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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Mar 28:

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Sunday Mar 28 #


Did some biking and it was pleasantly windy, with the best wind on the west side of town. Much less snow left over there than on the east side of the RR tracks. I skied in the mid-afternoon, and conditions were strictly spring skiing. The snow was getting more dense with no visible water anywhere--yet. I did some running on one of the bike trails too, and the footing was tough, in places firm and slippery and in other places with a good bit of give underfoot. No bare spots yet on the trail I was on.

After dinner it seemed like a good idea to relax on the sofa for a few minutes with a book, and I was asleep in a monkey minute (monkey minutes are very fast)--propofil would not have hit me quicker.

Saturday Mar 27 #


Some light snow in town overnight; with some milder weather up ahead, today probably will mark the maximum amount of snow up on the Laramie Range for this winter season.


Did some bike errands and enjoyed some whippin' wind. I was surprised because I hadn't known it was going to be windy. But why should I have been surprised? This is Laramie, after all.

Up top on the Happy Jack road, the whippin' wind was whippin' lotsa snow across the road, and the sun was having a good time slushing it up and then letting it re-freeze. Most excellent driving conditions, if you like treachery and deceit on asphalt. I skied and then finally--finally!--got to some running again after about 2000 days of no running. At least 5 days. By late day the sun was shining strong and true and almost all the clouds had wandered off.

Back home, I thought about some more Montelimar, but settled for some simple gold label Hershey's nuggets instead. Nevermind that I exhausted my Montelimar supplies the other night, and there clearly won't be any more until they free up that damn ship that is stuck in the Suez canal. I wonder what else is on that ship besides lotsa Montelimar?

Friday Mar 26 #


Skied with an inch or two of new, warm snow which had slow written all over it. But that was okay--it was uniformly slow, so no deadly super fast downhill sections followed immediately by concrete setting up. It snowed off and on to start out with, gradually becoming closer and closer to full on snowing with no interrupts. No wind either, for a classic early spring skiing day.

Thursday Mar 25 #


Skied for a while on my own and while looping back and near the parking lot, I passed Mark going the other way. So I linked up with him and ended up skiing longer and passed on doing any running (which I was planning to do). Mark is a little bit of a stronger skier and his skis were running faster anywhere there was some softer snow. The combination meant I was working decently hard to keep up most of the time, and even then sometimes he was waiting on me. Got a much better workout than I would have had I gone running.

Back home I was tired enough not to bother with full fledged dinner, so I opted for some simple Montelimar instead. Thought about some coffee dessert as well, but the caffeine that late would have killed me.

Wednesday Mar 24 #


Did a short bike ride in the sun and then headed up for skiing. The trails were mostly good or better, with some smaller sections that had been hit by enough sun to get some glazing. A good number of folks were out for this time of the year, but on absolute terms it wasn't so many. Ran into Adam and a couple of others. Out for about 2 1/2 hrs.

Tuesday Mar 23 #


From town, it looked like it was snowing up on the Laramie Range all day long, and in fact it was. It was light snow, so not a lot of accumulation, but it was enough to yield quite good ski conditions. I skied a good bit by myself, then ran into Keith and skied with him, and finished up by running into Mark and skiing with him for the last little bit. Felt and looked like a very pleasant winter day, and tomorrow looks like it could be about the same, though maybe without anymore new snow.

Monday Mar 22 #


Caught some better ski conditions for the first time since the blizzard--the trails hadn't refrozen by the time I was out. Took advantage of that and skied longer, for something over 2 hours. A little slow, but this time of the season I don't care about that, and anything that isn't frozen ruts is, on a relative basis, great. And pleasant otherwise as well, with temps a few degrees above freezing, little glimpses of sun, and no wind to speak of. Of course it was practically deserted, this late in March on a weekday.

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