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Training Log Archive: CleverSky

In the 7 days ending Mar 13:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running3 2:56:25 12.47(14:09) 20.06(8:48) 278
  pedaling2 2:31:07 35.93(4:12) 57.83(2:37) 427
  hiking2 1:48:54 6.85(15:54) 11.02(9:53) 34
  orienteering1 1:31:45 4.76(19:17) 7.66(11:59) 11721 /22c95%
  Total8 8:48:11 60.0(8:48) 96.56(5:28) 85621 /22c95%

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Saturday Mar 13 #

12 PM

orienteering 1:31:45 [3] *** 7.66 km (11:59 / km) +117m 11:08 / km
spiked:21/22c shoes: Icebug Zeal OLX

High Rock, NEOC Winter Training Long course (6.2 km), with Clint. I had installed UsynligO on my phone before realizing that only half of these courses are set up for that, and this wasn't one of them. So I figured, forget it, I'll just run with the map and know where I am, but Clint had O-Range on his watch, so we went out as a team (Nancy was on a different course, and I installed Livelox for her).

Really trashy woods: a mixture of puckerbrush, 2-3 meter white pines, smilax, deadfall, and other crap. A lot of this was walking because trying to run would have led to no good. In good contact the whole time, just pretty far off to the right on #13 after failing to head left after the cliffs, so we went the long way around a little marsh.

(Attackpoint guessed this to be "hiking"? C'mon!)


Friday Mar 12 #

10 PM

hiking (pavement) 41:08 [2] 4.66 km (8:49 / km) +22m 8:37 / km
shoes: Merrill Bare Access XTR

A brisk neighborhood stroll before bed, In The Dark. Rather windy and crazy gusty, with the occasional sound of branches breaking off and falling to the ground.

Thursday Mar 11 #

3 PM

pedaling (road bike) 1:28:10 [3] 32.73 km (2:42 / km) +264m 2:35 / km

Townsend loop, picking up another 10 (mostly really dinky) streets. Record-breakingly hot today, 70+ F when I started, so it was time for shorts. Skipped out of work an hour or two early because there's not much I can accomplish at this point due to equipment problems. I rode through a few sudden temperature changes, the most dramatic being the drop on Wyman Rd., must have gone down at least 10 degrees in a few seconds. The biggest challenges were Jonathan Lane (short but steep), and Elm Circle (a complete mud pit, not so great with skinny tires). I certainly had ridden Elm Circle before, because I used to deliver newspapers there, but I didn't get credit for it then because there was no GPS or internet in the 1970s.

Wednesday Mar 10 #

5 PM

pedaling (road bike) 1:02:57 [3] 25.1 km (2:30 / km) +163m 2:26 / km

Timberlee Park, etc., just ahead of The Dim. Picked up 11 streets on CityStrides. Nice afternoon, no wind, temperature dropping through 50 F. Rode the Incubus, but dressed a little warm, including jeans, which was never too much and was welcome going down S Hill. Roads mostly dry. Never needed the light to see (got home a little before 6:30), but I had it in strobe mode for the latter half.

Tuesday Mar 9 #

4 PM

running (pavement) 38:14 [3] 6.28 km (6:05 / km) +36m 5:55 / km
shoes: Nike Flex Experience RN 4

The typical figure-8. In daylight, due to ongoing problems at work that have left me kind of emotionally drained.
7 PM

hiking (pavement) 1:07:46 [1] 6.35 km (10:40 / km) +12m 10:34 / km
shoes: Oboz Sawtooth II

Some streets in Townsend, with Nancy, In The Dark.

Monday Mar 8 #

4 PM

running (mixed) 1:06:56 [3] 5.59 km (11:59 / km) +74m 11:14 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Oroc 350

Across the street, on a loop where I changed my mind about where I was going several times. A mixture of pavement, snowy trails, and flat-out ice. I was able to do this during daylight because of issues at work that required me to have my computer turned off, thus limiting the amount of work I could do.

Hmm, looks like that tracklog leaves a lot to be desired, I must have lost satellite lock for a while. What I actually did was to run out the power line to Tyler Rd, then east on Tyler to Seaver, and I took Seaver all the way through past the paved stuff to Island Rd, and then the shortcut across the lake as shown to the beach on Brookview and home.

Earlier I talked with some ice fishermen on Fort Pond that caused me to forget my plans of seeing if I could get in a little bit more ice time there -- they did not have confidence about the thickness on the north side. And earlier still I went out for a walk before dawn to see if I could spot Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and the Moon together in the sky. I did, though I needed binoculars for Mercury and Saturn because I went out a little late and the sky was lightening up. I think tomorrow the Moon will be closer to the other three, so I may try again if it's clear. Need to think more about where to look from, they're all pretty low in the sky. Mercury and Jupiter were even closer together a couple of days ago, but I didn't go out to look.

Sunday Mar 7 #

3 PM

running (snow) 1:11:15 [3] 8.2 km (8:42 / km) +168m 7:53 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Oroc 350

TSF, western (unmapped) section. Excellent sunny afternoon, a few degrees above freezing. Started out on snowmobile trails that were total ice; that improved somewhat as I climbed. At some point up top the woods looked nice enough on the right that I decided to go off-trail for a while, and I found clean white corridors that avoided the laurel for the most part. After rejoining the trails, I eventually went for another wander, then headed westward through pretty nice woods. This was all in about 4" of crusty snow that did not support my weight, so it was a lot serious workout. The couple of splits that I took were at a pair of very nice ancient oaks. That was a particularly sweet bit of forest, with other admirable trees around and interesting topography. And back on the old railroad bed, which had also been packed down by snowmobiles. The half-mile straight section looks very long when you're sighting down it with the good winter visibility.

Mud season coming this week, I think.

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