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Training Log: tinytoes

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Event1 1:09:4910 /16c62%
  gym class1 1:00:00
  Park Run1 38:18 3.11(12:20) 5.0(7:40)
  warm up/down1 10:00
  Total3 2:58:07 3.11 5.010 /16c62%

Monday Apr 24 #

9 AM

gym class (Cross Trainer) 1:00:00 [4]

Back to routine - glad of it too.
Really tough class and was very disspirited when I dared to glance at the clock and it wasn't even 10. I realised that the warm up was a bit different - we did step ups and toe taps 20-10 plus pushups that my mind skipped into thinking that was the body of the class rather than the warm up so the time :expended" hadn't actually happened.
In no particular order and because i was so brain dead from counting:
strong cardio set up
burpees 10-8-6-4-10
biceps curls 10-8-6-4-10
timed step set + run X 3. managed to improve run each time but the first was terrible anyway.
partner hammer curl or burpee 10-8-6-4-10
Other random stuff.
Nice chat afterwards with mark who introduced himself to me having spotted my pic at Fingal parkrun last Saturday while he was looking for his friend's pic.
Reinforces the community of parkrun.

Sunday Apr 23 #

11 AM

Event (Brokenback East) 1:09:49 [3] ***

Not enough time to take on the Hard Medium so settled for the Short, and given the hills (this base map is called Brokenback Slopes - ha ha how ironic) that was probably a good decision. People returning also described it as being very tough and physical.
S-1 took the track option which was quite novel for me as I never go backwards in my route choice (often to my detriment) but this entailed a hard slog uphill on very rough ground but it was more clear cut for attacking. Did so and aimed off before the peak of the climb. Didn't find(or notice on map until now) the string of rock but did see Neil going from below but back to where I'd come from. He ended up having a shocker and DNFing.
2-3 tried to find track but fairly good to w/c
3-4 up w/c then across to track and again below the peak of the hill to w/c. Using hill found large bend. Happy so far.
4-5 short leg - spike
5-6 up to track, then track junction bearing but w/c was very small and I skimmed past it. Decided very clearly that I'd missed it, the valley was becoming sharper and the patch of green in it was clear - so back I go and decided I'd missed it by being too low. Thought I was going OK but then confirmed when saw sal. leaving a suspiciously small w/c - thanks sal.
6-7across slope to track junction then down w/c. Hanging out for a drink but no water left. Good control
7-8 to track and short distance ot w/c complex. Decided to go along w/c and then up a little to count off tributaries. Missed it and went 1 too far. Saw Peter N (or rather heard him and he suggested that the previous w/c was worth a look. A control there but not his. I'd looked at it but thought it was "the next one".
8-9 Short leg and was a bit suspicious that it was a termite mound in the middle of a patch of green but that black speckle was very helpful as was the rockface so pleased to relocate and get it. Had laready bounced off the w/c.
9-10 2xw/c then minor e/c. Saw Lachlan there.
10-11 down rest of minor w/c to more major then along to 2nd track. That was the plan. However going along the w/c I thought I found the first track crossing and then was careful to look for the 2nd. I didn't see it as all and started to get suspicious. Saw Rayward clan crossing and noted that they were clambering up an impressive cliff with rock. I think I'll backtrack as the w/c isn't doing what I wanted and maybe I'd gone too far. (talked to Anna later. 2nd track didn't exist at w/c so would never have seen it). Concentrated on w/c picked up track running beside and decided might just have salvaged this leg. Saw an impressive earth cliff and a flag. Well done me!
11-12short leg
12-13 Panicked about time so really concentrated on going around vegetation but ended up at w/c but missed the termite mound. Bounced off w/c a bit but saw flag luckily in a small clear pocket.
13-14Out to track, saw rockman again as we kept crossing paths. Asked him if he'd seen a track junction but he hadn't - but he'd gone past it. Good leg using bearing
14-15 LOVED this leg. Along w/c bed to parallel track around vegetation. Picked up right distance for minor w/c. In!
15-16 I'd been steeling myself for this as I thought it was the reverse of my first leg with a very scary downhill section - but must have been brain dead and missed out on all the rough stuff as control of "high point" was at the start of the rough section. D'OH!
16-F Very welcome sight - but 1 min after course closure.
A very strong course - worthy of a major event. Pity to have wasted it on a training - but again I think it was very good training. Moderate course rockman did was supposedly the Short version but TBH I think it was as difficult as the hard course.
Helped a little with packup and with wrangling the tethers - therapy in a warm sheltered spot. Sundays are back.
Made no attempt to run - so very physical and difficult. Only trotted in at the end.

Saturday Apr 22 #

8 AM

warm up/down 10:00 [2]

Didn't seem to progress which paid big time later.

Park Run (Fingal parkrun) 38:18 [3] 5.0 km (7:40 / km)
shoes: grey/white

Had a plan - worked well for all of 13 minutes then I fell apart - dizzy and no power at all.
S-C1 4:20 going well and faster I think.
C1-C2 - 15:26 about 2km mark felt weak and dizzy and worst I've been. Walked and not quickly for about 5 mins - then tried a trot which lasted all of 100m then felt it again.
C2-C1 13:46 a bit better but not fluid at all. Stops and starts all the way.
C1-F 4:45 came good in the last km
Not nearly as many people as last week, but still a lovely parkrun.
Talked to Renae afterwards.
rockman official photographer - pics look lovely and there's one of me with 2 feet off the ground! New light shoes.

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