [1] 2.8 km (22.4 kph)
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Drove to Tash's, hopefully with all my gear I'll need for the next week (including three bikes between the two of us), then rode in from there since I need to go pick up maps today.
4 PM

Mountain bike (commute) 15:00 [2]
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Map pickup (at last)!
6 PM

Mountain bike (commute) 7:30 [1] 2.8 km (22.4 kph)
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Finally left work after printing out courses, classes, start lists, drawing up directions to the sprint start... Got about 500m down the road carrying a bag full of A3 maps (including Dalto's spares) when I realised I hadn't printed an all controls map! Couldn't be bothered riding back so drove there after I got back to Tash's, then off to fill the trailer and then drop the car off to Tash's dad's place.

Sunday Oct 5, 2014 #

10 AM

Orienteering (bush) race (Aus Relay Champs) 1:19:30 [3] **** 7.4 km (10:45 / km) +265m 9:07 / km
spiked:12/21c shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

Moondyne Road, Aus Relay Champs

WA "B" team in M21E with Fletch and Cameron. We proved quite well why we're the B team; well Cameron had a good run but Fletch and I from memory had the fourth slowest and slowest times respectively in our class, split by (not) "Blair" (who beat me by just under 2mins despite my diabolical run) and Tyson.

Fletch was last in for the M21E class so I figured Cameron would be in the mass start and I wouldn't have to worry much about it. Spiked the first control then was slightly high on the second when I heard a Tooms like "tRicky" cough from my right, pointing it out for me. From there it started raining and I annihilated the third one, managing to find two other controls on the way (I knew neither of them was mine, not being at the base of 2.5m high cliffs) but I couldn't find the features on the map that they could be on so I ended up at the w/c past the control to relocate and ended up following a junior girl to the CP in the end. The shame.

#4 I was off to the right - corrected but not the intention. Blew #5 when I went the longer way around the green and the hill then found all the rocks to the north that I was sure should be mapped but turns out were mapped as stony ground. This really confused me. Okay through 6-7-8, came in unintentionally off the rock to the south of #9 when I had intended the west one but not so bad. Dropped too early on #10 when I probably should have come from the back rather than through the green.

Okay through the next few, then got excited in the last loop when I figured I could be out of this hellhole soon but couldn't read the rocks at 16 or 17 then dropped 7-8 minutes on 18 wandering around in the green. Finally bailed and relocated from the fence, finding I was a good 100m away from where I needed to be. Slow jog around the final few to the finish. Amused by the woman I overtook from the second last to last control, who had to stop to read her map to make sure she was going to the right one, even thought it was the control at the end of the finish chute. Anyway I can't really laugh with that effort.

Amazing what difference a day makes to my abilities, kind of like how I used to play golf. For the National's week I managed to have my two worst runs whilst wearing the GPS (the trace for which I cannot seem to download from Garmin Connect - website seems different than a week ago?) although maybe the rain played a part too. Maybe I had too much sleep last night as opposed to the 3.5hrs the previous night. Who knows.
2 PM

Orienteering (bush) 36:26 [1] 2.29 km (15:55 / km)
shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

Control collection with Tash, where I somehow did manage to easily locate all the controls despite the tiny map segment I got given, which smudged when it got wet. Tried to throw myself off a 2m cliff at one point but face planted on the edge of it instead. Got up and fell off it anyway.

Saturday Oct 4, 2014 #

11 AM

Orienteering (bush) race (Aus Long Distance) 2:06:20 [3] **** 15.7 km (8:03 / km) +500m 6:56 / km
spiked:23/28c shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

Warranine Brook, Aus Long Distance Champs

Well this is arguably my best ever run in the bush. Turned over the map at the start and thought 'oh s**t' - I'd forgotten it was a 1:15,000 map today. Anyway it took me all of one control to get used to the scale and the tiny symbols and although I followed a fast guy most of the way to #2 (I had thought it was my two minute starter and that I was just rubbish but he was on a different course), I corrected across the w/c and found it easily enough.

Quite clean (for me) right through until 12. Pussy footed around at #4 where we had to cross the brook twice and get the feet wet. I really need better shoes that don't have insoles that roll into a ball at the first sign of moisture. Managed to hold off Tomas (four minutes) until just after #10 and stuck near enough behind him until most of the way up the steep hill to #11. Apparently he blew it though and I got past him but didn't find that out until later. I wasn't fast to #12 and took the track option around past the west side of #18, then when I got close I mucked it up although it was a relatively easy CP off the clearing. As I went for the second attempt at it, Tomas came hurtling in from the other side so looks like he stuffed up two in a row.

Tomas hurtled off from there and we went different ways to #13. I could see him punching it when I was still up the top of the hill to the west. Didn't look at the route to #14 until halfway across the paddock when I realised should have been aiming to the NW to come in off the w/c and dam to the south of #15 so wasted time deviating around when I probably could have just followed the main creek and track in from the SE. Oh well, I hit it cleanly anyway.

Slow around the next few through the green and a bit fumbly north of #18 but no issues with it. Long leg to #19 again didn't pick a route early so went for the straight line, only to hook around to the south and the yellow after a bit, happily finding the mapped kangaroo trail from the fence corner NW of #2 to avoid the green. Slow again through 19-20-21 but fine.

#24 I came a bit unstuck and didn't really have a plan for finding the correct rock. Ended up overshooting and not knowing where I was but turned around and spotted the control only 20m back (I'd only overshot to the cliff just beyond), then lost time at #26 when I again lost track of what I was doing whilst overtaking a girl and aimed for the clearing that the rock was meant to be on the edge of. Stood at the edge of the clearing scratching my head when a train of people came through aiming for a rock 30m back in the white and it turns out it was my rock. Tried to get confused near the car parking for the final control and ended up just aiming for the end of the finish chute.

Achieved my goal for the day of beating Blair (by a whopping 1:29) so I forced him into retirement in disgrace at having been beaten by me, which is only the second time in the bush after Belair NP in SA last year.

Friday Oct 3, 2014 #

7 AM

Mountain bike (commute) 1:10:52 [2] 34.75 km (29.4 kph)
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Took the 29er in today just to make sure everything was in running order. It wasn't.

Went the long way just because I was up early thanks to the gunshots or whatever it was being fired at 5:50 this morning, ruining yet another sleep. Just after getting on the Roe Hwy path a group of three Eddy Holland cyclists went slowly by so I hooked in behind. We picked up another guy a few km further on (who for some reason thought I was a 'speedster', just because I happened to be keeping up with three guys dawdling along on roadies) and all happened to be going the same way so I sat in until Malcolm St (23km), probably the furthest I've ever sat in with a group that I didn't intend to beforehand.

On the way I decided to test out the changeability of the front derailleur because it had been having issues switching to the SCR. It managed that fine but when I put it back to the BCR, the chain promptly fell off. I too fell off the group while trying to get it back on and eventually shifted it back to the SCR to fix it but not befroe it fell off on the other side. Stupid thing. Anyway in addition to that it also still has the whole 'jumping under load' issue but only from a standing start, of which there will just happen to be several in MTBO next weekend. Don't think I can get it sorted by then.
5 PM

Mountain bike (commute) 1:02:51 [2] 29.13 km (27.8 kph)
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

I had a rather productive day at work but was ropable by the end of it due to a number of factors, namely that at three minutes past five I suddenly remembered I was meant to pick up the MTBO maps today. The print place had already closed though. Mostly annoyed with myself for forgetting with the huge amount I got done at work (doesn't happen often so I need to make the most of it) but partly with them because they were meant to let me know when they were ready. Oh well, hopefully there'll be no issues with the maps since I only have Monday at work next week.

The ride home was harder than the ride in, probably because I didn't have a pack of cyclists to follow all the way. Still have minor issues with chain jump but it only happened early on.

Thursday Oct 2, 2014 #


How is this noteworthy on the OAWA homepage???

A few special mentions:
• Don Young has three straight wins in M80.

No mention of the stiff competition (mainly due to rigor mortis).

More disturbing was the fact that the M80 middle distance course was the same length as the M80 WA long.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 58:48 intensity: (38:48 @2) + (20:00 @3) 29.23 km (29.8 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Tonight was the first night in a while I didn't have to worry about the MR events: maps are at the printers and the rest of Bulletin 3 is still in Boltboi's head. So I figured I'd go for a long ride. However, sense and a still sore calf prevailed and I just went home instead. Plus it drizzled a tiny bit on the way so that put me off.

It was funny as I rolled down Mount St when I passed a guy who was pedaling really slowly. I don't really know what his game was since he wasn't moving very fast and it's a fairly steep hill.

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