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Training Log Archive: Dooby

In the 7 days ending Oct 24, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:51:19 12.56(8:52) 20.21(5:30) 18351c
  Turbo Trainer1 53:42
  Trails1 47:26 6.19(7:40) 9.96(4:46) 218
  Road1 44:54 6.03(7:27) 9.7(4:38) 59
  Circuits1 41:36
  Trails/Road2 22:35 2.02(11:11) 3.25(6:57) 20
  Total7 5:21:32 26.79 43.12 48051c
averages - sleep:8 weight:70kg

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Saturday Oct 24, 2015 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 46:21 [5] ***** 9.89 km (4:41 / km) +100m 4:28 / km
ahr:168 max:176 24c shoes: Inov X-Talon (Blue)

Northern Irish Orienteering Championships 2015

Splits say it all.
2 - 2.10, wrong direction but not by much and then was on the wrong hill, stupid particularly when the route could have been simplified
4 - 20 seconds (but not really too worried about this control)
7 - 33 seconds to the fastest split but I would've been running faster I suspect on the road
10 - 30 seconds getting distracted by the lower control

So killed it on a lot of legs but that stupid mistake to 2 cost me the race.
Not happy.

But not surprised with what I did either.


Trails/Road warm up/down 15:17 [2] 2.25 km (6:48 / km) +20m 6:30 / km
ahr:120 max:133 slept:4.0 shoes: Inov X-Talon (Blue)

Really crap night's sleep, few reasons, but not feeling too bad warming up. Think I might have a slight cold.

Few laps of the finish area before starting with Joshosh.
2 PM

Trails/Road warm up/down 7:18 [2] 1.0 km (7:18 / km)
ahr:123 max:132 shoes: Inov X-Talon (Blue)

Did my best to get back to the car, some of it was a struggle, few thorns on top of my right toes. Extracted them at the car, and did another bit of running.

Warming down into the strong win wasn't fun either.

Friday Oct 23, 2015 #

9 AM

slept:6.5 weight:70kg (rest day)

It's going to be a fun afternoon.

Feeling a bit sore in some places after circuits last night, in reality not bad, but an afternoon driving won't help. At least with a late start time tomorrow there's no hurry to get up.

Been saying this to myself once or twice this week ahead of this weekend. But in saying this i'm still positive.

"H__ c__ I e____ t_ o________ w___ I d___ o________!"

10 PM


On the move for the guts of 7 hours to arrive at hostel which I'd booked 2 weeks ago to find they'd no beds, overbooked!

Owner has a 2nd hostel which is closer to the event than the one I was supposed to be staying in where they had room. Negative being I'd to wait at least an hour more than expected to eat dinner. HUNGRY.

Thursday Oct 22, 2015 #

5 PM

Circuits 41:36 [3]
ahr:133 max:171 slept:7.0 shoes: Adidas Supernova Black (2015)


Couple of times around, not finding it as hard these days, although new exercises cause more trouble than ones i'm familiar with.

Warm up involved a game of chase!

Ab work after the 2 circuits I found tough. Plank earlier was grand but the various ab exercises were a struggle. Need to be doing more of them during the week.

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 #

6 PM

Trails 47:26 [3] 9.96 km (4:46 / km) +218m 4:18 / km
ahr:152 max:170 slept:7.5 shoes: Adidas Supernova (2015)

Right achilles a small bit sore warming up and left knee later on but was able to run through that issue.

Had torch with me but managed to escape not using it, any run next week will need it though with the hour changing on Saturday.

Deer delayed me nearing the road on the way home, he didn't want to get out of my way, brave or stupid, I don't know, but maybe the darkness got him.

Legs moved ok once warmed up, but slow starting out. No running until Saturday which is good for the legs, chance to recover.

Starting to get slower on this route but that's about right for the time of year. I blame ground conditions (not a factor today) and lack of light.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015 #

5 PM

Road 44:54 [3] 9.7 km (4:38 / km) +59m 4:29 / km
ahr:145 max:161 slept:8.25 shoes: Adidas Supernova (2015)

Feeling tired again this evening but not as bad as last night. Run suffered from a few things, lack of energy, stomach feeling a bit empty, and running on the road this evening was hurting legs a bit.

Passed Tony and Seamus doing a speed session before the Castleross, moving fast was Tony. Impossible to tell what sort of session he was doing.

Went out as far as the golf course and then back in. Saw a group of 8 and then 6 deer on a couple of greens between the road and the lake. They'll keep the greens short, save work for the greenkeepers!

Then went up the hill to see if there were any deer rutting up there. Hard to tell as was getting dark, did hear some of their calls though.

Down around the river walk then to add some distance. Then home for bacn & cabbage.

New runners had arrived too.

Monday Oct 19, 2015 #

9 AM


Friday will be my first rest day since October 4th, that's a long time between rest days for me. Can't say i've suffered for not having one but a day off will be nice before racing this weekend.

6 hour drive to look forward to on Friday afternoon and 7 on Sunday evening!

Monday - Turbo Trainer
Tuesday - Running
Wednesday - Running
Thursday - Circuits
Friday - Rest (Travelling north)
Saturday - Orienteering (NIOC)
Sunday - Orienteering (IOC Middle)
6 PM

Turbo Trainer 53:42 [2] 0.0 km
ahr:124 max:141 slept:8.5

Avg Cadence = 94rpm

Bit of messing before I got going, flat on the front again. Tyre was being incrediby stubborn coming off, so had a brainwave, took off front wheel of good bike and stuck that on, worked nicely.

More Game of Thrones, E02S05.

Really tired on the drive home, struggling after late night Saturday still. Nights out don't suit me anymore. Debated not training but after earlier comment about not having rest days in a while I just had to do this as planned. Survived it.

Was warm in the front room with storage heater back on since the end of last week.

Nice evening looking out but didn't need to resort to cycling cap like last week to block the sun.

Sunday Oct 18, 2015 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 1:04:58 [4] *** 10.32 km (6:18 / km) +83m 6:03 / km
ahr:157 max:170 27c slept:7.0 shoes: Inov X-Talon (Blue)

Ross Castle - Blue (no Brown)

Made it there. Tired after being out late last night so minimum time between breakfast and running, went cornflakes rather than porridge due as felt porridge would need time to digest.

Felt ok running. Also skipped warm-up and warm-down. Start window shortened due to the match and they said controls were being collected at 12.

Slower splits to 1 and 17. Surprised by 1, the 2 fellas faster must have gone straight, only way I could have been beaten to this control as ran it ok I felt. I wouldn't have considered straight as thought that area would be impossible to get through. And 17 I just didn't see, kite hidden behind a tree stump, and the re-entrant where the control was supposed to be wasn't obvious, contours suspect.

Was tough getting out of 2, eventually got out. Cut in too soon for 5. Got confused where I was on the track going to 11, just lost where I was on the map, slight wrong turn. Should have stayed low approaching 11 too. 15 was a bit odd, was too low for it but reckon map is suspect.

18 was definitely a miss, overshot it slightly as wasn't paying attention where I was. Then had trouble locating the control. Went too far for 18 too but knew what i'd done. Route to 21 would have been better coming back out to the track but stayed left of the pond, didn't have this section of the map for my route either, they'd run out of blue courses so was on an all controls map. Then missed the control, saw the crag, very obvious, but didn't see it.

Then the last few controls to home. Rough on the way into 22, stayed low to avoid climb, and also getting into 27.

Run was longer than I thought it would take me, but legs were fine, didn't really push at all.

Then was in to Mary's for the rugby which was depressing.


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