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In the 7 days ending Oct 17, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  mapping1 2:30:00
  orienteering2 1:55:03 6.9(16:40) 11.1(10:22) 1483
  Total3 4:25:03 6.9 11.1 1483
  [1-5]1 1:13:03
averages - weight:138lbs

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Monday Oct 17, 2011 #

mapping 2:30:00 [0]

Out for the first time on Earl's Trails, area just west of Norwottuck on the north side of the range.

Basemap by Eddie. Contours are excellent.

I'm sure it will take longer than expected, though how much depends on how accurate/detailed I want to be. The standards have changed a lot over the years, along with people's expectations. I think the hardest will be the vegetation, but I will probably not be as anal about it as it seems the mapper was on other maps I've seen. And the bike trails will take some extra time as they are constantly bending.

Eddie also sent a bunch of templates with vegetation on them. I have to figure out how to incorporate them, and see if they are useful. Today was just a first effort to get things started. At least I managed (with help from Alex last week) to print out a copy of the basemap.

Some nice woods.

Sunday Oct 16, 2011 #

10 AM

orienteering 42:00 [0] 2.75 mi (15:16 / mi) +558ft 12:49 / mi
shoes: x-talon 212 #2

NEOC meet at Norwottuck. Did a good bit of the green course, then quit when I got too pissed off.

The course and my route up to #9, which I never found, in the process rapidly losing my enthusiasm. Walked in, went home.

I suppose it didn't helped that I'd been out earlier hanging four controls on the yellow course, and for two of them I wandered around a bit trying to figure out where to put the control -- the lesser of evils approach -- because the map so totally sucked.

And I suppose it didn't help that I then found out we were using an old version of the map.

And I suppose it didn't help that I knew there was a maze of bike trails around #9, and a lot more laurel than mapped.

Who knows where I was. I put up the 305 track, adjusted to go through 8 (that was correct even if the clue was wrong), and and adjusted to where the trail meets the power line (end of the 305 track), and not adjusted in between. Shows I went right by it the first time, but I have no idea.

On the plus side, because bitching get old real fast.... :-)

I had a pretty decent run up to 7, a little more energy than has been the case recently, ran a little more than expected.

And I kept the white and orange courses from being routed through the fish and game club's firing range.

Saturday Oct 15, 2011 #

1 PM

orienteering 36:14 intensity: (38 @1) + (4:02 @2) + (16:05 @3) + (15:29 @4) 2.22 mi (16:19 / mi) +377ft 14:03 / mi
ahr:142 max:156 weight:138lbs shoes: pegasus #2

Control picking course at Mt. Tom, set by Alex, nice to have streamers hanging, just to reinforce how badly I am orienteering these days. Mistakes at 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 13, 19. But I spiked the other 13, whoopee....

Tried to follow Hannah for a bit, but she ran away from me, especially going up the hill to 7.

Skipped the optional line-O that started at 12.

The course.

orienteering 36:49 intensity: (9:03 @2) + (27:42 @3) + (4 @4) 1.93 mi (19:05 / mi) +548ft 15:02 / mi
ahr:133 max:149 shoes: pegasus #2

And then did the Corridor-O. Never done one of those before, and it was quite good fun. And not so easy, even on a map I know pretty well.

Almost stopped when I got back close to the finish, but figured if Alex had gone to the trouble of setting it, I should do the whole thing. Started to rain shortly thereafter, and then rain hard, and get cold, and rain harder, and get colder. As a result of which I ran faster, though I probably cut a couple of corners right at the end.

What I find interesting is, after spending a little over an hour orienteering with the map, and a quick look at it before I started, it was only after several minutes of looking at it afterwards that I notice the words "Tougher corridor." Seriously. They are the most obvious thing on the piece of paper and I hadn't noticed. I'm not sure if that is appalling, or maybe a sign of very good focus. I guess I'll claim the latter. :-)

The rain let up a little after I came in, but I passed on the "downhill slalom" training. Will do that another day.

My route for both courses.

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