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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Dec 3, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Pilates class2 1:50:00110.0
  Exerc. Class2 1:50:0055.0
  Orienteering2 1:29:27 3.85(23:13) 6.2(14:26) 17029 /35c82%357.8
  Walking3 1:25:57 5.7(15:05) 9.17(9:22)250.0
  Fitness equipment1 40:00120.0
  Running (track)1 17:15 1.42(12:09) 2.29(7:33)50.9
  Running (treadmill)1 11:14 1.0(11:14) 1.61(6:59)33.7
  Yard wrangling1 10:00
  Running (paved)1 6:29 0.54(12:05) 0.86(7:30) 813.0
  Total11 8:00:22 12.51 20.13 17829 /35c82%990.3
  [1-5]9 6:55:22

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Saturday Dec 3, 2011 #

10 AM

Running (paved) warm up/down 6:29 [2] 0.86 km (7:30 / km) +8m 7:10 / km
shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 #2

11 AM

Orienteering race 51:19 [4] *** 3.1 km (16:33 / km) +91m 14:26 / km
spiked:15/18c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 #2

Long "sprint" at Cemetery Hill. Temp in the 40s and lots of nice sun. FR = 4.159 km

Started out a bit hesitant because I hadn't looked at the descriptions and thought 1 was on a spur, but quickly figured it out. Fine through 14 (spiked 12, yay!), and then messed up on the approach to 15. When I got to the streamered barbed wire, I should have stayed low on the hill and gone further along the pond until I was just below the open area, but I misread and thought I was at the edge of the yellow instead of the edge of the light green. Looped around to the right; ended up all the way up the hill and came back down via the final's #10 before getting into the correct field; 5-6 minutes lost. Overran 17 a bit, and also 18 (dropped down at the right spot but looked right instead of left - flag was hidden a bit behind a rock at the head of the spring) where I got stuck, twice, in the green S. Glen later pulled a 1/4" long barb out of my head that I picked up here (I remember my headband being pulled). Lost 2-3 minutes here? Bleah.

Not a great sprint, not even a great middle run.
1 PM

Orienteering race 38:08 [4] *** 3.1 km (12:18 / km) +79m 10:55 / km
spiked:14/17c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 #2

Final "sprint" at Cemetery Hill, FR 3.88 km. I forgot to turn my watch off after I finished; I edited the distance and time from what is shown on the track.

Better run; started shortly behind Lori and Joe. Joe hadn't picked up a description sheet and didn't know the number of the first control so stopped short, but I told him the first one was 121. I took the trail to the right that many others had; left and down from the spur might have been better/faster because then you dropped right to it from the side away from the green; Lori was just leaving #1 as I arrived. Joe long gone on the way to 2 (big trail to field then cut in at large trail to the left of 15). Ed D. started not too long after me and passed me on the way to 3. He stayed left of the ponds to 4 so I went right and was ahead of both him and Lori into 4. Ed ran past me on the way to 5, and Lori on the way to 6, but they both overran 7. I was on the bigger trail in the field and took the short side trail just S of 7 and thought, "it should be right down there" -- and it was! :-) Lori passed me again on the way to 8, but I got to 9 again ahead of both her and Ed, who then both passed me on the way to 10. I fell after punching, just before crossing the stream, and they were able to pull away.

Off to the right (west) just a little to 12, but saw the frisbee-golf goal and corrected. To 13, I thought I was headed up the clearing/path to the south (near 2) but was really in the one to the SW and ended up way north of where I needed to be; had to run the trail NW and duck in after crossing the first stream. Stayed high to 15, then took the big trail SSE until I hit the white woods and cut uphill. Hesitant approaching the small boulder because I couldn't see the flag tucked low behind it. Picked up an older fellow between 15 and 16 and was just ahead to 17, but he caught up on the downhill trail run and beat me into the finish. :-)

Very nice courses -- and map! -- by Phil B. Thanks to him and to NEOC for this event.

Friday Dec 2, 2011 #

Walking 30:24 [3] 2.0 mi (15:12 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 #6 - H

MB and back; mailed a card at the PO along the way. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to do that (because they may close it; it's one of those small rural ones in rented space).


New map fact I learned tonight, reading Ken Jennings' new book, Maphead --

The Canadian territory of Nunavut has the largest island on an island on an island:

"There are several places where islands on islands in turn have lakes with islands – triple islands. The largest island on an island on an island is a 4 acre / 1.6 ha island in a lake on an island in a lake in south-central Victoria Island, Nunavut, Canada, at 69.7928° north, 108.2411° west."

While Maphead doesn't mention orienteering by name (it does mention GPS and high-pointing), I sense a kindred spirit (map geek). :-)

Thursday Dec 1, 2011 #

Pilates class 55:00 [1]

Using rings today. Good hip/adductor workout.

Running (treadmill) warm up/down 11:14 [3] 1.0 mi (11:14 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 #4-Y

Warming up for intervals.

Running (track) intervals (indoor) 17:15 intensity: (9:04 @2) + (8:11 @4) 1.42 mi (12:09 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 #4-Y

4x345m fast, 4x230m walking rests
2:04 2:02 2:02 2:03 (rests from 2:09-2:19)

Walking warm up/down (track) 7:50 [2] 0.5 mi (15:40 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 #4-Y

Wednesday Nov 30, 2011 #

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

"Eve's workout" (because Eve was in class), continuous movement for 20 minutes (step and aerobics).

Five minutes after class was supposed to start and there were 9 of us there, we had a bet on how many more would arrive before the mid-way point of the class. A couple of folks guessed 3, one guessed 4, and I guessed 7. Six people arrived before the cutoff (one more that almost always arrives close to the mid-way point didn't come today... drat). :-) Those of us closest to the correct number chose which exercise NOT to do today (side planks).


These are simply amazing:

Learned about it from a link from NPR story by Robert Krulwich:
1 PM

Walking 47:43 [3] 3.2 mi (14:55 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 #6 - H

South on 66. Moved some broken-branch debris off the road (noted earlier in the day) near the turn-around point.

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011 #

10 AM

Pilates class 55:00 [1]

Weights and body weight. Not too stressful on the shoulder.


Yay for good brakes on the car! I narrowly avoided a deer crossing a back road right in front of me on the way to the Y this morning. Couldn't have been more than 2 feet away when the car stopped. I didn't even have time to mentally register if it was male or female but it was a goodly size and probably a buck.
11 AM

Fitness equipment (elliptical) 40:00 [3]
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 #4-Y

Cardio program, level 2 (alternates incline 8/resistance 25 with I4/R40 every couple of minutes). Highest HR seen was about 134.
"1.66 mi"

PT--Adductors; pulldowns; RDLs 2x12@24lbs

Monday Nov 28, 2011 #

9 AM

Exerc. Class 55:00 [0]

Didn't even work up a sweat today, despite the fact that it was almost 60 outside(!).

While the class used steps, I relinquished mine to another woman. Never hurts to rest the knee; I can do all the moves without the step. It just doesn't raise the heart rate as much.

Sunday Nov 27, 2011 #

2 PM

Yard wrangling 10:00 [0]

Wrapping rhododendron in burlap and some other bushes in deer netting (hope the netting doesn't trap any small birds). Need to finish up before it gets cold. November's weather has been amazing! Also did some raking around said bushes, but will not get all leaves raked/moved this year.

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