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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending Jun 3, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking7 4:30:30 50.45(5:22) 81.19(3:20) 363
  Walking1 30:00 2.0(15:00) 3.22(9:19)
  Total8 5:00:30 52.45(5:44) 84.41(3:34) 363
averages - weight:189.7lbs

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Monday Jun 3, 2013 #

(rest day)

Totally wiped out today.

Sunday Jun 2, 2013 #

Walking (Various) 30:00 [1] 2.0 mi (15:00 / mi)
weight:190lbs shoes: Red Fish

QOC's EOY event held at Jug Bay. This event is a one man relay which includes drinking a beverage at the start, between each loop, and at the end. So those doing a three loop course drink four beverages, beer being one of the options.

Since I was not competing, I planned on distracting myself by setting up some radio controls, with a monitor or two to show results, and throw in some heckling. However, the day kind of blew up in my face when I arrived at the park nice and early, stopped at the port-a-john on the way in, and locked my keys in the ignition - car still running. Agh!!

After a minor meltdown involving tears, and very quick service from AAA (less than the 45 minutes stated), I had access to my stuff, but was a bit deflated, feeling harried and sorry for myself. But with help from my friends, especially Amy, QOC's newly minted Volunteer of the Year,

and the fact that I was on the water with the associated breeze coming my way, I bounced back quickly, at least the feeling sorry for myself part.

The usual mad rush of people registering and coming at the last minute, so I wasn't able to run out and put the radio controls on the GO controls for the 2nd and 3rd loop until after the mass start at noon, while Dave L put out the one in the other direction. Couldn't get out as far as I thought I should be able to, even one that was a straight shot, so I used two controls as repeaters and ditched the plan to put those out. Found out after all was done that I had forgotten to put the antenna on the master radio control, thus explaining why reception hadn't been very good. The price of rushing.

It was worthwhile to have the exchange controls radioed, so we were able to tell with the slower runners which loop they were on.

After everyone was in, and with a belly full of a six pack of N/A beer, six diet cokes, four hot dogs with buns, and two regular beers thrown back to see if I could do it faster then Mihai (0-1-1), I waddled out to collect some controls, including the radio controls. It was nice to test out the ankle a bit, and I jogged some. Glad I didn't try to go out for much more.

So, the exercise was 2.5 trips to the van associated with the lock out, a small loop to put out the initial radio controls, and a larger loop to pick up six controls and two repeaters. And, after three trips through the fields, if I don't have more than the one tick I found already and/or don't come down with poison ivy, I will feel very fortunate.

Was packed up and all the road a bit after four, with a big smile on my face, especially after that last sweaty hug.

It was a good day, in the long run.

Saturday Jun 1, 2013 #

9 AM

Biking 1:00:00 intensity: (58:00 @1) + (2:00 @2) 10.27 mi (5:51 / mi) +117m 5:39 / mi
ahr:125 max:154 weight:189lbs shoes: Shimano Bike

Really didn't want to do this today. Tried to wiggle out of it based on watching the rustling leaves while I was in bed. Roger opinioned that it wasn't that bad, and that was enough to motivate me to get the planned hour in.

Headwind quite strong on the outbound and legs a bit fatigued as well. Enjoyed the easier return trip and even mustered the mental effort to give the hill a go today. Not pretty, but I made it up without falling over.

Afterward, a nap with Roger, and then a pleasant visit with Sarah, Lailah, and Matt.

Friday May 31, 2013 #

7 AM

Biking 36:00 [1] 6.9 mi (5:13 / mi) +16m 5:11 / mi
ahr:127 max:145 shoes: Shimano Bike

To work.
5 PM

Biking 34:30 [1] 6.24 mi (5:32 / mi) +60m 5:22 / mi
ahr:124 max:149 shoes: Shimano Bike

and home. I am confident that this is correct.

90+. hot, hot , hot. Roger had today off from work and called twice to see if I wanted to be picked up instead of riding home in the heat. I shook off the temptation and headed home. First part was with a lovely tailwind. Second part was into the sun and a headwind as well and was a chore.

Thank goodness the kids across the street had their slip 'n slide up and running. I neither slipped or slid, but I did plop my body down in the 1" deep water and rolled around to cool off. Happily, there is no photographic proof of this, as far as I know.

Thursday May 30, 2013 #

7 AM

Biking (Stationary bike) 30:00 [1] 8.0 mi (3:45 / mi)

PT with Mike and rode the bike there. Had sort of planned to ride to work, but I was missing about 20% of the enthusiasm I needed to make that happen. Next Tuesday - for sure! Maybe...

Wednesday May 29, 2013 #

7 AM

Biking 30:00 [1] 5.88 mi (5:06 / mi) +12m 5:04 / mi
shoes: Shimano Bike

Ride into work.
4 PM

Biking 40:00 [1] 6.08 mi (6:35 / mi) +72m 6:21 / mi
shoes: Shimano Bike

Ride home. Knew it was going to be hot ~90, so I drank plenty of water at work today. Left the office and thought to myself "it is going to be a tough trip home." Mostly I was thinking this because my butt was a bit tender.

About 100 feet into the ride, I noticed that the back tire was sounding under inflated, so I stopped to check. However, I failed to unclip both feet and promptly fell over. Luckily I missed the low wall running along the sidewalk. Slight damage to my left upper shin, and it is a good thing that I buy the rear view mirrors in bulk since I broke another one of those.

Pumped up and headed off. It was low again in no time, so I stopped and put air in it again, and then had to stop again, all within 2 miles of work. Walked the bike to a shady part of the trail which has a bench and proceeded to change the back tube. Sadly, I failed to pay really close attention to how it came off, so I was unable to get it back on. The third person who stopped helped me with this part, and I was on my way again. Was super vigilant the rest of the way home figuring I didn't want to press my luck.

Yesterday, I rode up the second part of the hill to the house. Today, had to walk almost all of it. Worn out and underfed today.

Tomorrow will be better!

Tuesday May 28, 2013 #

4 PM

Biking 40:00 [1] 7.08 mi (5:39 / mi) +86m 5:27 / mi
ahr:127 max:155 weight:191lbs shoes: Shimano Bike

PT with Mike this morning. Was going to ride to work after that, but I had a short nap instead. Oops. So, this was after the afternoon nap. Oops again.

Saw big snake on trail just below the house. Need to upload picture. Probably goes with the large snake skin found in the backyard a couple of weeks ago.

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