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Training Log Archive: marie

In the 7 days ending Oct 23, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering2 2:07:26 8.33(15:18) 13.4(9:31) 46017 /33c51%
  trail run3 1:50:03 11.5(9:34) 18.5(5:57) 347
  strength2 1:10:00
  zumba1 1:00:00
  run2 52:51 1.45 2.33 35
  Total5 7:00:20 21.27 34.24 84217 /33c51%

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Saturday Oct 23, 2010 #

run 10:00 [1]

warm up

orienteering 19:52 [4] *** 2.9 km (6:51 / km) +85m 5:58 / km

F21+ (Red Y) Qualification

Turned the map and woo intense, detailed, green map for this short distance high speed orienteering.

1: Had trouble by the start triangle, stood there for a while, was hung up on finding the stonewall which was almost invisible. Took the trail up the hill, took a risky left without compass or attackpoint, got lucky and found the control.

2: Trail to the right of the line, over the hill, until it started to go downhill, cut through the reentrant, rounded the hill with the cliffs

3: Went left of the line, above the dark green, crossed the stonewall

4 & 5: Straight on (saw Cristina here and Ali leaving 5)

6: Started going on the trail to the left up the hill but changed my mind and went on the small trail to the right along the hill. A bit hesitant, made a left after crossing the 2nd stream. Crossed the trail and went on the left side of the marsh, which was slow, got stuck in bryers. Doesn't make sense looking at it afterwards, would have gone right.

7: Through the start, left trail up the hill, took the small trail left, down the little hill, followed stream to the cliffs. Saw Ali again.

8: Cut out to trail and followed trails to last control. Was fooled to continue running downhill but realized finish was other direction. Sprinted against Ali and Sergiy (who screamed: "I can't be beaten by girls!")

Well this was a good enough race to win :) Nice to see that I'm capable even though this wasn't really an important race. I didn't have a 100% clean race but cleaner than the others.

FR 3.508 km

run 12:51 [1] 2.33 km (5:30 / km) +35m 5:07 / km

cool down jog, part of it with Ali

run 10:00 [1]

warm up

Left foot very sore under the ankle, tried to move the tongue of the shoe away to take pressure off.

orienteering 37:14 [4] *** 3.6 km (10:21 / km) +125m 8:49 / km

F21+ (Red Y) A-final

The results from the qualification race meant I started last.
So much for keeping it together..

Too much attention made me stressed and I made a lot of silly mistakes.

1: Went big trails left, got off the trail and must have passed right above the control, looped around, out to the trail again, located yellow spot and went slow down to the control

2: Upset after messing up 1st, slow and hesitant through green uphill, hit trailjunction by dark green hill, no problem from there

3: Straight on but hesitant

4: No problem

5: Planned to go straight, but veered a lot left and saw trail, corrected. Stood by the reentrant for a while before looking at the description realizing the control was at the spur.

6: No problem

7: Ran through the assembly area, didn't slow down and messed up, got the trails wrong and it took me forever to figure it out

8: Sigh! After the bom on 7 I more or less gave up. Just wandered through the bryers straight (instead of going back out to the trail right, from where I attacked 7) then ended up taking the trail diagonal towards 9, cut over to trail parallell to 8-9, took junctioning trail until trailbend

9: How do you do a leg like this safe? I went slow using compass and contours, but I believe there was some luck involved for me to walk right into the control

10: Got to pass by the group of preppy hikers again (saw them going in for 8), big trails around the hill to the right of the line, with lake on my left attacked the contol slightly left of line

11: Planned to go straight but veered too much left so ended up taking big trail, downhill to bend, over the hill

12: No problem

I had stomach cramps from eating to close to running fast, noticed it more on the trails. Another proof that I had been running fast was that I had "kavle-hals" (relay-throat) afterwards, a dry tickle cough.

FR 5.27 km

run 10:00 [1]

cool down jog, over to the lakes with Cristina

Thursday Oct 21, 2010 #

run (elliptical) 10:00 [1]

strength 1:00:00 [2]

New teacher and style. This was more of a body toning class. Using dumbbells for some moves. The ones who went to the Tuesday class said it was yoga-like and very slow.
I think I will look for a different gym or studio with pilates.

zumba 1:00:00 [3]

Fun class, not too crowded, a mix of old and new songs.

I must have twisted my ankle last Saturday.. because putting my shoes on Sunday was very painful on the left foot right under the ankle. Didn't think of it during the race though. Monday Karen, the PT, noticed that it was bruised, and it's painful to touch. Feels like I have an extra little bone there on the left foot, that I can't find on the right.
My indoor shoes goes up above the ankle so it was bothering me a bit.

Wednesday Oct 20, 2010 #

trail run 38:07 [2] 8.12 km (4:42 / km) +52m 4:33 / km

Two laps on the outer loop at the Racebrook tract trails. Trees are beautiful right now, and the sky was pinkish orange from sunset. Left quad still stiff.

Tuesday Oct 19, 2010 #

trail run 51:56 [2] 8.99 km (5:47 / km) +95m 5:29 / km

Jog around Maltby lakes with Mike. Oh, it's so pretty here now! Still lots of lactic acid in my quads. Downhill=ouch. Did a few short pickups back and forth on the soft pine needle covered ground.

strength 10:00 [1]

using a pilates ball and dumbells

Monday Oct 18, 2010 #


Guess I chocked my legs with all the tough running over the weekend (after resting from running the last month and a half). Quads extremely sore!

PT visit:

I explained how my legs were tired and sore but that the injured area seemed okay or even better after the weekend, while it hurt less sitting in the car on the way home. Karen said maybe the running on soft ground did help me and loosen me up.

I told her about the back spasms I've been having, going pretty far up on the left side above the injury.

She checked my spine when I bent forward, back and to the sides. As I was bending to the right she noticed that the spine wasn't curving as nicely as to the left. She gave me a new exercise/stretch to do that also will relief the disc in that area which she believes is pushing on a nerve.

My hipbones were pretty well aligned. She pulled my left leg straight out as I was laying on my back. I got another exercise/position to push the tip of the sacrum into the back. Have to keep doing the position where I put my legs up to rest on something, knees bent to relax this stomach muscle on the left side - as well as the other exercises and positions! And keep sitting (moving around) on a ball at work.

She said go ahead and run! As long as it feels okay :)

Sunday Oct 17, 2010 #

trail run (/ hike) 20:00 [2] 1.4 km (14:17 / km) +200m 8:20 / km

up, up, up to the start. didn't give myself enough time. got up there and they called my name. didn't have time to exhale.

orienteering 1:10:20 [3] **** 6.9 km (10:12 / km) +250m 8:38 / km

When knowing what to expect from the map and the terrain I changed my strategy and went more straight on instead of standing around thinking about route choices.

1: Slight right side of the line, cut out to the trail, went up on the hill to depression on the left, followed depression down reentrant, along the cliffs to the marsh
2: Slow and hesitant, followed the trail for a while, stopped a lot to check where I was. "Got lucky" and crossed the 2nd trail right by that little yellow spot, nice and slow to the control from there.
3: Went to the right of the line, again many stops, didn't notice when crossing the trail, understood where I was as I went down to the right of the row of cliffs, crossed stream, up in between hills and to the left
4: Checked another boulder before I saw the control
5: Loong leg. Planned to go straight on and use the trail in between the marshes. I veered off too much to the left and had to correct to avoid crossing the 1st big marsh. Found the trail just before the 2nd big marsh, stayed on it for a little bit and then set my compass. Now I'm having a black out, pretty sure I attacked 5 from north, but don't understand why I crossed the hill and how I got there from the trail..
6: Straight on
7: Straight on, but veered right and checked out the little marsh SE of the control first
8: Tricky one! Started out okay but lost count of the cliffs and went too far left, corrected.
9: Hmm, cliffs.. wanted to go to the right of the line where it looked "cleaner", afterwards Balter pointed out the trail to the left. But I went straight, down through the cliffs, crossed the 1st stream and the 2nd right below those cliffs, hit the trail, found the trail junction, compass.
10: Straight, noting the trails, contours etc, slow cause I figured this one could be tricky
11: Right side of the line
12: Straight
13: Straight

FR 8.162km

Again not that tired when I finished.



För er där hemma så ni kan titta på kartan och banorna!

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