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Training Log Archive: khall

In the 9 days ending Aug 7, 2011:

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  orienteering6 4:27:00
  Total6 4:27:00

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Saturday Aug 6, 2011 #

orienteering race 39:00 [3]

Day 6. LONG walk and lots of climb to the start, but rewarded with fantastic views. Really sad not to have a camera! Very happy about the P (provisional, parent, punching ... take your pick) next to my start time, meaning that I was the second parent and could start at any time. It really takes the pressure out of split starts for parents!

Navigationally pretty good, though a bit hesitant at times. Could have simplified some legs a bit more, but it was satisfying to know where I was exactly at all times. Did have one error in the circle on one control (7?), looked down instead of up and did a loop around. I knew I was in the right area and very close - and when I didn't get to it I realized I had to climb up a little more ... and then found it. It was in a reenterant, and barely peaking out (though perfectly fair). Lost less than 2 minutes, I think. The rest was clean, but not flowing smoothly. I think my lack of fitness slowed my brain down.

Overall: joint first place (though if they did it on all 6 days or by total time she would have won!). Feeling proud of keeping my head and not making any big errors under pressure :-)

Feeling GREAT that I ran 5 of the last 7 days and I am NOT LIMPING!!!!!

Friday Aug 5, 2011 #

(injured) (rest day)

Took today off (though I did shadow Bridget on White, I tried not to run!). Resting the knee, stretching and icing. It doesn't hurt a lot, just a little, but I keep reminding myself that by the time it hurts a lot it is too late.

Thursday Aug 4, 2011 #

orienteering race 53:00 [3]

Day 4. A lot slower today, feeling heavy legged. Knee started to feel annoyed in the tussocks, and particularly when going down hill. Still okay navigationally. It was rainy, and I wore a cap to keep the new bifocal glasses drier, which worked for a bit, but then didn't ... so I have joined the ranks of those who get frustrated by fogging glasses. I don't think it lost me much time (that was just being unfit).

No errors though (easier when going slowly), which was satisfying.

Iced after, and pain is only when going up and down stairs or pressing on the bruise.

So fun to be at a multi-day, especially when the sun comes out!

(I think the time is right ...)

Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 #

(rest day)

A gentle rest day walk on the isle of Kerrera. It was fabulous, but we only saw half the island, so we will have to come back some day.

Unfortunately didn't find a sandy beach (and it was actually warm enough to swim). Saw seals, but only at a great distance (little grey dots on an island). Did pass through a farm with a gorgeous litter of piglets (about a dozen) 3 very friendly sheep dogs, a few peacocks, geese, and a gorgeous cat. That made up for the tiny seals :-)

Tuesday Aug 2, 2011 #

orienteering race 39:00 [3]

I think the time was 39, can't actually remember. A steady run, hesitating at the right times today, and correcting a few small (less than 1 min) errors very quickly. Not sure I saw anyone on my course, but it is so fun to see the all the people running all over the moorland - which we just don't get in the U.S. Feeling a bit cheeky being on 40 short instead of long, but long would be violating MANY of the doctor's orders, not just the ones about 'not running consecutive days' and 'not jumping over things and stuff ...' !

Knee definitely ready for a rest day. I felt it on the tussocks at times, and on the steeper ups, and on the faster downs. A few hours later it only hurts on stairs or if I touch the wrong spot (which then hurts a lot). Have been icing it the last 2 days, and will try to genuinely rest on the rest day tomorrow. Very hard to convince myself to skip on of the days as I am not in a lot of pain. We'll see how day 4 goes after the rest. Unfortunately Day 5 looks really fun, and I won't want to miss it! Day 6 is steeper (and it could be raining a lot) ... so it might be the one to miss as steep stuff seems to cause the most aggravation.

Monday Aug 1, 2011 #

orienteering race 36:00 [3]

Very fun today. Reasonably technical,, with very few line features. Less bracken today, but more tussocks. My knee held up quite well, though it is a bit more tight and tender than yesterday. May give tomorrow a miss if it still hurts in the am.

Navigationally pretty clean (don't think I ever lost as much as a minute, though may have been close on two controls). Still not flowing, but seem to be hesitating at the right times - saved myself a couple of errors today by being cautious.

Bridget had a great run today. Ethan had some trouble on some legs, but overall is chipper and on a steep learning curve. He should find yellow easier when he gets back to the U.S.

Sunday Jul 31, 2011 #

orienteering race (W40S) 40:00 [3]

Day one, and the knee is a bit stiff, but not painful. Tomorrow will mark the first time that I have run two consecutive days since the US Champs last October. Today was my longest run since October also.

It was so great to be at an event and actually competing instead of just spectating. I was definitlely a bit rusty (hesitant), but didn't have any big mistakes. I also didn't push my body (translation: knee) too hard.

Very fun to have the kids at their first big multi day event. Ethan got round probably the toughest course he has done to date, without a shadow. Bridget did a great job on her white course (with a shadow, but a virtually silent one). She could have done F10B on the same course, but would not have been allowed a shadow then.

If all goes well this week, it could be the sign that micro-fracturing surgery is NOT in my immediate future .... fingers crossed.

Tick count: Zero!

Saturday Jul 30, 2011 #

orienteering (walking) 1:00:00 [1]

With Ethan at a training area. Working on skills he will need on M12A (including bearings, reading contours, and using more information). He did well, but didn't much like the 5 foot high bracken.

Tick count: Kristin 5, Ethan 1. I'm winning.

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