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Training Log Archive: Trav

In the 7 days ending Jun 13:

activity # timemileskm+m
  run4 3:06:43 18.34(10:11) 29.52(6:20)
  Crossfit3 2:55:00
  Gym2 30:00
  Total7 6:31:43 18.34 29.52

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Sunday Jun 13 #

run 23:20 [3] 4.17 km (5:36 / km)
shoes: ON Cloudventure Peak

Secret summer rally training, taper edition. Sweet little run doing it this way. I had always seen the braids and monarch as a bit of a trigger, but i really like this circuit.

run 9:50 [3] 1.08 km (9:06 / km)
shoes: ON Cloudventure Peak

Warmup for a steady, secret go around the summer rally route

Saturday Jun 12 #

Gym 15:00 [3]

Mobility and posture

run 1:01:03 [3] 8.19 km (7:27 / km)
shoes: ON Cloudventure

Perfect weather. Good run around the Loop with Turdo

Friday Jun 11 #

Crossfit 1:10:00 [3]

Longer workout, but I scaled parts of it as part of my long taper (i'm not a really good taperer).
Coach Mike worked us on the pullup skills some more and then we went into this:
Dumbbell thruster (20 pounders for me)
Lateral dumbbell burpee
Rest 5 mins
4 rounds
25 dumbbell deadlifts (20 #)
12 toes to bar (getting better--still have to work my snap more)
Rest 5 mins
6 rounds of Cindy
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Thursday Jun 10 #

run 50:00 [3] 9.37 km (5:20 / km)

Last hard workout before the TT next weekend. With Jordan at the University loop. 5 km repeats with 2:30 easy between.


Interesting test of two different kinds of cheater shoes. First three k were with the Saucony Endorphin Pros; last two were with the good ole Nike cheater Next %s. Gotta say that there was definitely more bounce in the Nikes. K4 felt much like K3 and was 4 seconds faster. K5 was just a burner and so not a good comparison. But the Nike is definitely a faster shoe.

Wednesday Jun 9 #

Crossfit 1:00:00 [3]

Pull ups now get real. Five pull-ups with three seconds negatives times 3. Some other accessory work and then a fierce wod
3 rounds of
20 burpees
21 db cleans (30#)
12 thruster
gritty in the heat, humidity and gypsy moth poop

Tuesday Jun 8 #

run 42:30 [3] 6.71 km (6:20 / km)
shoes: Saucony Peregrines

Secret Summer Rally training run number 2. The Jordan-specified workout today was three by six minute tempo intervals separated by two minute jogs. And that mapped well onto the Summer Rally course.

Got out the door just as the main thunderstorm of the day hit. In fact this was exactly one thunderstormth worth of a run because we finished just as Otter Dog and I got back to the Hottage.

I managed Going Postal and The Thumb just fine, quietly crediting my superior trail running skills to my satisfying lack of anything close to a fall. As I was settling into how great that was, I rounded the hard right down into—of course—Travesty, planted my right foot to pivot and…it just kept going. Took me about 10 meters to stop sliding down that stupid gully and scramble back to my feet.

The rest of the run went well. 22:50.

Gym 15:00 [3]

Bogus fitness test at the annual physical. Logging it anyway.

Monday Jun 7 #

Crossfit 45:00 [3]

Put the medecine balls to work today. Nicely designed WoD to loosen up from the remains of friday's meyhem and get us ready for Wednesday's Coach mike.

EMOM - for 20 minutes - 45 sec on 15 sec off
1. Medicine Ball (Soccer) Toe Taps
2. Crab Toe Touches
3. Pistol Squats
4. Medicine Ball Hang Cleans
5. Russian Twists (ball optional)
After the 20 minutes:
45 sec plank -15 sec rest
45 sec left side plank - 15 sec rest
45 sec right side planks - 15 sec rest
45 sec high plank - 15 sec rest

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