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Training Log Archive: BP

In the 7 days ending Oct 28, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:12:57 12.34(15:38) 19.86(9:43) 48143 /51c84%
  Walking4 1:51:00 6.4(17:21) 10.3(10:47)
  Strength2 1:15:00
  Spin2 32:15 9.63(3:21) 15.5(2:05)
  Jogging1 29:00 3.11(9:20) 5.0(5:48)
  Stretching1 25:00
  Track1 4:45 0.93(5:06) 1.5(3:10)
  Total8 7:49:57 32.41 52.16 48143 /51c84%
  [1-5]7 7:24:57
averages - sleep:6

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Friday Oct 28, 2011 #


Up early to Logan- r and r day.

Orienteering (Cuivre river sprint) 12:15 [3] *** 1.99 km (6:09 / km)

Uneventful journey. Nice area for a familiarization run, took it steady sl= 1.7 Now ready for some night O.

Orienteering race (Night champs) 59:34 [4] **** 5.76 km (10:20 / km) +150m 9:09 / km

Solid run and in control- a few bobbles but no major mistakes- had problems with 11 and then slow run through thick stuff to last control. Some nice parts of white woods then other parts junky green (under mapped) forest. Nice evening weather wise. SL 5.2 k
Sandwich and beer followed at Mr D's pizza place and pleasant chat / company with PG.
Tired now.

Thursday Oct 27, 2011 #

(rest day)

Early start, wet out so drove in. 3Q EC amc.

Stretching 25:00 [0]

legs and arms incl. with rollers

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011 #

Walking 21:00 [1] 2.0 km (10:30 / km)

Brisk out- lite snow forecast for tomorrow!
Sleep pattern improving but not back to normal

Spin warm up/down 15:00 [2] 7.5 km (2:00 / km)

loosen up

Strength (legs, arms and core) 45:00 [3]

Another great session with trainer- explosive stuff incl., sprints, squats to presses 25 mins legs, 20 arms and core.


Senior moment- closed my eyes somewhere past Waltham on commuter rail tonite and woke up just in time to get off at South Acton- 2 stops past Concord- at least it wasn't Fitchburg.

Tuesday Oct 25, 2011 #

Walking 22:00 [1] 2.0 km (11:00 / km)

Crisp morn. More or less back to normal from trip- has been tough (mentally and physically) this time.
PFD is hopefully some intervals to continue base build for track- in a week will be time to head indoors and work on sprint speed. Compared to this time last year, uninjured and better base so hopefully have some fast times in me this season.

Jogging warm up/down 29:00 [2] 5.0 km (5:48 / km)

before and after track with 4x50m strides, drills and stretches

Track intervals (MIT) 4:45 intensity: (1:00 @3) + (3:45 @4) 1.5 km (3:10 / km)

Somewhat ambitious plan conceived this am was to do 2 sets of 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 (aka 1500) intervals @ 85-90% (MP) with 200m recovery between. A little sunshine but still cold and very windy - did one set and a called it a day (better than nothing!). Time to go indoors to avoid injury. Went as follows:
34.2 (100 rest)

Monday Oct 24, 2011 #

Walking 21:00 [1] 2.0 km (10:30 / km)

Coldest morning so far this fall- very nice out.

Spin warm up/down 17:15 [2] 8.0 km (2:09 / km)

Easy turnover

Strength (arms and core) 30:00 [3]

Std Monday routine with TRX and finishing with plonques.

Sunday Oct 23, 2011 #

Orienteering race (Long at the Fells) 1:04:25 [4] **** 6.3 km (10:13 / km) +190m 8:53 / km

Much better effort today and certainly glad I went. Slept reasonably well night before, brain not so foggy and physical energy improving. Fun course by Dean, trail macro route choice predominated. Left a few minutes out there (mainly 7-8, and 11-12, mostly trail confusion). Second to a faster (fresher?) Ernst who broke the hour. Good to hang out for a while in the sunshine. Forgot FR again!


Mental acuity / frame much improved today as evidenced by getting to and from event parking without disorientation.


The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the super job executed by CSU logistically, top class courses and arena ambiance. Nothing like a tent in a sunlit field (cf UNOs BB event with ETOH beverage) with music to boot- just need to add a groovy DJ to the announcer mix, wide screen TVs :-) yada yada. Seriously a fun 3 days- thanks!

Saturday Oct 22, 2011 #

Walking 22:00 [1] 2.0 km (11:00 / km)

Post funk walk- had a laugh with a neighbor.

Walking warm up/down 25:00 [1] 2.3 km (10:52 / km)

Managed to get lost on the way to the middle start !- followed someone else and didn't see the streamers- thus ventured onto course- a DQ!
10 AM

Orienteering (middle green X) 56:43 [3] ***** 5.81 km (9:46 / km) +141m 8:42 / km

Not a lot good to say except to quote my wife " do you really think you should run today?" Which was more statement than question. And truth be told needed to rest up - no mental reserves and physically flat- so what do you expect from an intense work week across the pond and jetlag?! Purely rhetorical question this one.
Anyhow overall totally - - - - run at least after #7 (same pattern as yesterday- first half OK then no capacity to sort out problem) So #8 a loss of 15mins by misreading map- extra marsh ?- stopped too soon and bingo lost the plot. Lost interest after that and purely went through the motions to finish. Grade F and no pleasure from outing whatsoever. Sl =3.5 vs FR of 5.8- :-)
Debating whether to even show up tomorrow

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