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Training Log Archive: Charlie

In the 8 days ending Sep 8, 2020:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hike4 3:02:04 9.59(18:59) 15.43(11:48) 242
  cycling1 53:49 12.23(4:24) 19.68(2:44) 75
  Gym2 42:00
  Total7 4:37:53 21.82 35.12 316
  [1-5]7 4:36:23
averages - sleep:7.5 weight:159.8lbs

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Tuesday Sep 8, 2020 #

9 AM

Gym (Yoga) 21:00 [3]
slept:8.75 weight:160.2lbs

Monday Sep 7, 2020 #

slept:7.0 weight:160.2lbs (rest day)

Did a bunch of low intensity laurel wrangling, but otherwise felt relatively subdued.

Sunday Sep 6, 2020 #

8 AM

Hike 1:05:52 intensity: (2 @0) + (25:50 @1) + (36:03 @2) + (3:57 @3) 4.04 mi (16:18 / mi) +118m 14:57 / mi
ahr:108 max:125 slept:9.0 weight:159.8lbs shoes: 2020 White Gel Kayanos

Saturday Sep 5, 2020 #

8 AM

Hike 1:08:02 intensity: (11 @0) + (58:14 @1) + (5:55 @2) + (3:42 @3) 4.05 mi (16:48 / mi) +84m 15:47 / mi
ahr:104 max:117 slept:8.75 weight:159.6lbs shoes: 2020 White Gel Kayanos

Good sleeping night and greatly improved in general. Feeling like this episode of the last week may be behind me.
1 PM

cycling 53:49 intensity: (1:42 @1) + (9:16 @2) + (22:31 @3) + (18:46 @4) + (1:34 @5) 12.23 mi (4:24 / mi) +75m 4:19 / mi
ahr:139 max:175

I wasn’t expecting to be able to ride for at least a couple of days, but woke up with the headache and fuzz head gone, and riding was no problem. Rhonda wanted to try out her new e-gravel bike, and she was delighted. She had not been able to get comfortable on the Pinarello, a much stiffer frame. She declared this the most fun she has had riding a bike in a long time.

Friday Sep 4, 2020 #

7 AM

Hike 18:16 intensity: (18 @0) + (16:51 @1) + (1:07 @2) 0.61 mi (29:56 / mi) +16m 27:42 / mi
ahr:103 max:122 slept:4.0 weight:160.8lbs

Out noodling around with Rhonda. I guess I have to pick up the pace, as the AP algorithm figured that I must be on snowshoes. Perfectly steady, feel a bit stronger, still on the edge of lightheaded. Couldn't sleep very well because of a rash I developed on my chin. I've gotten it before when I've worn a mask for more than, say an hour or so. I have some topical cream that will calm it down.
8 AM

Gym (Yoga) 21:00 [3]

Thursday Sep 3, 2020 #

12 PM

slept:7.5 weight:158.2lbs

Home at last, quite weak and tired, but certainly happy to be back. Still awaiting some test results (including for tick-borne diseases), but on doxycycline anyway.
3 PM

Hike 29:54 intensity: (59 @0) + (16:10 @1) + (6:26 @2) + (6:00 @3) + (8 @4) + (11 @5) 0.89 mi (33:36 / mi) +24m 31:00 / mi
ahr:106 max:168

Free range walk with R and Z. Nice to be outside and moving!

The report: stability was a little wobbly at first, but fine by the end. Strength diminished, energy pretty low. Head still a little fuzzy, stomach a little off, presumably because of the meds. No point in pushing it.

Wednesday Sep 2, 2020 #


Another day in the hospital. I had an echocardiogram this morning, an uncomfortable procedure, with the ultimate result that my heart seems fine. They still are doing a lot of cardiac monitoring on me with a little telemetry device the size of a cellphone hooked up to a bunch of leads on my chest. Blood pressure has come up, which is good. Yesterday it was running around 110/60, today 120/78 the last time they took it. Still no result on Lyme, and I guess they are still trying to figure out my blood work. I think they did four blood draws of four tubes each the first two days I was here, none today (yet).

I went on two closely supervised walks down the hall and back, the second with a young woman named Cassandra. I asked her if she had trouble getting people to believe her, and we had a conversation about the Trojan War.

Got my first shower, which was particularly needed both for the regular passage of time and for the chills and sweating episodes of the first day and a half here.

They are pretty relaxed about showing up here when they say they will, not that it is a surprise. The infectious disease doc was supposed to come back this afternoon to talk about test results and blood work, but no sign of him. Cassandra promised to come walk me again before she goes home at 7, but as befits her name, not sure I believe it.

Tuesday Sep 1, 2020 #


Still in the hospital. Tests negative for ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, but waiting for others. Fever finally broke during the night. So far nothing in the way of a diagnosis.

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