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Training Log: tinytoes

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  gym class3 3:00:00
  gym replacement activity1 1:15:00
  Park Run1 38:04 3.11(12:15) 5.0(7:37)
  Smorgasbord1 30:00
  warm up/down1 8:00
  Total6 5:31:04 3.11 5.0

Wednesday Mar 22 #

3 PM

Smorgasbord 30:00 [3]

My first "free" Wednesday for 6 months - :-(( no street or Park series event. So to change things up went to gym in afternoon and did:
10 uphill walking
10 min cycle
10 min run
Would have been more but had to get to meeting with Air Cadets LAC with view to orienteering activities.

Tuesday Mar 21 #

9 AM

gym class (Body Pump) 1:05:00 [3]

some bits felt really good and strong but definitely feeling it from yesterday's class.
4 PM

gym replacement activity 1:15:00 [2]

Late decision to do the mowing and a bit of clearing expecting heavy rain to come. Very disappointed about state of the front garden - next door's chooks have been very busy.

Monday Mar 20 #

9 AM

gym class (Cross Trainer) 1:00:00 [5]

10-8-6-4-2 of 3 exercises and every round had burpees in it. GAH does she want to kill us?? Well no burpees in the bicep curl and hammer curl section but that was the only one missing out.
Cardio was 20/10 - 18/9... down to 10/5 Pushups, mountain climbers, high knees, Part B was burpees and step ups.
First run was atrocious, second better and third was not too bad, but for each one I was further back in the starting pack.

Sunday Mar 19 #


First bush event for the club at Mount Sugarloaf. A very rainy morning and as I got to about 15km from it, it was clearly... well it wasn't. The whole mountain was shrouded in fog. Great to see a whole crew there early to help set up. I made the comment that the area should be designated as "good running visibility low".
Really went today to give the spiel to my newly converted family - their first bush event. But helped out at Rego Desk first. Lots of people - 3 new families who needed guidance, plus 15 or so from Sydney who didn't. Yet another from Biodiversity Day last year - yay!!! I remembered her and she me!
Had planned to do Very Easy course with family then do my own course - probably Short Hard. But I got bit of an uneasy feeling and decided not to go out, continue on Rego Desk while Joy went out and then go home when start times closed. Today is a danger day for rockman... and so it was. Ended up at hospital again this afternoon. ;-((

Saturday Mar 18 #


Yay - my 100th parkrun. For person who is definitely NOT a runner this is an achievement. The actual distance isn't anything startling - the big achievement is actually getting up at 6:30 for parkrun.
I would never have considered it except for my wonderfully inspirational husband rockman who came today to volunteer and to be there to support me. He also made sure he took some good pics for me to remember the occasion. Expecting rain we instead got mossies.
The parkrun family are fantastic - lots of people congratulated me during the run and gave me a big cheer when I crossed the line. I've made some lovely friends such as Catherine, Majid, Homa, Ken and Anne Marie, Pete and Robyn as well as many others who wave (or grunt) as we pass. Very humbled today by some lead runners who congratulated me out on the run.
8 AM

warm up/down 8:00 [1]

Not the smoothest of arrivals at Callaghan and so a very truncated warm up indeed.

Park Run (Callaghan) 38:04 [4] 5.0 km (7:37 / km)
shoes: adidas

Took off like a startled rabbit and paid the price fairly soon - not a great start! Because of the weather numbers were very low - but the tide wasn't high!
Start-steps Rainforest walk -10:39 Fairly happy with this but still in the 10s. Pebblecrete wasn't slippery as I had expected it to be.

Steps - cone 7:49 (18:29) Rather disappointed with this - slowest for a while - though it did include some waiting at the large puddles to let the fast boys through.

Cone - steps Rainforest Walk 7:14 (25:43) Not many people around now so could enjoy the bush. Had some puddle dodging but that doesn't explain the lack of speed.

Steps - Finish - 12:19 (38:04) Best time for this section in a while which is weird.
Nice chat afterwards with Catherine about swimming, traffic at Uni and in Sydney.

Friday Mar 17 #

9 AM

gym class (Body Sculpt) 55:00 [4]

All indoors today due to minor flooding in carpark and cyclones coming across the McDonald Stadium carpark to our grassed area. Lots of activity in carpark as there is are setting up for an OB tonight - that'll be fun!

So today was Strength-Power-Static Hold and we are going to be sore tomorrow. Segments were 2 exercises each done in 30-20-10 reps with static hold in between.
Warm up, then legs then flush out/HR raising and then upper body then flush out/HR raising then legs.
Bit glad that tomorrow is forecast to be rain again so with pebblecrete jungle parkrun I'll need to walk the skatier parts. Don't think my legs will be able to cooperate.

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