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Training Log Archive: A smith

In the 7 days ending Jun 26, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 53:19 5.67(9:24) 9.13(5:50) 155
  Orienteering1 28:01 2.73(10:15) 4.4(6:22) 12514 /16c87%
  Running Drills1 12:23 0.89(13:56) 1.43(8:40) 20
  Total3 1:33:43 9.3(10:05) 14.96(6:16) 30014 /16c87%
averages - sleep:6.5

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Sunday Jun 26, 2011 #


Will update properly soon but here is a quick summary of EYOC.
Thursday- lots of travel and a short jog round the sprint model map with Chris.
Friday- AM Long and Relay model map, mostly positive apart from one control where the vegetation was out of date on the map, and useful to get a feel for the areas. PM Sprint race, technically good, apart from missing one route choice and running the wrong way round a bush. 22nd, just lacked the pace of the winners. Course was pretty easy which didn't suit me.
Saturday- Long. The main race which I had been targetting all year. Didn't feel super fast beforehand, which combined with my result in the sprint knocked my confidence physically. Didn't slow down and take a bearing out of the start, just ran off on rough compass. Took a while to get into the scale. Misread the direction of the slope near the control. Took a bad route into it, should have played it safe, and didn't slow down enough to pick up the detail. Used the brilliant attackpoint of a boulder in a boulderfield. 2mins lost. Caught by the guy 2mins behind me, got distracted by keeping up with him, again wasn't careful enough with navigation and missed 2. Saw some M18s going to their control and got dragged further off line. Eventually relovated. 4mins lost. 3 I hit ok, was just slow and took a bad route. 4 I rushed too much and missed. 1min. From there improved technically, not perfect but no real misses. Struggled to focus knowing I'd already blown it. Would have been 4th without those large mistakes.
Sunday- Relay. Brilliant first leg from Matt who was 3rd at spectator and 6th at the finish, 30 secs down on 2nd. Got very excited at this point, and was riding an adrenaline high until the leaders went through the spectator on 2nd leg. Sadly Chris had a bad run and lost time, so was waiting for a while, which meant my legs got quite stiff and the adrenaline levels plummetted. Set out just ahead of an Austrian runner. Decided to try and push hard anyway, and get the best result possible from that position. Pushed hard to one, which I then missed, due to not slowing down enough and not understanding how the vegetation was mapped. All hopes of a fastest leg time gone, I focused on getting round with as little time loss as possible. Didn't spike 6, and exit direction was bad, so by the time I started running in the right direction I was off line, which cost me time to 7. From then on a few small misses but mostly good. Passed the Austrian and some other teams to pull up a few places. Overall more disappointed with myself than the team result, Chris really went for it and gave it everything but at the end of the day it wasn't to be. Still, some great potential for future relay teams, and another international relay under my belt, so a couple of positives there.

Thursday Jun 23, 2011 #

Event: EYOC 2011

(rest day)

Flying out to EYOC. Website here Should be a good weekend.
2 PM

Running 18:00 [1] 2.6 km (6:55 / km) +20m 6:40 / km
(injured) shoes: Asics GT 2150

Jog with Chris round Jindrichuv Hradec on the model map.

Tuesday Jun 21, 2011 #

2 PM

Running warm up/down 6:35 [2] 1.09 km (6:02 / km) +40m 5:06 / km
ahr:154 max:162 slept:9.0 (injured) shoes: Inov-8 X-Talon 212

Cruise out to the first start. Ankle stiff to start but improved as I went on. Cautious to start with but increasingly confident. A good thorough long warm jog at EYOC and I'll be fine.

Orienteering 15:39 [3] *** 2.29 km (6:50 / km) +60m 6:03 / km
ahr:160 max:171 spiked:6/8c (injured) shoes: Inov-8 X-Talon 212

Ran 2*~2km courses in Heather Yew Wood. Last time I ran this I did all four but didn't want to overdo it. First course I took steadier, as I was unsure how my ankle would respond to the terrain. Was pleased, as there was still some dull pain but it didn't feel any worse and felt I could run on it fine. Navigation wasn't as good, no misses as such but drifted too far left on 1 and lost 10 secs. Was also slightly left to 2 and 3 but corrected better. Was then too far right to 6, as I overcompensated. 7 was quite hesitant in the green as I wasn't sure I'd got the right feature. Main problem was compass. Lines have completely worn of the baseplate, so will draw them back on. Need to be extra careful with bearings on 1:15000 maps as well, as the distance drifted is much larger.

Running 2:46 [1] 0.39 km (7:06 / km) +5m 6:40 / km
ahr:144 max:155 (injured) shoes: Inov-8 X-Talon 212

Slow jog to the start of the last course.

Orienteering 12:22 [4] *** 2.11 km (5:52 / km) +65m 5:05 / km
ahr:164 max:176 spiked:8/8c (injured) shoes: Inov-8 X-Talon 212

Last course, mostly on the moor, which tested my ability to read the 1:15000 map in mine workings at speed. Fared a lot better than the first course, no misses, mapreading was good, compass was good, really pleased.

Running warm up/down 5:56 [2] 1.0 km (5:56 / km) +40m 4:57 / km
ahr:159 max:171 shoes: Inov-8 X-Talon 212

Warm down. Feeling good. Looking forward to EYOC.

Monday Jun 20, 2011 #

slept:4.0 (injured)

Saw Kim again today, who has very kindly let me see her at home twice this week despite being on maternity leave. Felt a lot more positive after than before. Stability and range of motion are both nearly back, and the dull pain is nothing to worry about. One of my legs had grown 1.5cm longer than the other in the last week, which I put down to cycling and limping, but got the cause of that painfully massaged out of my back. Have the go ahead to run faster now. Really happy, and feeling so pumped for EYOC. On another positive note, only one exam left now.
8 PM

Running warm up/down 9:54 [2] 2.01 km (4:56 / km) +25m 4:38 / km
ahr:154 max:165 (injured) shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

At Kim's suggestion went and did some drills. Couldn't resist picking up the pace slightly on the way to the woods, so happy that the injury is all but sorted and I can run fast without worrying.

Running Drills 12:23 [3] 1.43 km (8:40 / km) +20m 8:06 / km
ahr:149 max:176 (injured) shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

Drills on a flattish path in the woods. Felt a bit rusty, but basically even each side which is good. Did a bit more fast stuff at the end than normal to test out the ankle. Strides, sprint-float-sprint, and some cruises at thresholdish pace. Aware of my ankle, but basically uninhibited by it.

Running warm up/down 10:08 [2] 2.04 km (4:58 / km) +25m 4:41 / km
ahr:154 max:165 (injured) shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

And home.

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