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Training Log Archive: Dooby

In the 7 days ending Apr 27, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:15:25 13.88(9:45) 22.34(6:04) 42662c
  Cycling1 1:09:09 21.41(3:14) 34.46(2:00) 137
  Physio1 1:00:00
  Trails/Road1 43:58 5.62(7:49) 9.05(4:51) 76
  Trails4 23:09 1.48(15:40) 2.38(9:44) 16
  Total8 5:31:41 42.39 68.23 65562c
  [1-5]7 4:31:41
averages - sleep:7.9 weight:69kg

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Sunday Apr 27, 2014 #

12 PM

Trails warm up/down 5:28 [2] 0.69 km (7:55 / km)
ahr:115 max:131 slept:7.0 shoes: Inov X-Talon (Blue)

Short warm up before the orienteering on Rossbeigh. Nice morning for a run.

Orienteering race 44:49 [4] **** 8.58 km (5:13 / km)
ahr:170 max:178 27c

Munster League

KerryO still having trouble with Inch after IOC2012 so back to Rossbeigh for another run. Most of the map appeared to be there after the damage done by the storms earlier this year.

Didn't really have a plan pace wise, but knew I wanted to run cleaner than I did last October.

1. (2:56, -0:40) (2:56, -0:40) Easy start.

2. (0:46, -0:16) (3:42, -1:07) An even easier control for number 2.

3. (0:55, -0:16) (4:37, -1:26) Stayed high on a path along the edge of the dunes, probably faster to drop to the beach.

4. (1:43, +0:07) (6:20, -1:33) Knew i'd lost time on this one. Direction not great but would have to use a compass to have something to blame. Went a bit right for it. And would have needed a longer leg to have been fastest.

5. (2:45, -0:21) (9:05, -1:58) Back via 1 and then around and back in, not the best in the circle.

6. (1:41, -0:18) (10:46, -2:16) Rough.

7. (2:35, -0:27) (13:21, -2:43) Out to the beach when I could then back in.

8. (1:31, -0:31) (14:52, -3:14) Was aiming a bit to the right but corrected myself.

9. (2:03, -0:32) (16:55, -3:47) Used the hill before it as an attackpoint.

10. (1:37, +0:02) (18:32, -3:53) Not sure why I wasn't fastest! Think i veered a bit right, wasn't confident in where i thought the control would be.

11. (1:17, -0:14) (19:49, -4:07) Around the dunes then back in.

12. (1:13, -0:22) (21:02, -4:44) Saw this control from 11 but still had to get there. Rough.

13. (2:05, -0:53) (23:07, -5:43) Could see Johnathan around the top of the hill so had something to aim for. Had seen him around 1 when I was getting it, he was going to 5, so was getting close to catching him.

14. (1:07, -0:10) (24:14, -5:53) Could see this from 13.

15. (1:05, -0:37) (25:19, -6:38) Johnathan again visible on top of the hill, but hill was very high.

16. (1:08, -0:29) (26:27, -7:07) Passed Johnathan on the way, just as we hit the control.

17. (2:25, -0:51) (28:52, -7:58) Stayed in the grass, then out to the beach before cutting back in. Was sure of where I was but a bit hesitant in continuing a bit further, control was where I expected it to be.

18. (2:11, -0:41) (31:03, -9:17) Aimed for the high ridge, got over it, then could see the control. Still had grass to run over to get there.

19. (1:36, -0:19) (32:39, -9:51) Tough running.

20. (2:49, -1:35) (35:28, -11:43) Even tougher running, hardest running of the course, but know this area is bad. In hindsight out to the beach might have been more sensible, then come in by 5 and then 1.

21. (1:56, -0:34) (37:24, -12:50) Passed this control going to 1.

22. (1:21, -0:27) (38:45, -13:17) Nice hidden, small re-entrant, nearly ran past.

23. (1:12, -0:18) (39:57, -13:39) Didn't really know what I was looking for but knew it was close to the cars.

24. (0:55, -0:20) (40:52, -14:21) Just run.

25. (0:56, -0:25) (41:48, -14:51) More running.

26. (1:01, -0:18) (42:49, -15:15) And even more running.

27. (1:37, -0:22) (44:26, -15:37) Run, run, run.

28. (0:23, -0:03) (44:49, -15:41) Around my car to punch the finish.

Happy enough with the run, nice pace for the entirety and felt strong on the grass. Got preparation physically for next weekend, I hope!

1512 points to count towards the league for the win today.

1 PM

Trails warm up/down 5:35 [2] 0.65 km (8:35 / km) +8m 8:06 / km
ahr:128 max:147 shoes: Inov X-Talon (Blue)

Garminconnect is telling me that the climb for my warm-down was 21506m altitude gain and 21505 altitude loss. Don't think I went to space and back.

Saturday Apr 26, 2014 #

10 AM

Orienteering 54:53 [3] **** 6.92 km (7:56 / km) +171m 7:04 / km
ahr:147 max:171 14c slept:7.0 weight:68kg shoes: VJ Falcons 13

Crohane Lake
Munster Leage April 2014 Green course

Managed to escape any rain running this morning, some heavy showers when I got home. Woke early so no point in staying in bed.

There were obviously no controls out but knowing the control sites from controlling the munster league event compensated for that.

Ran 53.23 for the course, extra time and maybe 250m of distance is from where I started the watch. Didn't think I ran an extra 1km out there this morning, although wasn't straight all the time, but didn't veer that much off the line.

Around the track then straight up before the field. 2 was fine. Was messing with a thumb compass too this morning for a change so used that a couple of times but didn't need to. My direction was better today.

Got some nice terrain running in, lot of water on the ground, plus heathery bits.

Went a different route to 7 from when I collected these controls after the event, more to the right, left is probably better running due to less climb.

Got 8 ok but was hesitant approaching the control to get it right. 9 to 10 was nice. Went more straight to 11 but in a race i'd have gone around the edge of the marshes.

Felt comfortable enough out there this morning. Although got a bit tired a few controls from the end but that passed again. Happy to get this training session done, might not be the most beneficial due to familiarity with the area but better than nothing.

Friday Apr 25, 2014 #

5 PM

Trails/Road 43:58 [3] 9.05 km (4:51 / km) +76m 4:40 / km
ahr:140 max:163 slept:6.5 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 16


Didn't feel too enthusiastic this evening but kept a steady pace. Weather changed during my run, felt cold so definitely was putting on a jacket. Nice day but rain started to fall during my run and got progressively heavier. Not as heavy as the rain that fell after I finished, floods on the road already.

Right hamstring feeling fairly tight after the run. So doing a bit of stretching to that.

Need to investigate a new pair of runners, right one is starting to weather a bit.

Orienteering training planned for the morning. Got a couple of options to consider but thinking the green course from a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday Apr 24, 2014 #

5 PM

Cycling 1:09:09 [3] 34.46 km (2:00 / km) +137m 1:58 / km
ahr:132 max:155 slept:6.5 shoes: Spiuk ZS11


Had gear with me to go running but weather forecast tomorrow not supposed to be as nice as this evening so switched planned cycle with this evening's run. Also felt since i'd run all last weekend a different form of exercise wouldn't be a bad idea.

Avg moving speed, 29.9kph, balls, want 30+ when training. Didn't take enough advantage of the tailwind heading to Beaufort, need to pay attention to wind direction more as wasn't expecting the strength of it when I turned for home at Beaufort Bridge. Was a tough slog home from there, especially with any uphill gradients.

On the plus side coming home I did get to pass 3 bikes who were all moving rather slowly, but I still worked towards them when I saw them in front, hard to know when you see them from a few hundred metres what speed they are doing.

Legs felt better than I expected them to be, had some power in them and not much, if any, tiredness.

Wednesday Apr 23, 2014 #

10 PM

slept:7.0 (rest day)

Legs feeling not as tired today but more sleep needed, more of an issue than tiredness, but I suppose if I tried to exercise maybe leg tiredness would be highlighted. Feeling too lazy to stretch!

Tuesday Apr 22, 2014 #

5 PM

Physio 1:00:00 [0]
slept:8.0 weight:70kg (rest day)

Wasn't a fun hour. As usual I went in with a few niggles thinking which ones were worse, but turns out my calves are worse than the hamstrings. Felt my hamstrings yesterday, not my calves. So got a bit of work to do on them.

Getting out of bed was not fun this morning but managed it. Sore sore muscles after the weekend but hopefully this session will help them.

Hip flexors took a battering from the physio, knew they were sore, worse driving home afterwards! Anyways it's the start of recovery mode before getting some training done over the weekend.

Monday Apr 21, 2014 #

10 AM

Trails warm up/down 10:23 [1] 0.91 km (11:25 / km) +8m 10:56 / km
ahr:115 max:138 slept:6.5 shoes: VJ Falcons 13

Some random running before the JK relay. Area not great for warming up in but legs were able to move which is a positive. Left ankle a bit sore so did some rotations before the start. Nice morning for a run.

Orienteering race 35:43 [3] **** 6.84 km (5:13 / km) +255m 4:24 / km
ahr:168 max:176 21c shoes: VJ Falcons 13

JK 2014 Relays
Pwll Du

So after 2 bad races I need something to salvage my weekend, a sprint result isn't going to satisfy my performance cravings.

Wasn't going to be an easy 1st leg though, my body was tired, but moving while warming up. Hamstrings felt tight too. There was Conor, Kevin, Gerard and Josh all running 1st leg, so mission was basic, beat them home.

C.Hill had Kev nicely wound up too.

Long leg to 1, but easy. I went left, onto the path, then around the next hill to get the upper path. Saw the rest of the racers coming from across the marsh. Was doing ok to 1 and the next few controls. Was ahead of the Irish lads.

On the short leg to 6 I missed it. Lads in front weren't going to my 6. Went through the saddle, but no sign of my control. Saw a boulder, checked it, no control, saw another one up the re-entrant to my left, went and checked that. Then relocated off the pond by the track. Had to climb then to mine. Saw gerard and Josh arrive into the area then so all my early hard work was for nothing at this stage. Conor was around too.

7 to 8 was a tough leg, trying to get through the quarry area to start with some steep climbs, then hit some heather to 8. Slightly overshot the control. Josh and Conor were around, could smell them.

Conor was ahead at 10 but I was right behind. Slightly different lines to a common 11, and also we veered away from each other to 12. Got stuck in water to 12, my tired legs really didn't want the extra weight.

Then along the path before dropping down to climb back up to 13. Lost Conor here, we'd a different gaffle, and wasn't looking over my shoulder to see where Josh was. Pushed hard to 14 and then across to 15 and 16. My body was feeling tired but I pushed on the assumption that the others were tired too. The last loop was ok and I didn't lose time. Going to 20 I knew I had enough on the other Irish. But on the way to the last control I could feel my right hamstring, felt like it wanted to cramp. Still kept on running. Down the hill to the finish and handed over to Cillin. Had about 20 seconds of a gap on Conor.

So could have finished much higher on the leg if it hadn't been for 6, would have been with the front runners rather than the chasers. But achieved my aim of beating the other Irish on 1st leg. Better race to finish on.

Now roll on IOC...
11 AM

Trails warm up/down 1:43 [1] 0.13 km (13:31 / km)
ahr:110 max:120

Failed attempt at warming down after the relay, body wrecked. Right knee very sore after the run.
9 PM


Home from the JK and can't say that it went to plan. 6th in the sprint was something that I wasn't expecting but after that the middle was shocking and the long was also horrific, more upset about mistakes than stamina, knew that wasn't there. But better run today, pushed my tired body as much as I could and ran alright, and all the more enjoyable to finish ahead of the other Irish on 1st leg.

Got 2 weeks, slightly less, to prepare for IOC. So think some orienteering practice is something I can do, once I recover that is. Races recently have not been accurate.

Monday - JK relay
Tuesday - Physio (rest)
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Running (recovery)
Friday - Cycling
Saturday - Orienteering (training, 45 minutes)
Sunday - Orienteering (KerryO event)

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